X3M YLE Interview: "It's very different compared to what I have done before"

This morning Darin was interviewed by the Finnish radio channel X3M YLE about his new single “Ta Mig Tillbaka”, and some other things as well. Read the translated interview below.

We are just about to play your new single for the first time on Finnish radio. We have listened to it in advance. Don’t get me wrong, we have met before and you understand that I don’t mean any harm, but, what happened?
“To the new music, you mean?” (laughs)

Yes, I played the song and was like, is this Darin?!
“It took a while, but I have taken the time to try and write songs in Swedish and it came naturally. The song is more organic with many live instruments, so it feels more alive somehow. I understand that people who haven’t been part of the process don’t follow the development until after they have heard the music. It's very different compared to what I have done before” 

It’s so cool that you’re writing in Swedish. And you’ve written songs since you were 14. What was it like to change language?
“I’ve been singing songs in Swedish before, but never written any in Swedish. I didn’t really know how it would turn out when I started writing the lyrics, but it went pretty well. After I had written the first song, I wasn’t sure whether it was good or not since I never had done something like that before. But then I played it for some other people who gave me a good response. Then it just felt positive and I kept writing.”

Who is this person that you play new music for? You mother, a neighbor…?
“It’s different from time to time. I usually play it for both "music people” and “ordinary ears” as I use to call it. It’s those ordinary ears that will listen to the songs in the end. To me that is important, to play it for people who aren’t in the music business. Friends or family who don’t work with music.” 

Our guest host Benjamin is about to release his first album. Do you, as an experienced artist, have any tips for him now that he’s new to the business?
“Congratulations! Go for it and don’t forget to have fun in the process. It can be easy to forget when you’re in the middle of everything, so don’t forget to enjoy it!”

Thank you. He will also tour in different countries since his single has been played in Spain etc. Do you know a good way to remember which city you’re in and keep track of that during your tour? (laugh)
“Write it on the floor of the stage, haha. I have actually done that a few times. (laughs)”

Really? On a small post-it or a bigger piece of paper, or..?
“On a piece of white tape, where we put the name of the city at the very front of the stage.” 

Tell us about your new single!
“It’s autobiographical, about my childhood and memories from when I grew up: when I got my first CD, when I went bicycling humming Billie Jean, when MTV was huge, such things. I’m missing all of this, when everything wasn’t available, before the Internet-era. It’s a little trip down memory lane, back to the 1980-90’s.” 

We would like you to come to Finland shortly.
“That would be really nice.” 

Now one final, important question. We had a discussion earlier about how to pronounce your name. With Swedish or English pronunciation. Which one do you prefer?
“It doesn’t really matter. When you speak Swedish you can use Swedish pronunciation.”   

Listen to the full interview (which starts around 14:20) in Swedish HERE