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NRJ live sessions - Finland

On April 24th Darin flew straight to Helsinki to promote his new album Exit. There, he had a little concert for NRJ Finland and finally they have uploaded it on Youtube! He performed six songs during the session but, as some fans politely pointed out, just four of them are shown in the video: Breathing Your LoveF Your LoveCheck You OutPlaying With Fire. Step Up and Same Old Song have been left out.
Just so you know, it's not the first time that Darin takes part in a NRJ event in Finland. In 2006 he performed "Step Up" at the NRJ Radio Awards (where he won the Best Nordic Song award for the song he performed on stage) and he also appeared at NRJ In The Park where he sang a song called "Explain" together with the singer Jonna.

Enjoy last week's gig right below!

Go'kväll - Darin: "The weather is something that affects me"

Two days ago, Darin was a guest in the evening program Go'kväll where he performed two songs from Exit: his new single Check You Out and the powerful Surrender. He also had a conversation with the people around the table, so here it comes translated into english.

Welcome, Darin!
- Thank you very much!

It's your premiere at Go'kväll.
- Yes, it's my first time.

I was almost sure that you had been here once before, but you haven't. It's nice to have you here, finally!
- Thank you, yeah, finally I'm here.

Darin, what do you like the least about yourself?
- Ehm.. I'm very very tired in the mornings. I'm not a morning person. So it's hard for me to wake up early in the morning.

Check You Out (John De Sohn Remix)

As announced by Darin some weeks ago, the third single from Exit is Check You Out.
The song is a dance pop tune which speaks about a boy trying to pick a girl up, but he ends up saying stupid things only. Its sound is fresh and perfect for this upcoming summer.
Apart from the album version, which can be purchased from the iTunes Store right here, a remixed version of the song by John de Sohn was released both on iTunes and on Spotify, along with a bonus extended version of the original song. Besides, the single remix features in Tiesto's new album session, Club Life 320.

Sverigetopplistan update - April 18th 2013

This week on the Swedish official album chart, Exit hasn't gone up, nor down. It didn't move from last week's position: number 26.
En Apa Som Liknar Dig left the singles chart, after spending 23 weeks in it.
So far, the album has spent eleven weeks in the chart and this hadn't happened since Darin released his self-titled album in 2005. None of the following three albums charted more than 10 weeks.  What we're waiting for now? That Exit gets a platinum certification.

Expressen - Nunstedt: "Darin has got big"

If anyone happened to miss it: Darin has gotten big. He has a big voice, a big success and a big band behind him. But the biggest thing is still his talent.

Cirkus is completely full and Darin isn't that stupid not to realize the reason why it is. After nicely starting the show with Surrender, behind his electric piano, he jumps up and sings Pugh's Stockholm. He has Magnus Uggla as a guest in Astrologen and lets En Apa Som Liknar Dig be the first encore.
This tour can become one of the summer's biggest, and that's partly because of Darin's successful participation in "Så Mycket Bättre". Darin'ss ardor and technical skills made him one of the country's best cover singers a long time ago, and he has just gotten better (on the other hand Viva La Vida feels worn out, but that's just a parenthesis).
Backed up with a huge band - eleven musicians, two choir singers - it all sounds more powerful than before.

#DarinTour2013 premiere in Stockholm

Darin's long-awaited tour started yesterday at Cirkus, in Stockholm. The arena was so full of people, and most of them weren't expecting to watch such an amazing show.

The stage was something that we hadn't seen since the Pure Desire Tour and the colorful lights made everything even more magical. But what was really unexpected was the set list: twenty songs ranging from Darin's biggest hits to some of his best songs that are probably not very known.

1. Surrender
2. Stockholm
3. Step Up
4. Runaway
5. Same Old Song
6. Playing With Fire
7. Viva La Vida
8. Flashback
9. Astrologen (with Magnus Uggla)
10. Strobelight
11. I'll Be Alright/12. Why Does It Rain/13. Who's That Girl
14. Check You Out
15. You're Out Of My Life
16. Money For Nothing
17. Want Ya!
18. Lovekiller
19. En apa som liknar dig
20. Nobody Knows

You can take a look to our photos from the show on Facebook and watch Darin's video of the best moments from the show right below.

Next stop: Göteborg - TONIGHT… "Darin listens to Darin"

When I met Darin last week, he wasn't just reading a magazine about himself on the cover.

He listened to very loud music. Here comes some blog exclusive material: Darin's playlist!

Note that Darin is listening to Darin.

Aftonbladet - Darin: "People don't believe it's me"

Darin is so famous that his fans doubt.

He has just released a new album and will soon go on tour. But Darin has became so famous that his fans doubt on his identity.
They come up to me and say that I look like Darin, he says.

From "Idol" to "Så Mycket Bättre". Darin is the man on everybody's lips. But Darin tells Nöjesbladet that people doubt that he is Darin.

Sverigetopplistan update - April 12th 2013

This week on the Swedish official album/singles chart:
Exit dropped from position number 13 to position number 26.
En Apa Som Liknar Dig went down to the second to last position of the top 60, so this might be the last charting week for the song.

P4 Göteborg: "Check You Out" is the new single

This is the second radio interview that Darin gave during his stay in Göteborg. It's for P4 and it's here that he reveals what the next single from Exit is. Check it out right below!

It's great to have you here, Darin!
- It's great to be here! It's sunny and nice over here.

How are you doing?
- I'm doing great. I'm planning the tour right now, so I'm just about to start rehearsing with my band. Yesterday we rehearsed the choirs and the musical parts. And now we have finished the stage, the lights and the songs we're gonna play, the order of them and so on. It's gonna be awesome to start rehearsing!

Sverigetopplistan update - April 5th 2013

This week in the Swedish official chart, Exit has finally climbed from position number 18 to number 13. En Apa Som Liknar Dig is the only song by Darin in the chart, stable at position number 46 for the second consecutive week.

STIM Magazine - In the studio: Darin Zanyar

There was one boy who said that when he listens to Nobody Knows, it feels as if he scored in the World Cup. Do you think about how your songs will influence people when you write them?
- That's exactly what I want to bring out in my music, to convey a feeling that the song is about. That's the whole point of music, to share. When you manage to convey that feeling, then you have done it right.

But that particular song, Nobody Knows, Darin wasn't at all satisfied with when he had written it. Although the songwriter partner Tony Nilsson realized the song's potential, Darin hesitated. But with every listening, it grew and after having been written about something, it was good enough to be the first single on the new album "Exit".
- When we finally released Nobody Knows, It had turned for me, then I liked a lot! Then it didn't worked out right away, it took six months before it started playing on the radio and reached number one. But lucky it was good that I didn…

Darin at Mix Megapol Göteborg

This week Darin went to Göteborg to make some radio promotion. Here comes the interview he gave to Mix Megapol.

Are you with us in Stockholm, Darin?
Yes, hello! How are you?

We're fine thanks, how are you?
- I'm fine thank you!

Did you have a good easter?
- Yes. I've slept for like 3 days.

Wow! Why?
- I hadn't been free for a long time, so I was like "now I’m just gonna go home and sleep!"