Contest: write your own end to "Mamma Mia"!

UPDATE: Here are the final results of the competition. This is how the Darin Worldwide Team decided to vote: we gave 4,6,8,10 and 12 points to the stories that were submitted to us, evaluating the form and the structure, but especially the content of each story. For each of us, it has been a hard choice to make, but we eventually came up with a winner.

You can download the PDF file with the top three stories in the competition right here.

*    *    *

To celebrate Darin's new and unexpected music video, we are lauching a new contest for you! As most of you may have noticed, the videoclip doesn't have a proper end, since they just run away to the middle of the desert, leaving no clue of what is going to happen to them soon after the police finds their empty car. So what we ask you to do is to think and write your own end to this story.

The rules for this competition are the following:
  • Write a short story with a minimum of 50 words
  • Send it to us via e-mail - - or a message to our Facebook page
  • The short stories will be voted by the Darin Worldwide Team, and the one with biggest number of votes will win
  • The winner of the competition will win a card signed from Darin himself
  • The best stories will be posted on our blog at the end of the contest
  • Deadline is May 22nd - you've got one month to submit your short stories! 

Darin Family, it's time to be creative!