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"Live from Ericsson Globe": New Live Album out today

The Arena Tour Concert in Globen is going to be broadcast live in little more than a month, but Darin already released the whole concert in a new live album.  "Live from Ericsson Globe" is Darin's second live release after "Fjärilar i magen - Live från Cirkus" and features 24 songs, including live collaborations with Maja Ivarsson, Miss Li and Eagle-Eye Cherry - all partners from TV programs  Så Mycket Bättre or  En resa för livet . You can listen to the album on Spotify ,  Apple Music  and other streaming platforms worldwide. 

Darin announces 2021 Acoustic Tour

Darin announced today on his Instagram that he's launching a new tour for the fall of 2021. The tour is called "Darin Acoustic" and will be held in the same cities of the Darin Arena Tour - Stokcholm, Göteborg and Malmö. About the tour, it will be his most personal ever. On Instagram, he wrote "I’ll have my first intimate acoustic tour ever. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, get closer to the audience and tell you about my thoughts and stories behind my lyrics and music." The ticket sale will start on December 4, at 10:00 CET. Check the full list of dates on .