"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Vakna med NRJ

Darin joined the Swedish radio program Vakna med NRJ this morning. There he performed an acoustic version of his new single "Ta mig tillbaka" and had a quick talk with the hosts.
We translated the interview for you.

Melodifestivalen is over for this year. Do you also feel like "finally, it's over"? Did you watch it?
"I thought it was fun to watch, actually."

You also competed in Melodifestivalen, right? Which song was it, again?
(singing) "You're out of my life.."

Oh dear! It's too good for Melodifestivalen, that's why I don't associate it with that contest.. We don't really think of it as a Melodifestivalen song. Have you considered competing again?
"It's not impossible, never say never. But at the moment, I feel like I won't do it again."

What made you decide to sing in Swedish this time? Those news just dropped like a bomb!
"I've sung songs in Swedish earlier in Så Mycket Bättre, which felt good. But it took a while until I started writing in Swedish myself."

Was it cheesy in the beginning, bad rhyme words and stuff?
"I was afraid that it would turn out that way, yes. When you write in Swedish, it easily becomes cheesy, compared to English which isn't as sensitive. Something that's written in English is a totally different thing in Swedish, then it's a bit more sensitive when it comes to lyrics."

Now it's been 10 years since your breakthrough. How many years has it been since you removed your braces?
"That was 8 years ago, I think."

About your beard, then. Ola (one of the hosts) saw you from a distance the other day, you had a beard, and it really suited you. Now you have trimmed it a little. Tell us about how you feel about your beard, where are you going with that?

"I don't know, I just go by "feeling", exactly like I do when it comes to music."

Does your mother approve of your beard? Mine doesn't let me have one..
"She doesn't like when it's too much, no."

Does she get scared of you then?
"No, she's not scared, but she's like - isn't it time to shave now? Or trim at least?"

Time for question-tombola!

Do you have some kind of phobia?
"I did have one before. I was afraid of flying. But now I have flown so much, so it disappeared eventually."

So you didn't see a therapist?
"No I didn't. Although, I thought of doing that, because I was really scared. I could barely move sometimes."

Then you started drinking whiskey, and it passed.
"Exactly, haha, no."

Who is your celebrity crush?
"Let me think.. It has to be Beyoncé."

Have you ever been in a fight?
"Yes, but that was a long time ago when I was very young. I was angry about something and then... It wasn't anything serious, we only pushed each other a little bit. Apart from that, nothing. This was when I was like 8 years old."

Now we will enjoy live music in the studio, you will play your new song. Tell us about it! "It's a little trip down memory lane, back to the end of the 80's and the beginning of the 90's."

(Darin sings "Ta mig tillbaka" and the hosts are deeply moved by his performance and give positive response)

When this song premiered on Rix FM last Friday Ola said that "it's like Darin has stopped shaving his balls!" Brutal, honest.. (everyone laughs) But well, it's Darin 2.0, could we say that?
"It doesn't feel like that to me, but I can imagine that people who haven't been part of this process must feel like this is something new."

New and good, really. Thank you for visiting us this morning!
"Thank you for having me."

You can listen to the whole interview (in Swedish) and perfomance at this link. Here's also a little clip.