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Contest: write your own end to "Mamma Mia"!

UPDATE: Here are the final results of the competition. This is how the Darin Worldwide Team decided to vote: we gave 4,6,8,10 and 12 points to the stories that were submitted to us, evaluating the form and the structure, but especially the content of each story. For each of us, it has been a hard choice to make, but we eventually came up with a winner. You can download the PDF file with the top three stories in the competition right  here . *    *    * To celebrate Darin's new and unexpected music video , we are lauching a new contest for you! As most of you may have noticed, the videoclip doesn't have a proper end, since they just run away to the middle of the desert, leaving no clue of what is going to happen to them soon after the police finds their empty car. So what we ask you to do is to think and write your own end to this story. The rules for this competition are the following: Write a short story with a minimum of 50 words Send it to us via e-m

"Mamma Mia" music video released today

It's finally here, #DarinFamily! The long-awaited music video for Darin's new single "Mamma Mia" was released today. Watch it below and tell us what you think of it in the comments!  Read our review of the music video here . In an interview with Aftonbladet they ask Darin if it feels like the video shows a new side of him. He says that it doesn't feel like that to him personally, but that others might think so, since they haven’t seen that side of him before. ”People close to me don’t really get shocked, they just say ’cool video’. This feels more like who I am today, compared to who I was 10 years ago” Darin mentioned before that the song is about love being like a drug. Aftonbladet asks him what he has to say about that. ”Yes, I've felt that way several times. I guess that's the best kind of love. Maybe not the best considering the consequences, but it's worth it to feel something so strongly. That’s what everybody wants.”

Darin @ Metropol - "It felt like we were recording a movie"

Yesterday Darin visited Metropol, a radio show on a Swedish channel called P3 (Sveriges Radio).  Photos by Metropol's Instagram @metropol938 and Darin's Instagram @DarinOfficial The result was a long and funny interview, both about the new single and video, but also a lot of other things.  We’ve translated it all for you, read below! It’s 10 years ago since your breakthrough. How do you feel looking back at this?  ”When I think of it, it feels like its gone fast, but still when I think about what I’ve done over the years, I realize that I’ve managed to do a lot of things. I’ve released several albums and traveled around the world. It’s not like I have anything to regret.” What have you been doing lately?  ”The latest thing that I’ve done is traveling to the Philippines with SOS Children’s Villages and other artists. It was rough because of all the terrible things we got to see, but meeting the kids that had gotten help from SOS was very nice. It really was a j

"Mamma Mia" released today!

Darin's new long-awaited single "Mamma Mia" from his upcoming seventh studio album has finally hit digital retailers across the Nordic countries. The single is released through Dex Music AB , Darin's personal label, under exclusive license of Warner Music Sweden. This finally marks Darin's departure from Universal. You can stream the song on Spotify  only for the moment, but soon you will also be able to but it on iTunes. A release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will follow. If you'd like to know what we think about the song, read our review of Mamma Mia - single and video . It includes some extra exclusive material too! So what y'all think about Darin's new sound?

Review: Mamma Mia single and music video

On April 12th Darin meeted up with a group of fans to show them the 500.000 swedish crowns worth music video for his upcoming single "Mamma Mia" , set for release on April 14th . The event was held at a cinema in Stockholm called Rigoletto , exclusively for fans who had won the Mamma Mia competition. Photos from Darin's Instagram @DarinOfficial It all began with Darin welcoming everybody to the event followed by some behind the scenes footage from the video recording, with comments of the director Herron and Darin himself.  "The video feels as if it’s a love story in the beginning but then it starts to escalate and she’s a Mamma Mia, she’s the ultimate crazy woman. They rob a bank, she strips for him. It’s pretty dirty, it’s pretty good" says Alex Herron, the director, from the behind the scenes footage.  In the video we get to see Darin in a different environment. He meets a crazy girl which leads to bank robbing, hot sex scenes and car ch

"Mamma Mia" cover revealed - strong reactions from fans

Today Darin revealed the cover artwork for his new single ”Mamma Mia”.  Some fans had strong opinions about it, which was recognized by the press. Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, summed it up in an article: His fans criticizes Darin’s new single cover: ”Deprecative” and ”sexist” After showing his new single cover to his fans, Darin faced strong reactions. On the photo he pushes a thinly dressed woman up against a car.  Mamma mia! Now Darin Zanyar, 26, has made his fans upset. During this Wednesday the pop artist showed them the cover artwork for his single ”Mamma mia” by posting a photo on his official Facebook page. In the caption he formulated a question to his fans: ”What do you guys think of it?”   Strong reactions He probably  didn't  expect the response. Loads of angry comments were posted. The fans reacted strongly to the photo where Darin pushes a thinly dressed woman up against a car. The scene is from the music video for the song, which Nöjes

Xperia Lounge contest: the winner

In December Xperia Lounge offered to a lucky winner and a friend the chance to participate to the recordings of the Swedish pop star Darin's music video for his new single, which was announced in March. The winner was Zvonimir Ninic, croatian, who travelled to Los Angeles at the end of January. There, he had the possibility to be a VIP guest on the set of music video. Zvonimir has stated: "Unforgettable... it was like being an Hollywood star. It's been a once in a lifetime experience." On April 15th the exclusive behind the scenes of Darin's new music video will be released on Xperia Lounge.