Världens Barn Galan: Darin performs "Check You Out"

The trip to Tanzania wasn't just a vacation for Darin. On October 11th, Darin will appear and perfom in the 15th edition of the Världens Barn Galan, a charity gala where celebrities show their support and the things they have done to help children in need all over the world.

The show is divided in two parts, the first starting at 18:15 CEST and the second starting at 20:00 CEST on SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster. Darin will perform in the second part of the program.
However, you will be able to watch the show live right here!

EDIT: Here's the video of Darin's perfomance of Check You Out. Enjoy!


  1. I hope not to be shocked, because DARIN, does not measure the importance of things.
    Every nation his vision.
    there are more advanced than some countries.
    The most colorful photo was that of Tanzania with blacks.
    This photo has met success with countries outside of Sweden


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