Darin Worldwide's Top 10 Darin's Best Live Performances

This has been a year to remember.

Darin celebrated his 10-year anniversary as an artist, counting from the day he made his first audition at Idol, the tv show that made him rise to success. He released a single called "Mamma Mia", experienced a new style and shot the most expensive video of his career. Although he didn't tour, he made several appearances on Swedish television.

But how has Darin changed during these 10 years? Which were the most memorable moments of his career? Darin Worldwide has put together a Top 10 of Darin's best performances from 2004 to 2014 in order to show it.

This is how we decided to wish you a Merry Christmas but especially a happy and exciting new year!

10. “Playing With Fire” feat. DAMN! live at Sommarkväll 2013
A jazz version (or almost) of Playing With Fire that definitely deserved to be released as a remix.

9. “Move/Step Up” live at Lilla Melodifestivalen 2005
One of the earliest and flawless performances of Darin's biggest hit of all times: Step Up.

8. “Homeless” live at Idol 2006 finale
One word: heartbreaking.

7. “Nobody Knows/So Yours” live at Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Second semi-final
Now, how couldn't we include Darin's unforgettable one and only performance broadcast worldwide? Although he didn't enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, he made it to Europe's most popular stage three years later. Besides, the strings are everything "Nobody Knows" needed to sound even more perfect.

6. “All Gone” live at Nyhetsmorgon
This is the only trace that Darin left us of this incredibly wonderful song. We still believe we're gonna get the studio version one day.

5. “Insanity” live at The Dome 2006
Apart from the playback, this is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular performances Darin has ever made. I mean, look at his dancing!

4. “Mamma Mia” live at Nationaldagen 2014
We just can't forget how surprised we were when we saw Darin dancing with that pseudo-spanish girl.

3. “O Holy Night”
This is just flawless.

2. Michael Jackson Medley live at Sommarkrysset 2009
Well, we're not saying that Darin is probably Michael Jackson's heir when it comes to this performance, but.. Ok we are.

1. “Microphone” live at Idol 2014 finale
Darin's best performance ever came this year and we just can't deny it. Epic.