Idol 10 år - 10 years of Idol and what Darin has to say about it

As we all know, this year, Darin celebrates 10 years as an artist. His career begun thanks to the Swedish talent show 'Idol', where he took part in the first season. In other words, it's also 10 years since 'Idol' first aired on TV4. Due to this event, TV4 broadcasted a special 10th-anniversary show last Friday, called 'Idol 10 år' (10 years of Idol).

The show gave us not only flashbacks and great moments of Swedish 'Idol' history, but also some interviews with a few of the previous contestants. Of course, Darin was one of them. 

"I went to school every day, as usual. And then, all of a sudden, everything changed", he says. 
"I remember taking the subway one day, and a stranger there wished me good luck. People looked at me, smiling. And there was a girl who started hugging me and refused to let go."

Darin describes everything as surreal; seeing himself on the tabloids, people suddenly recognizing him. Although, he admits that being on 'Idol' wasn't easy all the time. 
"One thing I remember is that I didn't like being in front of the cameras in the beginning. Strangely, I've never been that kind of person who likes to be in the center of attention." 

As he reminisces over these memories, we get to see old video clips of him on 'Idol', and hearing the judges applaud him as much as the audience did.
"You are the biggest talent that I have ever seen" and "You are a star" was only a few of the things they had to say about him.

Photo: Scanpix

When Darin didn't win, it obviously disappointed him. "I thought it was all over". Although, as we know, things worked out fine, since he signed a record deal the day after the finale. He says that it was huge for him to work with such big names in the music industry (i.e. RedOne, Max Martin, Robyn), already during the recording of his first album - and at the age of 17.

Daniel Breitholtz, one member of the original judges, is truly impressed by Darin and believes in his great potential.

"Darin is the future Max Martin. There's so much musicality in him. When he's done with his own career as a pop artist, he will write worldwide hits for others. It's really cool that I got to be there during his first audition."

Finally, all of the old contestants tells us where they are today, after all these years. Darin says that he travels around, writing songs in different countries. He never thought that Idol would get as big as it did, and that it all would go so fast. "It's been one hell of a journey!"

Watch the full show below! (in Swedish)