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Darin at Mix Megapol on 30 January 2013

We say good morning to the aerophobic film nerd who loves italian food. He has written a song to the Swedish crown princess couple and been complimented by Beyonce. After the success in Så Mycket Bättre, today he releases his sixth album. We say welcome back to Darin Zanyar!
Thanks, good morning!

Are you nervous? It's the release day!
Of course I'm a little nervous.

I saw an article about you in Expressen (a Swedish newspaper) where you were on a full page. Have you still don't gotten used to stuff like that?
No, exactly when you don't know about it. You're reading the newspaper and see yourself in it, and like "oh, there I am..." It's the same thing when I hear myself on the radio. It takes a few seconds, then I get that it’s me. "This song, oh, it’s me".

"What a good song, oh right, it’s me!"
Exactly! (laughs)

Are you "nervous" like when it's your birthday, when you release a new album?
Yes. It's even a little worse. It&…

P4 Extra: "Darin about the great love"

Lotta Bromé and P4 Extra had a chat with Darin Zanyar on P4 Extra, a radio program in Sweden.

The last time Darin was in P4 Extra he said that he wanted to come back in January when the album was done and here we are now.
After a successful year with the TV-show Så Mycket Bättre, it's time for today's guest in P4 Extra - Darin, to release his sixth album. The journey to that has been partly hard and it wasn't obvious that there would be one more album this year. According to Darin this is his most personal album so far and it can apparently be a few girls feeling recognized in the lyrics.
... "En apa som liknar dig" by Darin, or what he was called by Magnus Uggla during Så Mycket Bättre - Durin.
Yeah, even Olle said it.

Oh yes he did, he came up with the whole thing. It's great to have you here and now the album is finished.
Thank you, yes, the album is finished. I made it in the end.

Yes, we will talk a bit more about that soon, I just have to ask you something …

Exit - Track by track edition in english

On Spotify only, Exit is available in a track by track version with Darin commenting each song in the album. The comments are in Swedish, so we have translated them into english for you.

Playing With Fire
When I went to the USA last year to write this album, "Playing With Fire" was the first song that I wrote. It was also the first song I wrote together with Jim Beanz, who has written and produced songs to, among others, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. And it’s fun that the first song we wrote became the first single in the end. I think that you may be expecting a traditional chorus when you listen to the song, because the verse and the bridge seem to lead to that kind of a chorus. But that’s what I think is so great about that song, that we wrote a whole different type of chorus.

SvD Kultur: "Darin dreams of the U.S."

No rest, no rest for Darin whose "Så Mycket Bättre" songs are still high in the charts. Now comes his new album "Exit", and the dreams of US, UK and Japan.

Darin was a success in "Så Mycket Bättre" with its modern interpretations of colleagues' songs, especially Olle Ljungström's "En Apa Som Liknar Dig" and Magnus Uggla's "Astrologen". But when the program started airing, he was in Los Angeles to record what would become "Exit". Without even having met the producers and songwriters Jim Beanz and Sacha Skarbek, he had booked himself for a very hard studio schedule.
- I'm glad I wrote with Jim Beanz first. It feels like it was us who put the sound of the plate. The first song we wrote was "Playing With Fire", explains Darin on what later became the first single and collaboration with Beanz who gave him five songs in six days. In total they wrote 25 songs in a month in Los Angeles.

Svd Kultur: "Darin is ready for a second breakthrough"

BACK - Darin broke through 2004 in Idol. With "Så Mycket Bättre", he made a second breakthrough. On Wednesday he releases his sixth album of personal lyrics about love.
- I think the girls feel at home but I have not talked to those I sing about,
says Darin.

On Tuesday ​​Darin made a showcase at Elverket in Stockholm with a few invited guests. Three songs were performed ​​and it became clear that Darin has a good voice.

Right in the dance genre it doesnt always come out how good someone sings because it mixes with the sound and puts effects on ittoo much, that the genuine voice is produced away.
Yes, so it is with this kind of music, agrees Darin.

"Exit" out in stores today!

The wait is over!
Finally, after more than two years, Darin has come back with a brand new album.
Exit marks a revolution in Darin's music style and might be the long awaited first step towards his international breakthrough. The album is out today on digital retailers such as iTunes, WiMP and Spotify and, of course, in every record store across Sweden. Norwegian people will have to wait two more days, since the album is out in Norway on February 1st.
As for international fans, we have fixed for you a list of the countries where Exit is available. It features stores from United States to Japan, so make sure you check if your country is in the list.

GET YOUR COPY NOW! - Darin: "It was like a therapy"

Darin is more personal than before on his new album "Exit" which is released tomorrow. But the lyrics about relationships were tough to write.

Tomorrow Darin’s sixth album "Exit" is released. It was written very fast. When Darin met the American producer Jim Beanz it clicked right away on the creative plan and they wrote five songs in six days.

- He is a songwriter I've looked up to and wanted to work with for a long time. We had fun in the studio and we went to the movies and went out to have dinner, says Darin Zanyar, 25.

He tells us that the melodies easily comes to him while the lyrics demands more work. Especially during the work with "Exit" where he is more personal than before.

Darin at Rix MorronZoo - 29 January 2013

Darin was a guest in today's Rix MorronZoo, a programme on the Swedish radio Rix FM. Here's the conversation they had with Darin.

Welcome, Darin!
Thank you so much!

How are you today?
I’m fine, thank you (laughs).

That was a stumper. Darin is a bit unwell today.
Yes, I think there was something I ate yesterday...

Darin's interview with Gazz

When did you discover your interest in music?
- It started pretty early. I've always had music around me. My uncles played instruments and my family has always been interested in music. As long as I can remember, I have been singing, so it started very early, when I was fourteen, I started writing songs as well. I sat in the studio and wrote, both to myself and to a few other projects, says Darin.

Although Darin was firmly determined to keep on with the music, it was his sister who made him realize that he had something special. It was a typical day in 2003, Darin and his sister walked by Sergels Torg in Stockholm. In the square, they had set up a karaoke scene.
- It was 2003, the year before I was on Idol. A stage was set up with a bunch of monitors. It was like four - five people in front of stage and watched on when they sang. My sister, thought that I would go up on stage and sing a song and I did it, without hesitate, says Darin.

Darin's interview with Chili

"When I was 15 years old I was actually going to go for something completely different than artist, like being an architect or a doctor".

10 years ago he was not many hours from choosing the natural science program. But on the last day of application he changed his mind - he really wanted to go for the music. Since then he has came at 2nd place in Idol, released five albums (soon is the sixth "Exit" out), competed in "Melodifestivalen", toured around the whole world and made a huge success on the tv show "Så Mycket Bättre".

He is sitting in an armchair at the record label and says he just has woken up from a power nap. In the background various music is playing and he checks his phone at regular intervals and changes song.

Icakuriren - Darin: "I was afraid of the headlines"

The new snow, is like a duvet inviting, across the courtyard. Darin Zanyar shivers bravely in jeans and thin sneakers outside the record label while the photographer prepares the camera. The designer jacket is purchased at Rodeo Drive and not adapted for Nordic december.
But a warm, soft and rare stylish scarf is around his neck.
- It was a fan who made this knitwear for me.

The follow-up question is given. What is the strange gift he received from a fan? Darin smiles his patented, shy smile and the frozen cheeks gets some new color for a second.
- The weirdest...yes...

You should understand that. Sweden's greatest pop star, "girl idol" since 2004, probably got some one or two spectacular things in his mailbox over the years. As well as his extremely sensitive modesty forbids him to tell about this in public. Instead, he finds himself quickly.
- There is a Japanese girl who constantly sends towels. They are small, fluffy and are made of a material that impossibility can at…

Darin about the new album: "Nervous - not nervous"

After the "Så Mycket Bättre" success - now Darin's own music is about to take over the charts again. And he does it with a brand new fanbase.
- I feel like I can reach more people, those who did not have a good eye on me can get interested, says Darin.

"Exit" is released on January 30th and it was written in New York by Darin. Yesterday the premiere, he played the new album for the professionals and the press, and made ​​three songs live in very soft versions with very few instruments.

- It felt good. The album is both danceable and midtempo, there's something about both styles. But you will recognize the melodies, which I love, says Darin.

Above all, he hopes that his faithful fans will like the new stuff - but he also has a new and wider audience after the success of his interpretations in "Så Mycket Bättre".

Expressen: "Time for Darin to move on"

It's time to get rid of the monkey, the astrologer and the other successes. The time has come for Darin to go on. Yesterday, he took his first next step.

Not only did he rule in television during the autumn of last year. Darin's interpretations of "Så Mycket Bättre" has kept on dominating radio and charts this year.
But now Darin's focus is on his own, English-speaking career. In a week the 25-year old's sixth album, "Exit", is released. Initially in all Nordic countries, eventually - if everything goes well - in the rest of the world.

First on the agenda: a secret mini gig in Stockholm yesterday. - What fun that so many people could come, said Darin when he got up on the small stage.
Even though marginally more crowded than around the dining table in "mycket bättre", but that's another story.

Although Darin topped the Swedish album chart four times, it's now, it's going to happen. It's now time for Darin to hit for real. …

Elle aktuelle: "Pop darlin"

After his charming TV success, Darin will release a new "favorite" album.

Woop woop - Darin is here. In the end of January - Sweden's own Justin Timberlake will release his sixth album, Exit, after making a charming success in the latest season of Så mycket bättre.
It feels like I have done it with a lot of extra in the lyrics, this time.

Who is your idol?
- Barack Obama! He has proven that it doesn't matter where you come from, what you look like or what background you have. You can get where you want, if you believe in it and are willing to work hard.

You write and produce music. Where does your power/energy come from?
- My passion. I like to challenge myself.

What is your first musical memory?
- I had a small toy piano that I used to sit and play on. I've been singing as long as I can remember.

New single "So Yours" out in Europe in March

The closer we get to the release of Darin's new album Exit, the more surprises we get.
On February 22nd a new single called So Yours is out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It's totally different from Playing With Fire, its beats have nothing to do with club music. It's more of a mixture of pop and rock, quite similar to One Direction's music style. And it's not included in the tracklist of the new album which is out on January 30th across Scandinavia.

The single is going to be released all over Europe in March as well and might be the first single from an international version of Exit or maybe a brand new album for the international market.
German fans can pre-order the single now on Amazon.

You can stream the full lenght version of the song right below, released on YouTube from Darin's German label.

"Playing With Fire" out today!

Playing With Fire is finally out and we couldn't expect Darin to release a better single to start the Exit Era. Opposite to Nobody Knows, this is actually Darin's hottest and dancest song so far, with amazing beats and a breakdown that Justin Timberlake would surely envy. We can't wait to see it breaking all the charts!

The single is available to purchase on iTunes SwedenNorwayFinland and also Spotify and WiMP. You can also pre-order the full album on iTunes which is out on January 30th in Sweden and on February 1st in Norway.

Aftonbladet: "Darin opens his studio"

25 new songs became the result of the USA trip, and nine of them will now be shown in exclusive video clips on nö During the recordings Darin worked much with the American songwriter Jim Beanz, who has cooperated with a bunch of worldwide artists.

Now he shows exclusive clips from the recording on Nöjesbladet's site.
Come with Darin into the studio when he records the new album "Exit". Today nö shows exclusive video clips during the work with the songs - the most personal he's ever done, according to himself.
- I felt that I wanted to get some things out of me that I've been through, he says.
The 30th of January "Exit" will be released, but already today Nöjesbladet is starting to show exclusive video clips from the album recording in the USA last autumn.

Expressen: "Superb, Darin!"

Last fall, he ran through the TV screens - again. Now it's time for Darin to show that he is more than an exceptional cover singer. New single "Playing With Fire" is a superb start.

That Darin was the musical winner of the third season of "Så Mycket Bättre", there is no doubt about it. His career was also a commercial shot - two of the interpretations of the autumn TV show are still in the top ten on the singles chart. "En apa som liknar dig" is still the country's most streamed song. The 25-year-old boy is still a talent beyond the ordinary.
And speaking of commercial - Darin's new single sounds like an obvious hit, as if it is ready to take over the charts. Not necessarily just at home.

Exit - Limited edition appears on the web

Remember when we found out about a new rumoured tracklist of Exit? Well, now things are getting clearer.
It seems like a Limited Edition of the album is going to be released the same day as the standard edition (January 30th), including all of the songs from Så Mycket Bättre, in the same order as they were put in the Tolkningarna EP. This is confirmed by the fact that there are two versions of the album available to purchase both on CDON.COM and Bengans, even though the price and the cover art are the same for both.

EDIT: It has been confirmed by CDON.COM that Darin is releasing just one limited version of the album, including two discs: the first one will have ten tracks, the second one will have six songs from Så Mycket Bättre. So here's the final tracklist:

Disc 1
1. Playing With Fire
2. Before I Pass Out (feat. Lil Jon)
3. Surrender
4. What It's Like
5. F Your Love
6. Check You Out
7. Give Me Tonight
8. Same Old Song
9. That Love
10. Nobody Knows

Disc 2
1. En Apa Som Liknar D…

"En apa som liknar dig (Extended Version)" released today on iTunes

Today a new title appeared in the section devoted to Darin on iTunes Sweden. Just some days before his new single is out, Darin (or better, Universal Music) decided to release an extended/remix version of En Apa Som Liknar Dig, maybe to celebrate the fact that it topped the Swedish official singles chart two weeks ago.
The song is available to download in Sweden through iTunes by clicking on this link.

First teaser of "Playing With Fire"

Darin has just posted a teaser of his new single Playing With Fire on YouTube, which we remind you it's out in three days.
We were right, it was the one played on Elle Galan and it sounds a bit like Enrique Iglesias. The song seems to be very dance and sexy, the perfect song to be played in the disco. We're so excited to hear the full version, and you?

New song snippet from Elle's Gala

Last Friday, Darin was a special guest at the 2013 Swedish Elle's Gala.
During the evening, Darin presented the Model Of The Year award and when he got on stage, 30 seconds of a new song were played in the background. It featured Darin's vocals at the end, so we suppose it's the beginning of Playing With Fire. It seems to be a club song, something we have never heard before from Darin. However, we will have to wait until next Friday to check if it actually was his new single playing or not.

You can listen to the song snippet in the first video below (it starts at 0:38) and you can also watch Darin showing up his outfit and having a little conversation with the Gala host on the red carpet right before the show start.
For some photos from the show instead, have a look here.

Sverigetopplistan update - 11 January 2013

It's been ten weeks since Darin appeared again on the Swedish official singles chart.
After achieving the number one position last week, En Apa Som Liknar Dig lost the throne and got back to position number 2.
Astrologen got out of the top 5 and went down from position number 3 to number 6.
Stockholm, instead, lost some positions and stopped at number 25, while Seven Days A Week, which entered the chart last week, dropped to 48.

"Playing With Fire" out on January 18!

Some days ago there was a rumour that January 15th was the scheduled release date for Playing With Fire, Darin's new single from Exit, in the list of iTunes upcoming music releases. However, today Darin finally annouced that the single is out on Friday, January 18th not only in Sweden, but also in Finland and Norway.

This is actually Darin's second single from the album, but it's the one that introduces us to the "Exit era". According to Darin, it has a new sound and it's "sexier and hotter than Nobody Knows".

There's been also a change in the album tracklist: in fact, six bonus tracks have been added to the original tracklist and they are the songs Darin released during the tv-show Så Mycket Bättre.
You can pre-order your copy of Exithere by checking our list of the countries where the album will be released.

Purchase "Exit" in your country

Darin's sixth studio album Exit is finally out in Sweden on January 30th, 2013.
Nothing about a worldwide release of the album has been announced yet. However, the album is already available to purchase in several countries through web stores such as CDON.COM, Amazon and others. Here comes a list of the countries and stores in which you can buy the album. In some of them, Exit is out on February 12th.

Sverigetopplistan update - "En apa som liknar dig" peaks the chart

2013 couldn't begin in a better way.
The charts from December 28, 2012 were published just some days ago due to unknown reasons. There was nothing new though, Astologen and En Apa Som Liknar Dig had kept the same positions (no. 3 and 5).

Today, the very first official chart of the year has been released and Darin's En Apa Som Liknar Dig has finally reached the NUMBER ONE position. It's actually Darin's fourth number one single in the chart, the first since Viva La Vida was released.
However, that's not the only good news. After several weeks since its release, Seven Days A Week has finally entered the chart at position no. 36, being the highest peaking new entry of the week.
Stockholm has gained twentynine positions, jumping from no. 45 to 21 again.
I Can't Get You Off My Mind has come back in the chart, ranking at no. 54, while Astrologen has kept the same place for the third week in a row.

Expressen: Most played songs on New Year's Eve

Spotify has published a list of the songs that were played the most in Sweden between 23:55 and 00:05 CET during the New Year's Eve night.
Darin has got two songs in the top ten: En Apa Som Liknar Dig and Astrologen.

1. Happy New Year - ABBA
2. Gangnam Style - PSY
3. Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat John Martin] - Swedish House Mafia
4. En Apa Som Liknar Dig - Darin
5. Dancing Queen - ABBA
6. Greyhound - Swedish House Mafia
7. Diamonds - Rihanna
8. The Final Countdown - Europe
9. Händerna mot himlen - Petra Marklund
10. Astrologen - Darin

Article in Swedish (by Elisabeth Vedin):