Darin @ "Vakna med NRJ" radio show, Jan 15th

When Darin visited the Swedish radio show ”Vakna med NRJ” for an interview recently, he first talked about ”En resa för livet”. He described his experiences at the earlier mentioned Smokey Mountain and said that all the impressions there made him want to take a break from the recording for a moment. This journey was nothing like his other trips to similar countries. He also mentioned, in contrast, the happiness in the SOS Children’s Village, followed by explanation of how the children can be helped and have a better life, living in one of those villages. The answer is that more people become sponsors at SOS Children's Villages.

He also said that he was going to Los Angeles again, departing on the same day as the interview (January 15th). Once again he’s going there to write songs. He wasn’t sure about if he’ll write for himself or for others. 

Watch the part of the interview when he's talking about "En resa för livet", or listen to the full interview below (all in Swedish):

Click HERE to listen to the interview.