Darin performs "Dream Away" @ Nyhetssmorgon + interview

This morning Darin performed the special written song ”Dream Away” with Eagle-Eye Cherry in Swedish television, at Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. The thought behind writing the song for the documentary "En resa för livet" was that the artists should write about their experiences in Manila, which Darin thought had been heavy. But the good thing was to be in the SOS Village seeing that the children gets help, like the love and education they need. He wanted to put that, some hope, into the song to. Watch the beautiful performance below.

Darin was also interviewed about his experiences in the Philippines. In the following clip we get to see a small sneak peek from the premiere of "En resa för livet", followed by the interview. In the clip Darin visits a place called Smokey Mountain where people live at a garbage dump, and he get to meet some of the people living there. Darin explains that it’s a whole different thing seeing all that misery in real life compared to seeing it on photos. ”This shouldn’t exists” he says, clearly moved by what he sees. Due to all the smoke and polluted air, the life expectancy for people living in that area is as low as 40 years old. 

Darin points out that he really hopes that this message will reach out to many people and make them realize that they can help by doing such small things, and that we should be thankful for what we have.

The first episode of ”En resa för livet” airs tonight on TV4 at 21.00 CET.