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"Nobody Knows" project

Here is our "Nobody Knows" Project! Sorry ,a lot for the delays, and thank you so much for your support and help, without you, we couldn't make this possible! And, by the way, Darin saw the video and he likes it, this means that our effort really paid off  :D

Darin live at "Allsång På Skansen"

SVT (Swedish Television) has today announced the artist line-up for Allsång På Skansen, a swedish tv show in which Darin will perform on July 31st. This is not the first time that our artist takes part in the music show, in fact he performed 'Lovekiller' there two years ago and that led the single to go up in the iTunes chart, reaching the no. 1 position.

Photos from "Så Mycket Bättre"


Aftonbladet and Expressen about "Så Mycket Bättre"

Yesterday Darin arrived to Gotland where he has to stay in a house for 8 days, as required for all participants in Så Mycket Bättre (So Much Better).The program got positive feedback over the past editions, but this time it doesn't seem to be the same. In fact, Aftonbladet changed its name to 'So Much Worse', because the contestants are apparently having lots of fights. Actually, we're not very confident about that, since to Darin it was like 'his first day at school', said Expressen. Moreover, he has already made friends with Linda "Miss Li" Carlsson, 29.  - We have already told our life stories to each other. We will have nothing to talk about later in the program, she said laughing.
At the moment Så Mycket Bättre has not started yet and it won't broadcast until this fall. Therefore giving opinions about it now sounds pretty premature. However, despite the bad rumors, we're sure that Darin will prove his talent and take the program to an eve…

Darin's interview on "Frida" - 23 February 2012

Angel and devil met Darin who revealed them how to handle the rumor about his homosexuality, why his last romantic relationship ended and we learn that he plays his own songs at festivals with pleasure.(From Sanna Eriksson, Jessica Lagergren)

Darin Zanyar has reserved a hotel room for a day, to string together several interviews. While it's hard to talk for hours about himself to journalists hungry for new titles, the singer was in high spirits when an angel and a demon approached him to complete the talks of the day.

'Oh, you are truly an angel and a demon.I did not know it was so serious', says Darin.

We are always serious. What is the most angelic thing you've ever done?
Darin: I attended a charity campaign. I went to Ghana, Africa, for TV4 (Swedish TV channel), I raised money and I sponsored a child. I really want to participate in more charity in the future.

Demon: What is the most evil thing you've ever done so?
Darin:That's when I'm angry with som…

"Nobody Knows" out in Finland on June 11

Some exciting news from Finland! The single 'Nobody Knows' is now set for a finnish release on June 11th!

It's not the first time that Darin releases music in Finland, not to forget the huge success of Step Up that reached position no. 9 in the official chart, as well as Who's That Girl (no. 20), Want Ya! (no. 8), Perfect (no. 4) and Breathing Your Love (no. 13).
However, as already mentioned in the previous post, this time Darin has signed with a brand new record company which is Warner Music Finland. What shall we expect from them? First of all a good promotion in order to make the single enter the charts. Then, they're actually planning to release more stuff later this year. Might this be the first step for a f*cking recognition?
Perhaps the next stop is the UK.

Darin signs to Warner Music Finland

While he was in Helsinki, Darin signed a deal with the record company Warner Music Finland, so we suppose he is going to release his brand new EP there too. Is this the reason why we are waiting so much for the album to come out? Let's go back in time:
- February 2012: Darin announces he will release two mini-albums ‒ the first one on April 4th, the second one in August.
- March 2012: The release date is postponed to April 14th.
- April 2012: Darin reveals that he still can't find a good dj to mix his songs up, so the album release is pushed to May.
- May 2012: We still have no news about the EPs.
We actually have no idea about what's going on, all that we know at the moment is that the EP is surely coming before summer and that it will be worth the wait.
News coming soon? We hope so.

Happy 25th birthday Darin!

Darin finally turns 25 today. We want to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for being such an important piece of our lives. Hope he's having a great time in Berlin!

As for the gift, it will be given to him as soon as he comes back home.
You will be able to watch a sneak peek of the video tomorrow. The final video will be uploaded on Youtube next Tuesday, to make sure that Darin will see it only once he's in Sweden.
We're quite sure you will like it!

Nominate Darin at Rockbjörnen

Do you want Darin to win a Rockbjörn Award this year? 
All you have to do is to write Darin in the space for Årets Manlinga Liveartist (Best Male Live Artist) and Nobody Knows in the one for Årets Svenska Låt (Best Swedish Song).

You can do it HERE.