Darin's interview with Seiska: "I quit the music business and left the country"

In an interview to the Finnish magazine "Seiska", Darin opened up about his breakdown that led him to leave the music business in 2011. Here's the translation of the interview.

Swedish singer Darin talks about the hardest moment in his career.

Darin, who has recently released his new single in Swedish "Ta mig tillbaka", rose to fame by placing second on Swedish Idol in 2004. Since then, he has released gold and platinum selling albums.

In 2011, the singer had a breakdown and decided to retire from the music business. "I was 24 and I decided to stop everything I was working on. I felt like I hadn't grown up because I was very young when I started. I had people around me who helped me with everything. But I just wanted to be myself and stopped everything that had to do with music.", Darin said.

After making that decision, he packed all his stuff and started to travel the world.

"I wanted to do everything by myself. Before that, I had relied too much on people. I hit the bottom. I didn't do anything which had to do with music for a year, I had lost all my inspiration. I had to get in a better mental shape."

The interview is available in Finnish at this link. Thanks to @VivecaJCS.


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