En Resa För Livet - Episode 3

The third episode of "En Resa För Livet" begins with Darin visiting an orphanage in Manila, privately owned by the church, with nuns taking care of the children. Darin expected it to be similar to the SOS Village, but the reality was - once again - shocking. Small children with their hands tied up in their beds wasn't really what he expected. The workers stated that the reason for that treatment was to prevent the children to bite on their hands. Darin on the other hand, felt like the real reason could be that the 3 nuns working there didn't have time to look after all of the 30 children living at the orphanage. This part of the episode contains very strong images.
Back in the SOS Village, everyone was waiting for a new child to arrive. Chloe, a two-year-old girl, came to live there with her siblings, as well as the other children and the SOS mothers. This was a happy celebration for everyone. 

Later we get to see Darin working on the song ”All Our Babies”, which he says that he started writing when he came back from Smokey Mountain. He wants people to feel what he felt during this journey, while listening to the song. Also, the clip of Darin and Eagle-Eye writing "Dream Away", which we posted before, is shown later on. 

At last, everyone is invited to dinner at Mama Wilma’s house in the SOS Village, where Uno had helped out during the day. Darin enjoyed the food very much, which didn’t go unnoticed by the children.

Below you can stream the full episode, and also listen to the new song "All Our Babies", that was released today together with the "En Resa För Livet" album.

The next episode of ”En Resa För Livet” airs Tuesday, February 11th at 21.00 on TV4. This will be the final episode of the series, where we will see Darin record a music video with the children. And finally, all of the artists will perform their songs that they wrote during the journey. Don't miss it!