- "What I most want people to feel while listening is hope"


Before the premiere of ”En resa för livet” SOS Barnbyar (SOS Children's Villages in Sweden) asked Darin five questions. He tells us about his feelings, experiences and why he chose to go to the Philippines with SOS Children’s Villages.

Why did you choose to go on this trip?
For a long while I’ve wanted to spend more time doing something similar to this. When I got the request it felt obvious to say yes, since it fit well into my schedule and another good thing was that I’d be able to combine it with what I know best - music. 

What was it like, visiting the SOS Children’s Village and the areas around Manila?
It was shocking to see that much poverty and misery, but also nice to see the children in the villages, their lives are better now and they are well taken care of.

In what way did this journey affect you?

I appreciate things more than before, it puts things in perspective. Like gadgets, and small things you turn into something unnecessarily big, while you should be thankful for what you have instead.   

What do you hope for your engagement in this to lead to?
I hope that what we experienced while there will reach out to the crowd. Make them understand what the reality looks like for so many people, and that you can change a person’s life with such small things. 

Do you have any hopes about the songs you’ve written during the show?
The songs I wrote are based on what I felt when I was there, the base in the songs is nice and sensitive but with a feeling of hope. What I most want people to feel while listening is hope.

Watch the first episode of En resa för livet. Available on the web until February 14th.

Translated by Nathalie Pentler