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Mix Megapol Interview: "I’ve signed a deal with an Asian record company"

This morning Darin went with the radio station Mix Megapol to the home of a lucky fan, where they recorded their regular morning show. In the first part of the interview, they talk about Ta mig tillbaka and the process of writing songs in Swedish, as well as the importance of playing them to friends and family before the release, as Darin has stated several times.   Moreover, Darin performs Nobody Knows, which generates a discussion about big and small concerts he has done.  Is this the smallest concert you have done? “One of them, maybe.” So you’ve done many small concerts in living rooms? “I’ve done one before. But that was like, 10 years ago. So it was about time.” Which is the biggest concert you’ve done? “My biggest concert… It must have been at a festival that I performed at in Berlin, a Bravo Festival, with about a hundred thousand people in the audience. But that wasn’t my own concert, it was a festival with several different artists.” Your new album,

Darin performs new song "Juliet" live at Moraeus med mera

Today, Darin was one of the guests at the Swedith tv program  Moraeus med mera , where he sang Ta mig tillbaka and a new song,  which is going to be included in his new album "Fjärilar i magen", set for release on September 25th . The song is probably named "Juliet" , as he repeats it in the chorus, and has a strong country/folk sound that we have never heard from Darin before. It's one of those tuneful fresh summer songs, with a "uoh-oh-oh" in the chorus that will easily get stuck in your head. We still don't know if the song will be picked as the album's second single. What we know is that the show will air on Swedish television in autumn. In the meanwhile, take a look at our photos from the recording on our Facebook page . Also, you can watch Darin perform in the same show two years ago here . Photo by Nathalie Pentler 

"Ta mig tillbaka" achieves Platinum certification

After being gold certified  two weeks ago, "Ta mig tillbaka" has officially sold more than 40,000 copies in Sweden, which equals to 5,200,000 streams on Spotify, achieving a Platinum certification ! The single is Darin's sixth to achieve such certification, after Money For Nothing, Nobody Knows, Stockholm and the triple platinum selling  En apa som liknar dig and  Astrologen , and Darin's second to be also self-written. Besides, "Ta mig tillbaka" reached a new peak on the Swedish official singles chart, ranking at number 11th . For a more detailed explaination of how charts work in Sweden, read  this article .

Nominate "Ta mig tillbaka" for a Rockbjörnen award

You can now nominate Darin for a Rockbjörnen Award , the Swedish music award created in 1979 by Aftonbladet. All you have to do is to fill this form like in the picture below. You can vote everyday until July 17. ÅRETS MANLIGA LIVEARTIST   (Artist of the year):  Darin ÅRETS SVENSKA LÅT   (Swedish song of the year):  "Ta mig tillbaka" Darin ÅRETS BÄSTA FANS   (Fans of the year):  Darin Family (already in the list, you can also click/tap on the yellow square on the right and select it)

"Ta mig tillbaka" achieves Gold certification

After sharing the news that "Ta mig tillbaka" had passed 2,600,000 streams on Spotify , we can now confirm that Darin's first single from his seventh studio album "Fjärilar i magen" has finally achieved the Gold certification ! According to Sverigetopplistan, the single succeded in selling 20,000 copies on May 5th, as you can see from the picture below. Besides, after topping DigiListan (Swedish digital singles chart) last week, "Ta mig tillbaka" has reached a new peak on the Swedish official singles chart this week, ranking 13th  and making the single Darin's highest ranking on the chart since "Lovekiller". For a more detailed explaination of how charts work in Sweden, read this article .

New album "Fjärilar i magen" out 25 September

Darin has just announced the title and release date of his new, Swedish spoken album in an interview with Aftonbladet ! The album will be called "Fjärilar i magen" (Butterflies in my stomach) and it will be released  25   September ! Read the translated interview below. Darin about love and his Swedish album  “It's much more autobiographical” It took an entire year for him to write his first song in Swedish. Now Darin, 27, will spend his summer finishing the album “Fjärilar i magen” (Butterflies in my stomach) that will be released in September. FACTS Name: Darin Zanyar Age: 27 (turns 28 in June) Occupation: Artist Current projects: His new single “Ta mig tillbaka”. Will release his first Swedish album, “Fjärilar i magen” 25 September. Lives: In an apartment in Stockholm. “Places I live in must have a nice vibe, a nice energy, you feel those stuff” , he says. But I’ve looked up where you live, you live in an apartment above a

Review: "Ta mig tillbaka" Music Video

Today Darin finally released the music video for Ta mig tillbaka. In the video, Darin does what most of us do very often - remind ourselves of a time when we were carefree. It’s a nostalgic production which not only conveys Darin’s own childhood memories, but also makes us  want to relive our happy moments from the past.  The amount of video clips from Darin’s childhood makes us discover new things every time we watch the video, and notice things we didn’t at first. This, too, could connect to times when things were big and new, and every day brought new discoveries and adventures.   As Darin himself stated in our interview with him , he “ wanted the video to be one with the lyrics and the music ”, which he clearly succeeded in doing - and we must say that the video truly lived up to our expectations. In a nicely edited mix of video clips from his childhood, combined with the recently recorded footage of Darin reminiscing in the woods and Gamla stan in Stockholm, we can see