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Making of "Dream Away" by Darin and Eagle-Eye Cherry

During the recording of En resa för livet, Darin wrote the song "Dream Away" with Eagle Eye Cherry for all the children they met in Manila. In the video below we get to see how the song was made. It's clear that the two artists get along well. Darin thinks that Eagle-Eye is a nice person with great energy, and Eagle-Eye says that it was very fun to work with someone who's such a talented singer as Darin is. You can buy the song on iTunes (+ support SOS Children's Villages at the same time!) or stream it on Spotify . 

En Resa För Livet - Episode 2

Finally ”En resa för livet” is back with a new, emotional episode.  As we saw in the preview, Darin visits the slum area Baseco where two of the girls he met at the Children’s Village lived before. There he meets their former neighbor who tells him about what the girls’ future would look like if it wasn’t for SOS Children’s Villages. The most common problem in that neighborhood was drugs and murder, and it doesn’t take long until he realizes that those children wouldn’t have a future if they hadn’t gotten help from SOS. ”They’re strong since they want to move on, but I think that their background and what they’ve gone through have made them even stronger” The second half of the episode is dramatic for Sophie and Eagle-Eye, while Darin and Uno stays in the village to sing with the children. It starts with Darin asking Angeline, a girl who loves singing, to join him and sing his song ”Be what you wanna be” since he thought that song would suit the children of t

Preview of "En Resa För Livet" episode 2

Unfortunately, the second episode of "En resa för livet" is postponed until next week. But don't worry, we've got a preview of what's going to happen! We get to follow Darin to Baseco, one of the worst slum areas in Manila. The two girls Mia and Rhea, whom he talked to during the first episode, lived there before they got to the SOS Children's Village. During their conversation earlier it was clear that the girls didn't want to talk about their past, and Darin finds out the reason why in the first preview. In the second clip we get to see Darin and Uno singing with Angeline, an 11 year old girl from the SOS Village that he visits during the journey. He teaches her his own song "Be What You Wanna Be", which he wants to sing with her and the other children, since the lyrics suit them and inspire them to follow their dreams. Push play and enjoy! - "What I most want people to feel while listening is hope"

FIVE QUESTIONS FOR DARIN ZANYAR Before the premiere of ”En resa för livet” SOS Barnbyar (SOS Children's Villages in Sweden) asked Darin five questions. He tells us about his feelings, experiences and why he chose to go to the Philippines with SOS Children’s Villages. Why did you choose to go on this trip? For a long while I’ve wanted to spend more time doing something similar to this. When I got the request it felt obvious to say yes, since it fit well into my schedule and another good thing was that I’d be able to combine it with what I know best - music.  What was it like, visiting the SOS Children’s Village and the areas around Manila? It was shocking to see that much poverty and misery, but also nice to see the children in the villages, their lives are better now and they are well taken care of. In what way did this journey affect you? I appreciate things more than before, it puts things in perspective. Like gadgets, and small things you turn into something un

Darin @ "Vakna med NRJ" radio show, Jan 15th

When Darin visited the Swedish radio show ”Vakna med NRJ” for an interview recently, he first talked about ”En resa för livet”. He described his experiences at the earlier mentioned Smokey Mountain and said that all the impressions there made him want to take a break from the recording for a moment. This journey was nothing like his other trips to similar countries. He also mentioned, in contrast, the happiness in the SOS Children’s Village, followed by explanation of how the children can be helped and have a better life, living in one of those villages. The answer is that more people become sponsors at SOS Children's Villages. He also said that he was going to Los Angeles again, departing on the same day as the interview (January 15th). Once again he’s going there to write songs. He wasn’t sure about if he’ll write for himself or for others.  Watch the part of the interview when he's talking about "En resa för livet", or listen to the full interview below (all

Darin performs "Dream Away" @ Nyhetssmorgon + interview

This morning Darin performed the special written song ”Dream Away” with Eagle-Eye Cherry in Swedish television, at Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. The thought behind writing the song for the documentary "En resa för livet" was that the artists should write about their experiences in Manila, which Darin thought had been heavy. But the good thing was to be in the SOS Village seeing that the children gets help, like the love and education they need. He wanted to put that, some hope, into the song to. Watch the beautiful performance below. Darin was also interviewed about his experiences in the Philippines. In the following clip we get to see a small sneak peek from the premiere of "En resa för livet", followed by the interview. In the clip Darin visits a place called Smokey Mountain where people live at a garbage dump, and he get to meet some of the people living there. Darin explains that it’s a whole different thing seeing all that misery in real life compared to see - Darin: "It doesn't take much to change a child's life"

Darin with the other artists in "En resa för livet". Uno Svenningsson, Sofie Zelmani and Eagle-Eye Cherry. Today, a few months afterwards, Darin Zanyar is still remarkably moved by his journey with SOS Children's Villages. Now when he's about to appear in a tv-show and also created a special written song in the matter, he want to inspire others to also become sponsors. "One can change a child's life so easily" says Darin.  Darin himself has been a sponsor since he was 17 years old. He's been part of charity projects similar to this before, but not as big as the one he's doing now with SOS Children's Villages. "I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. I've wanted to put even more effort in to this cause. To travel there and see it with my own eyes. I got the request from SOS Children's Villages at a good time, I didn't have any plans for other projects by then. So I said yes, of course I had to do i

Eagle-Eye Cherry & Darin: "Dream Away"

"Dream Away" is a song written by Eagle-Eye Cherry and Darin for SOS Barnbyar. It's a charity single, which means that all the revenues from the song will go to poor children in the world. This song was written in Manila, Philippines, one of the world's most poor areas where Darin and three more ambassadors of SOS Barnbyar spent two weeks, and the lyrics are clearly inspired by their experience. It will be also performed in the documentary "En resa för livet" (A journey for life) , airing on TV4 on January 14th. Learn more about En resa för livet here . Buy the song on iTunes (Europe) and stream it on Spotify . It's for Darin, it's for charity.