Mix Megapol Interview: "I’ve signed a deal with an Asian record company"

This morning Darin went with the radio station Mix Megapol to the home of a lucky fan, where they recorded their regular morning show. In the first part of the interview, they talk about Ta mig tillbaka and the process of writing songs in Swedish, as well as the importance of playing them to friends and family before the release, as Darin has stated several times.  

Moreover, Darin performs Nobody Knows, which generates a discussion about big and small concerts he has done. 

Is this the smallest concert you have done?
“One of them, maybe.”

So you’ve done many small concerts in living rooms?
“I’ve done one before. But that was like, 10 years ago. So it was about time.”

Which is the biggest concert you’ve done?
“My biggest concert… It must have been at a festival that I performed at in Berlin, a Bravo Festival, with about a hundred thousand people in the audience. But that wasn’t my own concert, it was a festival with several different artists.”

Your new album, will it be entirely in Swedish?
“Yes, the whole album will be in Swedish.”

So that’s for the Swedish market, but what about your international career?
“I will release the Swedish album in the Nordics. And I’ve recently signed a deal with an Asian record company, for my previous album. I’ll go back 3 years and release Nobody Knows over there, and in Australia. So we’ll see what happens then.”

You’re doing both at the same time. At home in Swedish, and abroad in English.
“Yes. The hard part is that it’s two different styles, so it gives a schizo-feeling, kind of (laughs).”

They proceed to talking about the Atlantis studio and that a studio needs the right energy in order for Darin to record there. They also mention his own record label and the risk it brings, but that he wanted to take control of everything and therefore started his own label. Further, they move on to more personal questions.

How’s your private life? Nothing new?
“Nothing new there, no. I’m single, right now I work 24/7.”

Maybe you’re about to get together with Beyoncé? Didn’t you meet her and she told you that you were cute?
“Yeah exactly, that’s the thing, I’m waiting for Beyoncé.”

When did you meet her?
“That was so long ago, in 2006 I think.”

This life crisis you had when you were 24, was that an early 30-years-crisis?
“I had one when I was 19 as well actually, so now when I think of it, it’s a bit funny that I had an age-crisis when I was 19.”

You’ll probably laugh at your 24-years-crisis as well. How deep was it?
“I felt like I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to grow up, in a way. I started working instantly when I was 16, didn’t finish school, and worked 24/7. I signed a record deal when I was 16, so it felt like I hadn’t been able to do all those stuff, like go out and party.”

So you went to Berlin and did drugs?
“I’ve never done drugs, actually, I haven’t. I’ve been in Berlin a lot, but that year during my crisis I traveled much: I was in Brazil and took a diving certificate, hiked in the jungle, partied, went to Berlin, just travelled different places. I wanted to grow up.”

But you’re in a good place right now, Darin?
“Yes, I am.”

Listen to the Swedish interview and performances at these links:
PART 1 + Nobody Knows (the interview starts at 21:40)