Review: "Ta mig tillbaka" Music Video

Today Darin finally released the music video for Ta mig tillbaka. In the video, Darin does what most of us do very often - remind ourselves of a time when we were carefree. It’s a nostalgic production which not only conveys Darin’s own childhood memories, but also makes us want to relive our happy moments from the past. 

The amount of video clips from Darin’s childhood makes us discover new things every time we watch the video, and notice things we didn’t at first. This, too, could connect to times when things were big and new, and every day brought new discoveries and adventures.  

As Darin himself stated in our interview with him, he wanted the video to be one with the lyrics and the music”, which he clearly succeeded in doing - and we must say that the video truly lived up to our expectations. In a nicely edited mix of video clips from his childhood, combined with the recently recorded footage of Darin reminiscing in the woods and Gamla stan in Stockholm, we can see the connection between the nostalgic lyrics and the music video. 

Watch the brand new music video below!

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