Darin Worldwide's interview with Darin: "There's always a meaning to everything"

Hello Darin, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you again.
It's been one month since you released "Ta mig tillbaka" via Dex Music and introduced everyone to a new sound. What made you decide to start your own record label?

- I had such a clear vision of what I wanted to do and it was pretty different from what I have done before, so I wanted to be in control of everything to make sure it became just the way I wanted it to. And that's why I decided to start my own record company, which is a big step and a big risk, but I would have regretted it if I hadn't done it this way for this project, cause I always have to follow my gut feeling.

When you announced that your new single would be in Swedish, some of your international fans got disappointed. However, as soon as they listened to the song, they changed their minds. In spite of that, they wonder: is "Exit" your last english-spoken album?

- I'm glad to hear that and no, it's not my last album in english.

You've recently filmed a music video for "Ta mig tillbaka". What's the concept of the video?

- I wanted the video to be one with the lyrics and the music, so there's a magical but simple feeling to it, with old clips of me and things from the time when I grew up in the '90s.

You also filmed a video for "Viva la Vida" back in 2009, of which we got to see just a short snippet. Why did you decide not to release it eventually?

- I wasn't happy with the result and it just wasn't good enough, so I decided not to release it.

In a clip showed on TV4 Nyheterna, you were recording strings for a song called "Lagom", which is also the name of the font that was used in the "Ta mig tillbaka" artwork. Are you planning to name your album "Lagom" as well?

- It's not the title of the album but it's the first song I wrote in Swedish. It ended up on the album and it's pretty much what set the whole style for the album.

Besides, is there a meaning behind the new logo that you've used in the "Ta mig tillbaka" artwork?

- There's always a meaning to everything. If you analyze it a while when the album is out you might figure the artwork and logo out.

The album will be out in September. Will it be in early or in late September?

- The date is not set yet, but I will let you know when it is.

Both Lovekiller and Exit included ten songs. Will the number of tracks on this album be higher?

- I've planned it to be more than 10 songs, but I'll know for sure when all the songs are finished.

Before releasing "Ta mig tillbaka", you shared a picture of a bookshelf on Instagram, mentioning that you were looking for inspiration. Do you often read books before a writing session?

- I don't read books that often. I watch films more often and search facts about the things I'm interested in (history and languages) online most of the time. That bookshelf kind of changed the energy and atmosphere in that room though, which was the room where I wrote most of the songs.

When releasing "Mamma Mia", you made a big investment in terms of money and time. Most of your fans were expecting you to keep that style and release an album shortly after the single release. Was that the original plan or you had already thought of changing direction?

- Mamma Mia was supposed to be on Exit but we didn't finish it in time for the record, so I finished it later cause I really liked it and released it as a one-off single. I already knew I wanted to find something new when releasing Exit, and therefore the title name.

Speaking of "Mamma Mia", your performance on Nationaldagen was outstanding. Have you ever been offered to take part in "Let's Dance"?

- Thank you. I have, but not sure if I want to participate. I've always chosen to do things that have something to do with my music, besides charity.

You have recently made some changes in the way you look. Some artists' fame is connected to the way they choose to show themselves to the audience, think about Conchita Wurst or Sia, who has decided not to face the camera when performing. How much do you think an artist's look or sexual orientation can influence their career?

- I wouldn't want to build myself as an artist by carving in an image that is very extreme in people's minds cause I think that it would be hard to change that image if I wanted to move on from it sometime. I do like to focus on my image though because I want it to feel like it goes hand in hand with the style of music I'm doing and it has to be something I'm comfortable in.

Thank you very much for your time Darin!

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