Live chat with Darin on Twitter: "I'm touring in China in October"

The Singaporean website Spin or Bin Music has announced a Q&A with Darin which will take place on Twitter. Darin will answer questions from fans through their account this Friday at 3:15. All you have to do is to Tweet using the hashtag #DarinSG starting from like.. NOW.

UPDATE: Here are all the questions Darin answered.

Why did you choose Singapore to shoot the Nobody Knows music video?
- Because I think it fits with the song and the image i have in my head when I listen to it. There are a lot of cool places here :)

How often are you on Twitter and how often do you read our tweets?
- To be honest I spend more time on FB and Insta :)

Would you come to China and do a concert? We are waiting for you!
- I'm touring in China in October, hopefully i'll see u there!

Are you coming at some point this year to Germany? I want to see you.
- I hope so but nothing planned at the moment

Do you watch series? If yes, whats your fav?
- Yeah, I watch lots of series my fav one is Game of thrones, I also think Marco Polo and House of Cards are good!

Which one better describes Darin; leather jacket or suede jacket
- Both ;)

Hey Darin! Are you looking forward to the crazy heat here?
- Haha, yes def!!!

Which is the best country you've been to and why?
- I was really impressed by Tokyo, Japan, but my favorite countries are of course Sweden and Kurdistan

Who inspires you?
- I think everything inspires me, but most of all my family and my closest friends but also when I meet new people

How you feel in the SOS, the days now? What's going on inside you after the days?
- It was really nice to be able to see all the people I met there last time and see how they are doing today

Tell us something 'Nobody Knows' about you :P
- I really like the snacks here in Singapore!

Why you chose September to release your album?
- I wanted to take the time to really make the productions sound good which takes more time when most of it is live

Are you still thinking about recording an english version of "ta mig tillbaka?"
- Yes I am :)

What is your current favorite album and song?
- I just got the the mamas and the papas LP, the one with California Dreaming so its currently my fav one

Any collaborations with other artists on your upcoming album?
- We will see :)

Any plans on dropping by Malaysia for a concert/showcase?
- Yes, hopefully soon! :)

What don't you like? What is an absolute no go for you?
- I don't like rude people, i like people who are easy going and kind, that makes me happy :P

Favorite football team?
- I dont really watch football anymore except the world championship, but i used to watch manchester united games