"Fråga mig": Darin answers fans questions

Darin accepted to be the protagonist of one of the most funniest Q&A called "Fråga mig" and held by Swedish newspaper Metro, in which he had to answer questions sent by fans. He also thanked us for our work and that we appreciate a lot - so thank you so much Darin.

The Q&A was (of course) all in Swedish, but most of you will understand the main answers anyway (we guess). Have fun watching!


  1. Would it be possible for someone to translate this into English for us non-Swedish speaking folk? :)

  2. Why didn't you answer my question ? 😢😢😢😢 but I still loving you 😊 your fans from Viet Nam

  3. It would be nice you translate this interview... I can't understand anything


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