Nationaldagen 2014: Darin performs "Mamma Mia"

Tonight, in occasion of Sweden's National Day, Darin performed his brand new single "Mamma Mia" for the first time on a tv show. The performance saw him undertake a caliente flamenco dance with a girl dressed in total red, with more girls joining afterwards, dancing in the background as he took back his microphone to sing the last chorus of the song.

Photo by Nathalie Pentler

This year Darin celebrates 10 years as an artist, and this was undoubtely one of the most memorable and epic performances of his whole career. Now more than ever, we can say: Mamma Mia!

Photo by Nathalie Pentler
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Watch the performances of "Mamma Mia" and "Öppna Din Himmel" right below.