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En Resa För Livet - Darin as ambassador of SOS-Barnbyar

This weekend four ambassadors of SOS Barnbyar - Darin Zanyar , Eagle-Eye Cherry, Sophie Zelmani and Uno Svenningsson - will go to Manila in the Philippines. During two weeks they will follow the work of SOS Barnbyar in one of the world's most poor areas. The artists will also write one song each as the series pass by, and perform it there before they go back home. Their songs are going to be inspired by their experiences from the journey, and the tough reality of the children they'll meet. "En resa för livet" (A journey for life) is a music-influenced documentary where the viewers get to follow four dedicated songwriters and artists on the journey of their life to the Philippines' capital Manila. Far away from the travel agencies' beautiful cover photos, they will meet children who live in very rough environments, while they also follow SOS Barnbyar's work to give those children hope for a future. During the journey the artists will visit an SOS B

Världens Barn Galan: Darin performs "Check You Out"

The trip to Tanzania wasn't just a vacation for Darin. On October 11th, Darin will appear and perfom in the 15th edition of the  Världens Barn Galan , a charity gala where celebrities show their support and the things they have done to help children in need all over the world. The show is divided in two parts, the first starting at 18:15 CEST and the second starting at 20:00 CEST on SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster. Darin will perform in the second part of the program. However, you will be able to watch the show live right here ! EDIT: Here's the video of Darin's perfomance of Check You Out . Enjoy!

Darin live at "Moraeus med Mera"

On October 6th, Darin will appear in the show Moraeus med mera . The show was recorded in June, but it will air on SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, this sunday. During the show, Darin will perform and interact with the host Kalle, as well as with the other artists. EDIT: After being said that he has "Worldwide Artist" written on his head by the host of the show, Darin performed not one, not two, but three songs! Enjoy the performances of Surrender , Check You Ou t and Nobody Knows.