En Resa För Livet - Darin as ambassador of SOS-Barnbyar

This weekend four ambassadors of SOS Barnbyar - Darin Zanyar, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Sophie Zelmani and Uno Svenningsson - will go to Manila in the Philippines. During two weeks they will follow the work of SOS Barnbyar in one of the world's most poor areas. The artists will also write one song each as the series pass by, and perform it there before they go back home. Their songs are going to be inspired by their experiences from the journey, and the tough reality of the children they'll meet.

"En resa för livet" (A journey for life) is a music-influenced documentary where the viewers get to follow four dedicated songwriters and artists on the journey of their life to the Philippines' capital Manila. Far away from the travel agencies' beautiful cover photos, they will meet children who live in very rough environments, while they also follow SOS Barnbyar's work to give those children hope for a future.

During the journey the artists will visit an SOS Barnby (a village built by SOS barnbyar for the children in need, from charity). They will also travel out to the countryside and in to the shantytowns to see the rough reality that many children live in, where poverty, child prostitution and a life on the street is a part of an everyday life.

Beside the days in the children's village, the artists has a big task to do in En resa för livet - they will write one song each and hopefully give the children their own voice. Both the artists and the distributor Sony Music will donate their royalties and incomes to SOS Barnbyar.

The recordings will start in the final week of October and the show will be broadcasted in early 2014 on the Swedish TV channel TV4.

Among the ambassadors there is:
Darin Zanyar: Darin has been at the top of the charts since his breakthrough in Idol. After that he has released six albums and toured around the world. With hits like Step Up, Breathing Your Love and Nobody Knows in his baggage he celebrates 10 years as an artist next year.

"This will definitely be the journey of my life. When SOS Barnbyar asked me if I wanted to do this, the answer was obviously yes. If I can use my profession as an artist to raise the attention for children's vulnerableness there's nothing else I'd rather do"says Darin Zanyar.