Spotify Preview nr. 1: "Lagom"

Seems like the wait for Darin's new album "Fjärilar i magen" is almost over. The album is out next week, but Darin is premiering one song per day through the music streaming platform Spotify.

The first song that we got to listen is "Lagom", the first one in the tracklist and Darin's first self-written song in Swedish. It is from this song that the title of the album comes.

The song is very catchy and sounds like a mixture between the fresh summer beats of "Juliet" and the nostalgic atmosphere of "Ta mig tillbaka". So this could definitely be picked as the third single.

As usual, the song is only available in the Nordic countries and exclusively on Spotify. Click here to give it a listen and here to watch the making of this song.

Un video pubblicato da Darin Worldwide (@darin_worldwide) in data:
If you still haven't, pre-order your copy of "Fjärilar i magen" here, out on September 25.