Peshmerga: why is Darin wearing that sweater?

Recently, we have seen pictures of Darin wearing a Peshmerga sweater. Some of you might have thought that it was just a trendy clothing line, but well, it's not.

Photo by Nathalie Pentler

Peshmerga comes from the kurdish word pêshmerge, which means "before death". It is the term used by Kurds to refer to the armed Kurdish fighters, which have existed since the Kurdish independence movement of the early 1920s, fighting for peace and equality and providing security to all people regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

The term has inspired the creation of the Peshmerga Clothing Crew, an association born to help all the refugees who were forced to leave their home to escape from the Islamic State (IS) persecution which started months ago. Their work consists of selling sweatshirts and t-shirts to raise money which will be given directly to the people in need.

As fans of Darin but especially as humans, we have to promote and contribute to this great initiative in order to fight war and inequality in Kurdistan and all over the world. You can buy your sweatshirt or t-shirt online on their web store here. As Kurds say, "the mountains are our only friends".