Darin will perform at Nationaldagen 2014

Darin is one of the artists to perform at the celebration of the Swedish national day on June 6th, which will be held at Skansen in Stockholm, in the presence of the Swedish royal family.

The full show - "Nationaldagen 2014" - will air on June 6th, at 20:00 CET on SVT1. 

Darin performed at the same show in 2009, where he sang his own version of "Sista morgonen" by Niklas Strömstedt. Watch the beautiful performance below.

Souce: "Nationaldagen 2014", SVT http://www.svt.se/tv-tabla/svt1//2014-06-06/


  1. he was great in 2009.
    I did not like her new single "mamma mia" does not match Darin standing on a car with a woman who was sosi rebecca simonson.
    Red wig, mouth, hair.
    You had to be blind not to see this and more in the song
    there were similar to the song rebecca "Give me that O" word.

    losing control etc.


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