Rix FM Festival 2014: two dates with Darin

This year's RIX FM Festival will see Darin perform in two cities, Linköping and Stockholm.

Darin revelead in this interview that he's working on his seventh studio album, which he doesn't know yet when it will be released, therefore he decided not to tour this summer, but to take a break and concentrate on finding a new sound for his new record. So these two will be the last of his summer appearances this year.

Darin is going to perform on August 22nd in Linköping (Kungsträdgården) and August 31st in Stockholm (Kungsträdgården). For those who want to go and see him live, you don't need any tickets, cause the entrance is free!

In the meanwhile, check this video of Darin's perfomance of "Viva La Vida" at the same festival in 2010.