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Aftonblader: "Darin trashed his new album"

Darin starts over again - with super producers in the United States: nothing has to be taken for granted.

Pop artist Darin, 25, was nearly done with his sixth record when he chose to scrap it. In order to make a fresh effort, he went to the U.S. on a "songwriting" tour.
- I do not want to release anything if it doesn't feel 100 percent good, says the artist.
Darin Zanyar's upcoming album is probably his most expensive so far.He approached the finish line, but decided to start over after scratching out. Now he is in the United States working with super producers and songwriters in order to take his music to an higher level.
- I couldn't let go something that was not 110 percent good. It must feel awesome, he says.
Darin says, however, that he felt bad over the fact that the album didn't measure up. Purposefully and with strong traits of perfectionism, he goes on.
- As for music, I am a perfectionist. It must rock. Now the international market is important for me. I …

Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 1 and "Stockholm"

Yesterday Så Mycket Bättre premiered on the swedish channel TV4. Darin was the highlight of the evening, his performance was the best one. He was also trending on Twitter!
The program started with the arrival in Gotland and the meeting of the seven artists. Sylvia, one of the partecipants, when arrived at the hotel, saw Darin and mistook him for the porter. She asked him to carry her bags upstairs and Darin was so kind to help her. The contestants got to know each other by doing some activities during the day, that actually was Pugh Rogefeldt's day. The first one was a group activity about searching for some particular kind of flowers in the wood. Then they continued with the creation of some iron objects. They played ping-pong too. Pugh showed a clip of his son dancing and asked Darin to talk with him at the phone as a surprise to him, since he is a fan of Darin. Later on, they ate both lunch and dinner together. Pugh, the protagonist of the episode, stood at the centre. He watche…

Så Mycket Bättre: The arrival and first look at the performances

Fourth trailer of the third season of the music program "Så Mycket Bättre" was released on TV4 website today, together with a sneak peek of what the day of the arrival in Gotland, the place in which the show was recorded, looked like. The tv program premieres in two days, and here you can watch a little bit of some of the Darin's performances we're going to see during the program. 
Get ready for new music from Darin coming every week till December!

Maja reveals flirt with Darin: "He's one of the most handsome boys"

A special relationship developed on the set of "Så mycket bättre" and The Sounds, Maja fell for Darin Zanyar. 
- It was a big flirt, she tells Nyheter24.
This year's "Så mycket bättre" partecipants Maja Ivarsson, 33, and Darin Zanyar, 25, got on well quickly during the recordings, and soon they started to flirt.
- It was a big flirt, at least on my part. I'm a bit sad that he's not here today, but we have kept in touch. We have texted each other quite often, she says to Nyheter24.
It took no more than a few minutes before they got along.
- We have the same sense of humor, we could laugh all the time, both equally nervous , I looked up at him because he started very young, and I wasn't so much older when I got my breakthrough. So we've had a common journey.
- Then you shouldn't hide the fact that he is one of Sweden's most beautiful men, he's very handsome. When I met him, I got butterflies in my stomach and thought 'shit, he's s…

Darin on this year's "Så Mycket Bättre"

It shows how much fun we had!
It has been a great feeling.
It was like a sprawling gang from Gotland ruled last summer. The youngest was Darin Zanyar there.
- It was obvious that it would have worked, although I wasn't so sure I would dare, he explains.
The 17-year-old Darin broke through Idol in 2004 and since then, he has released five albums.
Few years ago, Fokus named him one of the people who have made the 00s.
The week in Gotland was busy, with a lot of activities to do and little time to sleep.
- There was a nice atmosphere between the artists and I clicked with most of them, especially with Maja Ivarsson. We have kind of the same humor and she's a little crazy.
Darin's strongest memory is the one of his own day.
- I thought I had done similar things in Idol, but that was something completely different. It has been amazing to sit and listen to those great artists singing my songs. It's been very big.

I have chosen the greatest hits
Ten intensive days in the gotlandic summe…

New trailer of "Så Mycket Bättre"

First episode of the third season of Så Mycket Bättre, the music show Darin took part in, is being broadcast this Saturday on TV4. Each episode will be devoted to one of the seven singers, for a total of 8 episodes, finale included. The show is not available to stream outside Sweden, so we will search some videos of the performances on Youtube. In two months, once the show has ended, a compilation album with all the songs performed by each artist is going to be released.
Here's the second trailer of the show airing on the swedish channel since last week.

EDIT: Third trailer (recorded with a camera) now available to see on Youtube.

Source: Darin_Gloria

Darin meets a fan in L.A.: Christian Medina

We all know Darin has been in L.A. during these days to work on his upcoming album. That was a great chance for some of his american fans to meet him in the streets or even in the lobby of the hotel he's staying in. Here's the experience of Christian Medina, a boy who's got a lot of patience and love for our Idol. 

Hey guys, here is the little story of my experience meeting Darin!

I knew Darin was in town for a few days, I wasn’t sure for how long or where exactly I could find him. So I went on twitter to ask him if 
there was a possibility I could meet him while he was here and I came across someone else who was also a fan of his and it turned out that she had met him that same day. I immediately jumped at the opportunity of meeting him after learning where he was staying. 
The next day after school, I went to his hotel and waited in the lobby for about 3 hours reading a book until I finally I spotted him. 
I approached him and said “Hi, my name’s Christian” We shook hands and…

Darin to take part in Så Mycket Bättre 2012

Darin Zanyar has turned from being runner-up in Idol 2004 into being number one in the charts.

Name: Darin Zanyar. Age: 25 years. Born: Stockholm. First record: The Anthem was published in 2005. Most famous songs:Money For NothingStep Up and You're Out of My Life.

Darin broke with a bang through his participation in Idol 2004. Admittedly, he was "only" second in the competition, but his career has nothing to be ashamed of. Darin, who has written his own songs since age 14, dropped out of music school to take the pop world by storm, and the very first album, The Anthem, went gold and delivered a number one hit in the form of a single: Money for Nothing.

Darin has released five studio albums so far and all of them but one have topped the album charts and sold gold. In addition to a whole bunch of chart-topping singles, Darin also boasts a fourth place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 selection, and the honor of writing a special song for Crown Princess Victoria's wed…

Darin's interview for "Cosmopolitan"

For Cosmo, tells Så mycket bättre current artist why he is so difficult to get to know, the wild nights in Berlin and longing to meet someone.

"I am quite comfortable to live with"
What was it like to live with other artists for ten days?I was really nervous before, especially the morning when we were going to the airport. I thought, "What have I gotten myself into? Shit!”. Just the music part felt cool, it was more that we would just hang together many days that were nervously.
How are you (as a person) to live with? I think I am quite comfortable. I'm a pretty positive person that doesn't try to make little things, large. You seem to have a high integrity, it has been a tactic? No, not really. Therefore it is fun with this program – in order to hopefully get to know me more. Can people get to know you by your lyrics in your music? Yes, it comes from the heart. Its own experiences, from getting your heart broken to the contrary. I've been through all that... Long…

Darin's interview for "Vällingby Independent"

Eight years ago he was Darin Zanyar from Råcksta the breakthrough in Idol, he was simply Darin with the entire Swedish people. Independent meets a singer who took control of his career.

As a kid, Darin Zanyar wanted to become an astronaut but instead of traveling to the stars, he became one. On the road disappeared after the name, at least in this context, and now he's just Darin. Independent hits a singer from Råcksta who placed Sweden, and perhaps soon the world at his feet.

"I think the audience can see which artists are passionate about what they do. And I'm passionate”
A few Idol participants have succeeded in creating a sustainable career in the tough music industry. Who remembers, for example, who won the competition in 2004? Hardly anyone can the answer, but that year's runner-up was immediately a name on everyone's lips.

- Yes, it went pretty quickly there (laughs). From being completely unknown to being unable to take the subway. But the fact is that I alre…