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Eldsjälsgalan: Darin performs "Playing With Fire"

Tonight, Darin appeared in another Swedish Gala called Eldsjälsgalan . It's a show aimed at celebrating people who do voluntary work and who very often don't get the recognition they deserve. Darin perfomed his second single from Exit , Playing With Fire , and let us say this - he amazed us even more than the time that he sang the song at Gaygalan for the first time. Amazing vocals and enthusiasm - perfect ingredients to make the show unforgettable. Watch the perfomance below!

Sverigetopplistan update - 22 February 2013

It's not been a good week for Darin's music in Sverigetopplistan, Swedish official sales chart. In fact, his new album and all of the three songs he has had in the chart lost some positions. Exit lost one more position in its third week in the chart, going at number 3 . En Apa Som Liknar Dig , Darin's first double platinum certified song which has been charting for 16 weeks, came back at position number 14 while Astrologen , went from 15 to 18 . Playing With Fire unluckily dropped again, this time from position number 36 to 44 .

En helkväll med Lena Philipsson: Darin and Lena back to the scene together

Do you remember the show Darin recorded with Lena Philipsson in January, En helkväll med Lena Philipsson ? Well, it means "A night with Lena Philipsson" and it finally aired today on SVT, Swedish Television. During the show, Darin sang a duet with Lena on one of her songs. Darin and Lena have known since Darin started his career. In 2005, they toured together with Magnus Uggla. That's why during tonight's show, they joked about an old press conference they made at that time, in which they said they were like three generations being put together, and that Magnus could be Darin's grandfather and Lena his mother. You can watch the perfomance of Månsken i augusti right below. Darin's vocals surely made the song better than the original.

Musikplats Stockholm 2013: full show

Today Darin took part in an event called Musikplats Stockholm , organised by Swedish radio P4. It was broadcast live on the radio channel and it was his first show in Stockholm in a while - which made a lot of people enthusiastic. During the show, Darin sang 5 songs: Same Old Song, Surrender, F Your Love, Astrologen and (for the first time ever) Check You Out . Between the songs he talked a little bit with the host. He said, among other things, that he was so happy that there were so many people there. He also told the listeners a bit about the making of Exit and mentioned that the other songs that he trashed haven't been pitched out to anyone yet. He also said he wasn't happy with the performance of Astrologen in Så Mycket Bättre , and thought that he shouldn't watch the episode it was in. So when he was at his parents' house the episode aired and he was sleeping because he was jetlaged. But he woke up all the time, hearing the loud volume from the TV and went t

"So Yours" out today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Time has come. Finally Darin's new international single  So Yours has been released. For the moment, it is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only, but don't worry! The single will be released on  March 8th  in  Bulgaria and all over Europe later. Darin is also likely to make some appearances in Germany to promote it. So if you're living in one of those three countries, go and buy the song now by clicking on the links below! GERMANY: iTunes , Amazon , Musicload AUSTRIA: iTunes , Musicload SWITZERLAND: iTunes , Musicload

"Exit" out in Finland on 22 February

According to Warner Music Finland, Darin's new album Exit is going to be released in the country this friday, February 22nd . No changes have been made in the album tracklisting, but apparently there will be no bonus tracks like in the Swedish limited edition. The first single from the album, Nobody Knows , was released through Warner in June 2012, while Playing With Fire was released the same day as it was in Sweden. This is Darin's second album from which gets a release in Finland. In fact, the first one was Darin's self-titled album in 2005, which ranked at position number 13 in the country's official album chart. Finnish people can pre-order the album on iTunes .

Sverigetopplistan update - "En apa som liknar dig" is double platinum

The Swedish official chart looks definitely like home for Darin. This week Astrologen has achieved a platinum certification, but there's more! En Apa Som Liknar Dig has been certified DOUBLE PLATINUM ! This is the first time that a Darin song sells more than 40.000 copies  in Sweden. Besides, despite the fact that it was released two months ago, it's still Darin's highest ranking song in the chart, ranking at number 11 . Astrologen follows at position number 15 , while Playing With Fire , which last week entered the singles chart at number 28, has dropped at number 36 . As for the album,  Exit , it lost its number one position, going down at number 2 .

Aftonbladet - Darin: "I'm single and living life"

Mixing party and love in the new album: Feel good now. Darin, 25, had an artistic crisis and went to the US, recorded with american super producers and partied with Christina Aguilera. The result: his most personal album so far. - I have been through everything on the album, he says to Nöjesbladet. Darin had a new album done in April last year but he didn't feel happy with it so he started fresh. - It felt like I was stuck. It was a big step to take, but I didn't want to release anything that wasn't 100. I don't regret the decision. WROTE 25 SONGS He left Stockholm and went to Los Angeles for an intense period. In one month he wrote 25 songs. - The producer Jim Beanz and I wrote six songs in five days. One night we were up until 5 in the morning and wrote. It feels good that things turned out well. The USA trip resulted in the album "Exit" that was released last Wednesday. Despite all the hard work there was a little time for rest.

GayGalan: Darin wins "Artist of the year"

It's been an amazing night for Darin at QX GayGalan. The show was recorded last tuesday, but aired tonight on TV4, while he was having a little concert in a city in the north of Sweden. During the Gala, several awards were given to people who marked the past year in music, arts and in the society. Darin perfomed Playing With Fire live for the first time, and it was amazing. It began with an intro of Astrologen , then the band came on stage in a very cool way. The lights, the screens, Darin's confindence and vocals made the performance perfect. When we watched the first photos from the show, we thoght "why are there no dancers?" but then we realized, they were totally unnecessary. He was nominated in two categories: Best Swedish Song  with Astrologen and Artist Of The Year . However, he won the award for Artist Of The Year , the most appropriate and deserved in our opinion. One more time, congratulations Darin! Right below you can watch the perfomance and the

Sverigetopplistan update: "Exit" debuts at number 1

Hooray! Darin's new album, Exit , has debuted at number one in the Swedish official album chart and (as some other swedish sources say) has sold  GOLD in its first week of release. This hadn't happened since 2006, when Darin's third album Break The News entered the chart at the number one position, selling gold on its first week as well. What's more, Playing With Fire has finally entered the official singles chart at number 28 this week! CONGRATULATIONS, DARIN!

Darin interviewed at P3 Star on 3 February 2013

When I started with the first album, everything was very new and it was a whole new world for me. I wanted to do it ever since I was 3-4 years old. Everything was new, you could see everything behind the record companies, publishers, recording studios, producers, and how to record and so on. It was very exciting. Was it like that you had imagined, ever since you were little? - It was actually more fun than I thought. I knew there would be a lot of work. But of course, I was prepared for it, because I wanted this from the beginning. I took care of things pretty fast and I remember that I fell, extra for two songs on the album. The first one was called "What is love" and the second "Money for nothing". The first single was Money For Nothing, and just then it felt good, it was the right sound and it was fresh. It was a mixture of pop, rnb and a bit of reggae feeling.

Kick Off - Darin: "Now a brand new era is starting for me"

He broke-through as the timid 16-year-old and got a bunch of girls screaming after him. Now he has landed in himself and releases his sixth album Exit. Kick Off has met Darin. Darin is extra brown on his cheeks. He has just got back from a spontaneous trip to Thailand with his cousin. Right before Christmas, Darin looked at his calendar and realized that the upcoming week was blank. Two days later he sat on the plane for nice vacation before the promotion and tour of his sixth album fill several upcoming months. Life feels good right now. Very good. I look forward to finally releasing the album and go out on a tour, says Darin and leans back in the low, red, modern spinning armchair.

Darin live at Nyhetsmorgon on 2 February 2013

Some days ago, Darin was a guest in the TV4's program Nyhetsmorgon and he performed two songs from his new album Exit : Surrender , F Your Love and Same Old Song . He also had a talk with the hosts, and here it is fully translated into english. Welcome! - Thank you very much! We have a lot to talk about, but we start with the acclaimed album. It was a pretty tough period in your life. - Yes, it was, about two years ago. December 2010 - January 2011. Why did you end up in that situation? - I really don't know. I stopped singing for some time. In the end, I noticed that I wasn't singing anymore. I always sing. But now I sing all the time, it's always something I've done, at home, on my spare time... It's perhaps a sign that I'm fine. It made ​​me take a little break. I started to travel quite a lot, over a fairly long period, seven months. Just to get back the energy that makes me love music.

Gaffa: "From rough diamond to polished hit maker"

Many people raised their eyebrows when Darin was one of the participants in last years’ Så Mycket Bättre. A cat among the ermines - or more a youngster among the rockers. What many don't know is that Darin the latest years has ran before everyone, both commercially and creatively. GAFFA found out what really happened. JIM BEANZ is a typical American super producer in leather jacket and sunglasses who always tweets in caps-lock. Of course he has worked with Timbaland. Last winter Darin hung out in his studio in Philadelphia and wrote his new album Exit . He doesn't have that much on the songs, he chooses his sounds very good. Which I like, it feels very fresh. Still it sounds as great as it would have been as much sound as possible, he says.