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Darin live on Allsång på Skansen on July 22nd

This summer, Darin is going to take part in the Swedish sing-along show Allsång på Skansen  for the fouth time. The very first time he performed in this show was nine years ago, in 2005 , coming back in  2010 and again in  2012  with the memorable performance of  "Nobody Knows", which made the single peak both the iTunes chart and the Swedish official digital singles chart, after six months from its release. This year, he will perform his latest single "Mamma Mia"  on July 22nd, with the show being broadcast live on the swedish national channel SVT. For those who wish to go see him live, you can purchase you tickets right here . In the meanwhile, watch Darin's first performance at Allsång på Skansen below or, alternatively, check this YouTube playlist with all of his performances in the tv show from 2005 on.

Nominate Darin at the 2014 Rockbjörnen awards

Like last year, you can nominate Darin at the Rockbjörnen (The Rock Bear), a Swedish music award established in 1979 by Sweden's largest media outlet Aftonbladet . Fill the form like in the picture below. To vote, follow this link . You can vote everyday! ÅRETS MANLIGA LIVEARTIST   (Artist of the year):  Darin; ÅRETS SVENSKA LÅT   (Swedish song of the year):  Mamma Mia (feat. Prophet of 7Lions), Darin; ÅRETS BÄSTA FANS   (Fans of the year):  Darin Family.

Nationaldagen 2014: Darin performs "Mamma Mia"

Tonight, in occasion of Sweden's National Day, Darin performed his brand new single "Mamma Mia" for the first time on a tv show. The performance saw him undertake a  caliente flamenco dance with a girl dressed in total red, with more girls joining afterwards, dancing in the background as he took back his microphone to sing the last chorus of the song. Photo by Nathalie Pentler This year Darin celebrates 10 years as an artist, and this was undoubtely one of the most memorable and epic performances of his whole career. Now more than ever, we can say: Mamma Mia! Photo by Nathalie Pentler Check out more photos from the event on our Facebook page. Watch the performances of "Mamma Mia" and "Öppna Din Himmel" right below.