Popklikk's interview with Darin

Darin was recently interviewed by the Norwegian music blog Popklikk. Read the translated interview below.

Why are you so satisfied with your new single “Ta mig tillbaka”?
“There are many songs about the 60’s and the 70’s, and I wanted to write a song for people born in the 80-90’s. I sing about great memories from my childhood and that’s why I like it so much.”

Why have you chosen to sing in Swedish this time?
“It wasn’t obvious to me to do so, but after I had tried to write in Swedish for the first time I realized that it was good, and then I continued.“

Pick out two songs from your career so far that you’re specifically satisfied with. 
“‘Step Up’ - Despite that it is a commercial dance song, the sound was brand new and it stood out. It’s a song that always gets the audience going already in the first tones of the synth. It established my new sound and showed people that I could be diverse at an early stage of my career. That album sold many copies because of that song - twice as much as my first album.”

‘Nobody Knows’ - It was a song that took about 5-10 minutes to write. It felt easy to write, like it was natural how it was going to sound like. I enjoy writing songs that gives you a strong feeling. That song is both dark and happy, which often is hard to mix, but it worked naturally in that song.

What, do you think, is the main reason behind your popularity?
“First and foremost it’s because I’m a very creative person who write songs, sing, and like to come up with new things, ideas and visions. Then I also work hard for it because I’m passionate about what I do.” 

Tell us about your experiences from Så Mycket Bättre - what was it like to interpret songs by Olle Ljungström and Magnus Uggla?
“It was the first time I sang in Swedish and released Swedish songs. I thought that it was fun and good, but I didn’t know that it would be so appreciated by Magnus, Olle and the other artists, or that the Swedish people would embrace it the way they did. It’s also special when the artist you interpret sits in front of you, then you almost want to do an ever better job, to make them satisfied with the song.”

How do you write your songs, and how/when do they appear?
“Most often I want to find a chord that I like, then find melodies that suit those chords. The melodies are my strength, they draw pictures in my head and that’s how I most often come up with the lyrics.” 

What was it like to collaborate with Robyn?
“Robyn is awesome and I think that she has made the most of her talents. It’s been a long time since we worked together but I remember that I was very impressed by her.”

What plans do you have for the future?
“I want to keep developing in the same way I have done over the years, and write new songs and find new ways of doing so. Then I want to travel more in my spare time, I am an adventurous person and like to go diving and hiking in the jungle, and stuff like that.” 

Popklikk loves Eldkvarn and Plura, what about you?
“I haven’t listen to them that much, but I will do that, then.”

What kind of music did you listen to in your teenage years?
“I grew up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, Gypsy Kings, Sade, Whitney Houston etc. I studied classical music in high school and listened to that kind of music a lot.”

Which albums did you listen to the most last year?
“Mostly I listen to many different songs and not whole albums anymore, but if I have to choose three albums I’d pick Lana Del Ray’s ‘Ultraviolence’, Sam Smith’s ‘In The Lonely Hour’ and Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’”

Who is the greatest vocalist of all time?
“Whitney Houston. Her performance of the national anthem at Super Bowl in 1991 is the best I’ve heard vocal wise.”

Pick out three albums that have meant much to you personally.
“‘Dreaming Out Loud’ by OneRepublic: Every time I listen to the songs on that album, I remember a road trip in Europe that I went on by myself shortly after I had gotten my driver’s license. I bought the album spontaneously when I arrived in Lyon in France. The entire road trip gave me a feeling of freedom and I connected those songs to that.” 

‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson: Many of the albums that I really liked before don’t sound as good today as I thought back then. The productions, melodies and lyrics on ‘Thriller’ still sound modern today, which is cool 30 years later. ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Human Nature’ are my favorites.

‘Divenire’ by Ludovico Einaudi: I like classical music very much, and film music as well - that album is like a mix of that. I like the melancholy, emotional and deep parts of it. ‘Monday’ is my favorite song on the album. 

Choose between the following artists:

The Smiths or The Clash?
“The Smith’s, since I prefer their music.”

Paul Simon or Neil Young?
“Paul Simon, who has written one of my favourite songs, ‘The Sound of Silence’.”

Carola or Håkan Hellström?
“They are so different and best in their genres, but I choose Håkan since I prefer his music."

Nirvana or Johnny Cash?
“I rather listen to Nirvana.”

Madonna or Kate Bush?
“Madonna, tons of great songs.”

The Beach Boys or Led Zeppelin?
“Led Zeppelin, who I actually listen to a lot nowadays.”

Pink Floyd or Tom Waits?
“I don’t know either of them well, but I choose Pink Floyd, because pink is fun.” 

Oasis or The Cure?
“Oasis, one of my favorite bands from back in the days.”