10 facts about "Exit"

"Exit" was released exactly three years ago today. To celebrate, here's a bunch of interesting facts about the album.

- The album is named "Exit" because it is Darin's last work before changing direction to a more pop-folk style and songs written in Swedish.

 - The first single "Nobody Knows" was released in 2012 as part of an EP project that was eventually cancelled. It was so successful in Sweden that it charted on iTunes and DigiListan for exactly one year, peaking several times. The music video was released in 2015 in occasion of the single release in Asia.

 - The second single "Playing With Fire" was released some weeks before the album release and received a gold certification in late 2014.

 - Exit peaked the Swedish Official Album Chart and was gold certified on its first week of release. It has charted for a total of 18 weeks, longer than Break The News, Lovekiller and Flashback.

 - Darin wrote 25 songs for Exit, but only 10 made it to the final tracklist. Among the ones that were cut off, there are the still-unreleased "Like That (Faded)", "Out Grew a Rose", "Until Then".

 - The album was intially released in a Limited Edition, including the six songs from the Swedish TV program Så mycket bättre.

- Exit was the second and last album to be released through Universal Music.

 - Other two songs that didn't make the cut are "So Yours" and "Mamma Mia". The first was released first in Germany in February of the same year and then in Europe in May, after performing it along with "Nobody Knows" in the interval act of the Eurovision Song Contest second semifinal. The second was released as a one-off single in 2014 in the Nordic Countries with a majestic music video that premiered in a cinema in Stockholm.

 - On a scale from one to ten, Darin gave eight to Exit.

- The album was recently released in Asia and Australia, being Darin's second album to be reissued for an international release and the first to be launched in the two continents.