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"Are you a real Darin fan?" contest winner

Finally, we have the results of Darin Worldwide's first contest. Thanks to all the 51 contestants who took part in the competition, it's been so nice to organise this for you. And of course this is not the first and last contest, we will come up with some more as soon as possible!

So, the winner is..
Nune Nazaryan!
Congratulations, you have won the t-shirt. Let us know where we have to send the shirt by sending us a mail to or a message to our Facebook page.

Now the others can check if they are in the top ten..

..and find out the correct answers to the ten questions:
1. D  2. B  3. B  4. C  5. A  6. D  7. B  8. C  9. A  10. C

Thank you again!
The Darin Worldwide Team - Darin: "Maja and I clicked damn well"

Darin enjoyed the female company during the filming of  'Så mycket bättre'.
When Darin Zanyar, 25, earlier this year was asked to participate in the new season of the hit program 'Så mycket bättre' he didn't have to think a lot.

- When I was told who would be with, I felt: damn right awesome! There were so many artists, and I felt it would be a blast to get to redo their songs, says Darin at a press conference for the autumn program on TV4.

Although the rumor of hectic recording schedule, and drama behind the scenes, Darin reveals that he got along very well with the other participants - especially some.

- It was a nice atmosphere and I clicked with most of the guests. I was involved with Maja. We clicked damn well. We have the same type of humor, she's a little crazy and have a lot of energy, he reveals with a smile.

The singer also tells that he has kept in touch with several of the other artists.

- I have met some after recordings. Linda, Maja and I have been…

Aftonbladet: "Darin at Sommarkrysset with a super laser show"

In the evening, the pilots usually stay away from Gröna Lund. Then ask Darin on stage in "Sommarkrysset" - with his super laser.
- If the direction changes,  it can hit them in the eyes, simply says Christer Andersson at TV4.
Yesterday, TV4 through his lightning booking - in tonight's "Sommarkrysset" brought Darin Zanyar , 25, on the Main Stage of Gröna Lund.
- They called two days ago and asked, so it was a bit spontaneous, he says.
It has taken timeAnd it will not be saved on the show's gunpowder. For his laser show he has demanded permission to both the Radiation Safety and Transport Agency.- This is why it has taken time to get to this reservation. It is a great device for the use of such laser lights outdoors, if targeted incorrectly they can hit pilots in the eyes simply said TV4's executive producer Christer Andersson .
New intro of the showIn addition, Darin made a special new intro to the show in the program.
- If I do something, I do it fully. I do …

Darin live at Sommarkrysset 2012

Unexpectedly, Darin has today announced that he will perform in Sommarkrysset this saturday. Sommarkrysset is a summer show and a tv program which every year takes place in Gröna Lund, a big swedish funfair. The show will start at 20:00 CEST and hopefully you will be able to see ithere.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Darin's last appearance in the show two years ago; this perfomance of Microphone made it enter the swedish charts despite not being an official single.

Rix FM Festival Göteborg

Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Hanna Fransson. Photo by Elin Dymling. Photo by Elin Dymling. Photo by Elin Dymling. h

Contest: Are you a real Darin fan?

Have you always wanted to wear a t-shirt with Darin's face on it, but you never had the chance to get it? Well, this time you may be able to by taking part in our contest to win a fabulous blue shirt like the one Darin wore during his tour in 2005!
Here are all the details you need to know about the contest: it will start on August 20th and it will last ten days;you don't need to subscribe, you can take part in the competition whenever you want until August 30th at 12 PM CEST;you will have to answer ten question about Darin's music and career, asked day by day on our Facebook page. Each question will award you a different amount of points for a total of 25 points, so not all the questions are worth the same points;the winner will be announced on August 30th and the shirt will be sent to him/her as soon as possible;correct answers to the ten questions will be published in the days following the end of the contest, together with a chart with position and obtained points of ea…

"Nobody Knows" peaks DigiListan

Six months later after its release, Nobody Knows finally reached position number 1 in the Swedish download chart called DigiListan. It was so unexpected, since it didn't manage to enter Sverigetopplistan.
Anyway, we're glad to say that you guys made it, so thank you #DarinFamily!

Team Darin on Facebook:
"Darin is #1 on the Swedish digital chart this week!"

Darin live at "Kalmar Stadfest"

Photo by Annie Svensson.

Darin to release French version of "Nobody Knows"

Vive la France!
Today we got the news from Ludovic Faroult, Darin's manager in France, that a French version of Nobody Knows is going to be released for the french market. This is what he wrote on his facebook page: "I've just received the french version of Nobody Knows by my artist Darin which is going to be released in France in the following months.. it will rock!" We can't wait to hear Darin's french accent, and you?

"Qu'est ce que l'amour? Dis-moi qu'est ce que l'amour?"
However, this is not the only thing about Nobody Knows that broke the news today. In fact, it's going to be played on a Turkish radio station called Virgin Radio Turkiye. It's time to spread the word about Darin's music all over the world!

"Nobody Knows" back in the iTunes chart

Thanks to Darin's perfomance at Allsång på Skansen, Nobody Knows is currently charting at number 1 in the Swedish iTunes Rock Chart! 
What about the other ones? Well, it's now in the TOP 10 both in the general and Pop charts!
Moreover, songs like You're Out Of My Life, Viva La Vida and Breathing Your Love re-entered the Pop Chart. THAT'S THE POWER OF THE DARIN FAMILY!