"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Vardagspuls

Darin was the guest on today's episode of the Swedish show "Vardagspuls". There he was once again interviewed and performed "Ta mig tillbaka" live.

During the interview, "En resa för livet" was mentioned and Darin talked about Angel, the young girl he has been helping since his trip to the Philippines. Darin said that at first it was difficult to help her because she wasn't part of the SOS Children Village, but fortunately that was fixed later and now he can provide for her, allowing her to get the education she needs as well as other things.
Darin also talked about Kurdistan, saying that it's very important for him to keep track of what's happening in his parents' native land, especially during this dark period of time. He also mentioned "En kväll för medmänsklighet", last year's gala in which he and other artists took part to raise money and awareness for the refugees.

Watch the full interview and the performance of "Ta mig tillbaka" right below.