Musikhjälpen: live show with Darin + the Darin Family fund

Tonight, Darin is going to perform at Musikhjälpen, a fundraising programme that this year aims at raising money in order to prevent natural disasters caused by climate change which forces people to leave their own countries. It mostly works like this: you wish for a song to be played during the show and you choose the amount of money that you want to donate. Two years ago, "Astrologen" was the most wished song to hear.

Darin will get on stage at 21:00 CET and you can watch the performances on SVT Play at this link (or on the SVT Play app that you can download for free from Apple Store or Google Play).

Plus, if you're Swedish (or have a Swedish phone number) you can contribute to this initiative by donating to the Darin Family fund created by Cassandra Hemdal. Instructions on how to contibute can be found at this link.

UPDATE: Darin performed an acoustic version of "Ta mig tillbaka" and announced an auction on Tradera (Swedish eBay) to win two tickets to one of his concerts next year + two passes to meet him in the backstage. Make your bid here!