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Darin's interview with Seiska: "I quit the music business and left the country"

In an interview to the Finnish magazine "Seiska" , Darin opened up about his breakdown that led him to leave the music business in 2011. Here's the translation of the interview. Swedish singer Darin talks about the hardest moment in his career. Darin, who has recently released his new single in Swedish "Ta mig tillbaka", rose to fame by placing second on Swedish Idol in 2004. Since then, he has released gold and platinum selling albums. In 2011, the singer had a breakdown and decided to retire from the music business. "I was 24 and I decided to stop everything I was working on. I felt like I hadn't grown up because I was very young when I started. I had people around me who helped me with everything. But I just wanted to be myself and stopped everything that had to do with music.", Darin said. After making that decision, he packed all his stuff and started to travel the world. "I wanted to do everything by myself. Before that, I had

Win the chance to be on the set of the Nobody Knows video shooting

Darin has launched a new contest today via Sony's Xperia Lounge app. But the real news is that there is going to be a music video for "Nobody Knows" (!) , which will be filmed in Singapore on June 14 and 15 and - guess what - two of Darin's fans will have the chance to fly with Darin and be on the set of the video. The question is: why record a video for a song that was released over three years ago? Well, it might be the first step to promote "Nobody Knows" in Asia, since the song already featured in the chinese Honda commercial or, more importantly, it might be part of the long-awaited international launch of Exit of which Darin talked about during his interview at Gomorron Sverige . To take part in the competition, you only need to download the Xperia Lounge app and answer some questions. You have time until May 10th !

Darin at The Voice Finland: the performances

Darin visited the finnish radio station The Voice during his last week's promo tour across the Nordic countries. There he performed unplugged versions of the following three songs: Ta mig tillbaka ( watch here ) You're Out Of My Life ( watch here ) Nobody Knows ( watch here ) Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Popklikk's interview with Darin

Darin was recently interviewed by the Norwegian music blog Popklikk . Read the translated interview below. Why are you so satisfied with your new single “Ta mig tillbaka”? “There are many songs about the 60’s and the 70’s, and I wanted to write a song for people born in the 80-90’s. I sing about great memories from my childhood and that’s why I like it so much.” Why have you chosen to sing in Swedish this time? “It wasn’t obvious to me to do so, but after I had tried to write in Swedish for the first time I realized that it was good, and then I continued.“ Pick out two songs from your career so far that you’re specifically satisfied with.  “‘Step Up’ - Despite that it is a commercial dance song, the sound was brand new and it stood out. It’s a song that always gets the audience going already in the first tones of the synth. It established my new sound and showed people that I could be diverse at an early stage of my career. That album sold many copies because of th

Darin Worldwide's interview with Darin: "There's always a meaning to everything"

Hello Darin, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you again. It's been one month since you released "Ta mig tillbaka" via Dex Music and introduced everyone to a new sound. What made you decide to start your own record label? - I had such a clear vision of what I wanted to do and it was pretty different from what I have done before, so I wanted to be in control of everything to make sure it became just the way I wanted it to. And that's why I decided to start my own record company, which is a big step and a big risk, but I would have regretted it if I hadn't done it this way for this project, cause I always have to follow my gut feeling. When you announced that your new single would be in Swedish, some of your international fans got disappointed. However, as soon as they listened to the song, they changed their minds. In spite of that, they wonder: is "Exit" your last english-spoken album? - I'm glad to hear that and no, it'

Darin's interview at YLE X3M and Så Mycket Sämre game

Darin visited the swedish-speaking radio channel YLE X3M in Finland to talk about "Ta mig tillbaka", of which he performed an acoustic version. During the interview, the host played a guessing game with Darin called "Så Mycket Sämre" (So much worse)  in which they had to play a song of Darin's using some instruments chosen by Darin himself. You can listen to the interview (in Swedish) at this link (starts around minute 11:44). Here's also a video of Darin for X3M TV . Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's interview at NRJ Finland: "I'm thinking about translating Ta mig tillbaka in english"

Darin visited the finnish radio channel NRJ  as part of his promo tour across the Nordic countries. During the interview, he performed and talked about "Ta mig tillbaka" and his intention to translate it in english. Listen below! Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

"Ta mig tillbaka" and "You're Out Of My Life" live at God Morgen Norge

Darin visited the norwegian morning show God Morgen Norge , where he performed "Ta mig tillbaka" and "You're Out Of My Life". Watch the interview and the performances right below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's interview at Radio Diablo: "Ta mig tillbaka is more folk than pop"

Last danish radio that Darin visited during his promoting tour was Radio Diablo , where he once again talked about his breakthrough, Så Mycket Bättre and his new single "Ta mig tillbaka", which he also performed live in the studio. Watch the interview and the performance right below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin live at Radio Alfa Denmark

During his promoting tour across Denmark, Darin also visited Radio Alfa .   The interview aired this morning along with the acoustic performance of "Ta mig tillbaka". Listen below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's interview at NRK P1 Kveldsåpent in Norway

Darin visited Norwegian national radio NRK's program Kveldsåpent today, where he talked about his breakthrough in Sweden and his new single "Ta mig tillbaka". While we're working on the translation, the interview is available in Norwegian/Swedish at this link . Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin live at NRK P1 Østlandssendingen in Norway

The second radio program that Darin visited in Norway was NRK P1's Østlandssendingen where he talked about Idol and his new single "Ta mig tillbaka", of which he performed an unplugged version in studio with his guitarist. Listen to the interview in Norwegian/Swedish at this link . Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Radio go FM

One of the radios Darin visited yesterday in Denmark was Radio go FM, where he talked about his new single and his plans of going back to Denmark for a concert after the album release. Listen to part of the danish/swedish/english interview and to the unplugged version of "Ta mig tillbaka" Darin sang with his guitarist in the studio. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Din Radio Denmark

Darin visited the Danish radio program Din Radio as part of his promoting tour in the Nordic countries. Listen to the interview and enjoy his acoustic performance of "Ta mig tillbaka" right below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's interview at Radio Skive in Denmark: "This could be something that the Nordic people might like"

During his promoting tour in Denmark, Darin visited Radio Skive where he talked about his interest in writing in Swedish for the first time, his latest single and performed an acoustic version of it. Listen to the full interview and live performance of "Ta mig tillbaka" right below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's interview at NRK P1's Nitimen in Norway

Darin was interviewed today at the Norwegian radio NRK P1's program Nitimen  where he also performed an acoustic version of "Ta mig tillbaka". When Darin visited Nitimen they talked about his career and songwriting progress. Darin said that he kept writing in English before because it suited his former music style better, in addition to the fact that he also toured in other countries. He pointed out that he hasn't written in English for the last time - he just wanted to try to write songs in Swedish since the time was right. They moved on to talking about his Kurdish origins; Darin mentioned how important that is to him and that he is involved in everything that is happening. He has written a song for the new album that is (partly) inspired by that subject. He said he needed to write about it in the right way, and that he was able to do so on his Swedish album. After the live performance, they talked about Ta mig tillbaka and that he won't do any concerts un

Darin's interview at Radio SydhavsØerne: "I'll probably come to Copenhagen"

The second danish radio that Darin visited yesterday was Radio SydhavsØerne , where he talked about his career in Sweden and his latest single. Listen to the full interview and his acoustic performance of "Ta mig tillbaka". Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour across Denmark, Norway and Finland.

"Ta mig tillbaka" chart performance

"Ta mig tillbaka" was released exactly one month ago. Since then, the single has climbed two different charts and we are going to explain what's the difference between them. DigiListan is the Swedish official digital single chart, which is updated every Sunday by Sveriges Radio P3. This chart counts music downloads from all digital retailers, iTunes mainly. "Ta mig tillbaka" has charted there for four weeks so far at the following positions: 8, 7, 11 and 4 . Sverigetopplistan  is the Swedish official single and album chart, which is updated every Thursday. It consists of two main charts, as far as singles are concerned: Veckans Singellista (Weekly single chart) and Svenskt Topp-20 (Swedish Top 20), the latter including only singles released by Swedish artists. These charts count physical and digital copies sold and  streamings  (from Spotify mainly), while songs and albums downloaded through iTunes are not taken into consideration. "Ta mig til

Darin's interview at Radio Køge in Denmark

Darin visited the Danish radio station  Radio Køge as the first stop on his promoting tour across Denmark, Norway and Finland. Listen to the full interview and to the acoustic performance of "Ta mig tillbaka" that he performed in the studio right below. Click  here  for the list of interviews from Darin's promoting tour.

Darin's promoting tour: list of interviews

Darin is on a promoting tour across Denmark, Norway, Finland. Here's the list of interviews that will air in the coming days: DENMARK 13/04  - Radio Køge and Radio SydhavsØerne 14/04  - Radio Go!FM  and  Radio Skive 15/04  - Din Radio 16/04  - Radio Alfa and Radio Diablo NORWAY 15/04 - NRK P1 Nitimen , NRK P1 Østlandssendingen and  NRK P1 Kveldsåpent 16/04 - God Morgen Norge  (tv performances) and Radio Norge FINLAND 17/04 -   YLE Radio X3M , YLE Radio Vega (airs on Monday 4 May), NRJ Finland , The Voice This page is constantly being updated. Interviews will go on for the whole week.

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Go'kväll on April 10

Darin was the guest on the Swedish tv program Go'kväll  today April 10th where he performed  "Ta mig tillbaka"  and "You're Out Of My Life" . Watch the performances right below.

Darin live at What's Up Allihop on April 9

Darin appeared on the Swedish talk show  "What's Up Allihop" on April 9. During the show, fans had the possibility to send their questions to Darin. Darin was asked about the release of  "Ta mig tillbaka", saying that despite the single is not available internationally, the album, which is scheduled for release in September, probably will. Besides, as he mentioned before, he's not going to be on tour this summer, while some concerts might take place right after the album release, but nothing is planned yet. They also talked about emojis, and Darin revealed that his favourite one is the panda emoji, which has quickly become viral among Darin's fans on twitter. He also said that he has photographic memory, reason why he remembers the faces of most of the fans that have been at his concerts. Last but not least, if he had to choose an artist or band to make a comeback, he would choose Oasis and The Cardigans, and his favourite artists at the moment are

Darin's interview at P4 Musik: "I'm single, we can say"

Darin was the guest on Sveriges Radio's program "P4 Musik"  on Saturday, April 4th. Here's our translation of the interview. The interview begins with Darin talking about his Swedish songwriting progress and the Atlantis studio. Furthermore, they discuss Ta mig tillbaka and reminisce about his childhood memories. He says that MTV was the biggest thing for him back then, but also that he waited for The Lion King to be released on VHS - so eagerly that he was standing outside the store and waited for it to open. They proceed by talking about his career. Do you have a mentor, someone that helps you in your career? "Yes, I have my team. But I also talk to my friends and family about what they think. I like to ask others for their opinion." Is anyone of them more important than the others? "My parents, both my mom and dad. They are both very musical. For example, if it weren't for my dad, I wouldn't have released my song Nobody Knows as a sin

Darin launches #TaMigTillbaka photo contest

Darin has today launched a photo contest on Instagram. This is what he posted: "This is the happiest photo that I could find of myself as a child. Post your happiest photo with the hashtag  #tamigtillbaka for a chance to win a brand new smartphone from Sony Mobile (Z3 Compact) and 6 months free Spotify Premium! The competition ends Monday 13th of April.  #sonymobile #spotify #tamigtillbaka" The competition involves both Swedish and non-Swedish fans, with an exception for the latter: if the winner lives outside Sweden, Spotify Premium won't count as prize.

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Vardagspuls

Darin was the guest on today's episode of the Swedish show "Vardagspuls" . There he was once again interviewed and performed "Ta mig tillbaka" live. During the interview, "En resa för livet" was mentioned and Darin talked about Angel, the young girl he has been helping since his trip to the Philippines. Darin said that at first it was difficult to help her because she wasn't part of the SOS Children Village, but fortunately that was fixed later and now he can provide for her, allowing her to get the education she needs as well as other things. Darin also talked about Kurdistan, saying that it's very important for him to keep track of what's happening in his parents' native land, especially during this dark period of time. He also mentioned "En kväll för medmänsklighet" , last year's gala in which he and other artists took part to raise money and awareness for the refugees. Watch the full interview and the performanc

Darin's interview at Metropol 93,8

Darin visited the Swedish radio program Metropol 93,8  some days ago. Firstly, they talked about his songwriting process, and about how the hard part of it was not to "change mindset" to Swedish, but rather that songs in Swedish might become cheesy. How did you pick the memories for Ta mig tillbaka? "We brainstormed in the studio. I sat there with Ollie Olsson and David Lindgren Zacharias. One of them had a guitar, and the other sat by the piano, while I was by the computer and wrote the lyrics. We thought 'what did you do in the nineties?' and we came up with those things; I listened to my first album, a lot of Whitney and Michael. 'And what did you do back then?' You played video games, and played in the woods with your friends, knocked on their doors.. " You have a kind of smoother voice in this song. "It's a different pitch. This song is supposed to be very soft. Even though it rises in the chorus, it's only a soft falsetto. I&

Darin's first Nintendo game "Kriget med Rosa" out April 13

Nintendo has announced today the release of the first game inspired by Swedish artist Darin Zanyar during a press conference in Stockholm. This is what Owe Bergsten, CEO of Bergsala AB, the agent and distributor of Nintendo's products in Sweden, stated during the conference: "We are incredibly proud to announce that Darin Zanyar will be the first artist to release a Nintendo 8-bit game in Sweden. The story behind the game comes from one of the most memorable episodes in Zanyar's life such as the fights in the backseat of his parents' car with his sister Rosa, which were also quoted in the lyrics of his latest single "Ta mig tillbaka", part of the soundtrack of the game." The game will be called "Kriget med Rosa" (The War with Rosa) and will be released exclusively in Sweden on April 13th. A version available for PlayStation consoles will follow. Nintendo has also revealed the soundtrack of the game which will include: - Everything But

Darin on TV4 Nyheterna

Darin appeared on tonight's TV4 Nyheterna to show the recording process of two new songs which will be included in his new album out in September. One of them is probably called "Lagom" . During the interview, they talked about Darin's new music and style, his perfectionism and the themes that will be treated in the album which are mostly his childhood and love trouble. The reporter also said that the sound of the album is "as far from commercial pop music as you can get with a strings orchestra of 30 people that gives life to the new swedish songs". Watch the clip right below:

Darin's interview at Gomorron Sverige: new music, international breakthough and Tidal

Darin has been the guest on this morning's episode of Gomorron Sverige . During the interview, Darin talked about the change in his music style (of course) and also mentioned, among other things, that even if wants to focus on his Swedish album for the moment, it doesn't mean that he stopped aiming to break internationally. In fact, Exit might still get a release in other countries. Darin also gave his opinion on the Tidal "phenomenon" which has hit the web during the latest days, saying that he'd rather have all music on the same platform than to use different apps for different artists. Besides, he was shown some of his old music videos and he commented that those were "great memories" . Watch the full interview right below.