Darin's promoting tour: list of interviews

Darin is on a promoting tour across Denmark, Norway, Finland. Here's the list of interviews that will air in the coming days:

13/04 - Radio Køge and Radio SydhavsØerne
14/04 - Radio Go!FM and Radio Skive
15/04 - Din Radio
16/04 - Radio Alfa and Radio Diablo

15/04 - NRK P1 Nitimen, NRK P1 Østlandssendingen and NRK P1 Kveldsåpent
16/04 - God Morgen Norge (tv performances) and Radio Norge

17/04 - YLE Radio X3M, YLE Radio Vega (airs on Monday 4 May), NRJ Finland, The Voice

This page is constantly being updated. Interviews will go on for the whole week.