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Goodbye 2012

2012 is coming to the end and it goes without saying that it's been such a great year, the best for us so far.
As bloggers, as well as fans of Darin, we want to thank all the people who took part in our projects and contests this year. We appreciate a lot your help, it's also thanks to you that we get to be so updated.
A big family was born this year, or maybe it was already there, but it got stronger and wider.
2013 is going to be amazing from the start, with lots of news and surprises. We will be there for you, for us.
Happy new year DarinFamily!

The Darin Worldwide Team

QX: "Everybody loves Darin"

To appoint Darin to this year's September/Laleh candidate is almost an understatement. And the question is whether or not the young pop guy from Vällingby trumps both them and everyone else who has ever been in Så Mycket Bättre? It has never happened that a participant had so many people to sit and wait just for the interpretations of others' songs. Darin casts hit after hit of old beads and has dominated the iTunes chart for the last seven weeks.
-   I didn't think I wanted to make "hits", more that I wanted to do them my way. So I went into the songs and broke down as I would have done if they were my songs.

Darin was satisfied with the interpretations he had done, but had not imagined that they would become so popular.
-  I have done them in my own style fully and done what I wanted with them. Especially with En Apa Som Liknar Dig. I was a little unsure at the beginning if I would make it so house and about what would Olle Ljungström say, he laughs.

"Tolkningarna" EP on sale on January 1st

Before the album, Darin has decided to begin the new year with another release. It's nothing new though, it's just an EP collecting all of his songs from Så Mycket Bättre.

The EP is called Tolkningarna and is available to pre-order on iTunes Sweden. It will be officially out on January 1st, 2013. Here comes the cover art and the tracklist.

01. En apa som liknar dig 02. I Can't Get You Off My Mind 03. Stockholm 04. Seven Days A Week 05. Astrologen 06. Magdalena (Livet före doden)

Aftonbladet: "Darin went to France"

He was shopping in the suburbs, but went to France - without telling anyone.
- I just felt like: "Damn, now I go", says Darin Zanyar in tonight's Tack För Musiken.

In tonight's Tack För Musiken, on SVT, Darin Zanyar, 25, talks about his fear of flying - and how much he loves travelling by car instead.
The love for the road took him on a spontaneous trip when he was 19, when he would shop in a grocery's in the suburbs.
Darin lived in Kungsholmen at that time, in Stockholm - and had just bought a GPS.
- Then I just felt: "Damn, now I go away somewhere". So I typed the name of a town in southern France, and just drove all the way down, he tells the TV host Niklas Strömstedt.

"I bought everything on the road"
The spontaneous decision left no time to pack. Not even toothpaste he brought.

"Tack För Musiken" previews

Tack För Musiken is airing in a couple of hours on SVT, the Swedish national television. But before that, we want to delight you with some previews of what you'll see tonight.

The funniest moment of the show comes when Niklas, the host of the show, gives a four-kilo sack of potatoes to Darin. Why? Actually, that is the amount of weight Darin lost when he took part in Melodifestivalen, in 2010.
Darin also shows Niklas, and of course the audience, how he usually writes songs. Generally, he starts with melody and right after he jots down some lyrics, the ones that fit the sound the best.

All in all, he sings three of his own songs: Money For Nothing, Why Does It Rain and Lovekiller. However, he also sings some parts of others songs like Apologize, which he played on the piano, and then, when Niklas asks him what is his favourite song in Swedish language, he starts singing Sista Morgonen, which is one of Niklas' songs. So they start singing together. The rest.. you will see tonigh…

"Exit" - new song snippets

Yesterday, Darin made his appearance again on TV4.
It was on a program called Min Stora Galan, a charity event for children where music is played live.

Darin appeared on the screens. The clip was from the time he was in the United States recording music for the new album, so not only did he show his support, but also what he was working on. In the video below, you can hear two little snippets of two new songs, and they sound very promising!

Så Mycket Bättre: Christmas reunion

On December 25th, this Tuesday, the Chrismas Episode of Så Mycket Bättre aired on TV4.
It was time for a reunion, to meet up, to talk about everything that happened during the 10 crazy days in Gotland. To remember the best moments also by looking at the performances.

Darin arrived to Bromma airport, he was going to meet up with Maja when she had landed. While waiting he decided to buy a gift to Maja, it ended up with a box of chocolate.
When Maja finally walked into the arrival hall and saw Darin, she was so shocked and surprised to see Darin that she bursted into tears. They hugged and just said how happy they were about finally seeing each other again.

Later on Darin arrived together with Maja and Pugh to the place were the dinner would be hold. Magnus and Sylvia were already there, and soon after Darin's arrival Miss Li fetched up.
Saadly, Olle couldn't make it. He called Magnus and said that he was lying in the bed, feeling very bad, but he did send his best regards to all…

Så Mycket Bättre: Extras from Darin's day

Tomorrow there's a special Christmas episode of Så Mycket Bättre airing at 20:00 CET on TV4. But before that, we have translated for you some extra material that was on TV4's website, parts that were cut off from Darin's day.
Unfortunately, the videos were locked, so it was not possible for us to take them, but we're sure that you've never heard most of the things you're going to read right below.

- After Maja's performance, Darin speaks a bit about how he wrote Want Ya. He wrote it together with George Samuelson, who had created a beat that he played for Darin in the studio. When Darin heard it, he started dancing right away. During a vacation in Greece with his family, he sat down and tried to write something more to that beat, but he had a hard time coming up with ideas. However, when he got home and started working on it in the studio, they finished it in one hour. "Darin has found home"

Do you sit front of the TV on Saturday nights?
- I couldn't see the first episodes because I was away, but now on Saturday, I saw it. It feels good, but I think it is a bit hard to watch yourself on television. It's one thing to see yourself singing, but quite another thing when you are just hanging around. Apparently, the others feel the same way, so I'm not alone.

With the others he meant, of course, Olle, Linda, Sylvia, Maja and Pugh - a sprawling gang that was meticulously assembled to make a good tv program.

Did you get along with everybody as it seems?
- Yes indeed. It was a wonderful atmosphere and everyone was themselves. We talked only about things we wanted to talk about, and I hope it's showed that it was relaxed, honestly and fairly sensitive. We actually became like a little family.

Darin nominated at Gaygalan 2013

In February, Darin has performed Nobody Knows live for the first time at Gaygalan, an important event taking place every year in Sweden based on celebrating gay people. During the evening, important people, mostly music artists not only from the gay community, are given awards for something they have done during the past year.

In 2013, Darin might be there again. In fact, he has been nominated in two out of fourteen categories: Best Swedish Song ((with Astrologen) and Best Artist. The TV4's show Så Mycket Bättre has also got a nomination for Best TV Program.
Unfortunately, voting is only open to Swedish people, since it has to be confirmed through text message. If you're Swedish and want to vote, just go here and click on the three photos of Darin. Then follow the next steps.
Can we take Darin to that stage again?

Enterprise Magazine - Darin: "I've got a very varying job"

"I get tired pretty quickly on the things I'm doing, so it's good that I have a very varying job".

It has been over eight years since Darin broke through as an artist. After almost six released albums and great musical success both in Sweden and internationally, he is today an established artist. Despite this, many still have the image of a singing teenager with braces when they hear his name. But as one of the seven participants in the latest edition of the television program "Så Mycket Bättre", this picture certainly updated.

Darin Zanyar (or just Darin as he is known from the Swedish population) has recently come back from a long stay in the US. But considering the jet lag and that it's Monday morning, he looks exceptionally fresh. The perception many have of him as a shy and cautious young man, an image that persists since he was 17-year-old broke through in "Idol", is only partially true. Surely, he was still perceived as a bit wary, but …

Sverigetopplistan update - 21 December 2012

We are back with our weekly charts update!
While Astrologen keeps being on the top of the iTunes chart in Sweden (it's been six weeks actually), the Swedish official singles charts has got only three of the Darin's songs from Så Mycket Bättre this week.

Astologen, which last week got down to position number four, has come back to number 3.
En Apa Som Liknar Dig, instead, kept the same position as last week's: number 5.
The last song still charting is Stockholm, which dropped at position number 34.

Aftonbladet Plus: "Do you ever feel an adult?"

Darin's first hit "Money for Nothing" ousted Kent from the first place in the sales chart.

-  It was the worst thing. My cousins ​​are from Eskilstuna and they said "Shit, people are pretty down on you now", said Darin Zanyar and laughs.

What was it like to break though overnight? 
-  It was crazy. Suddenly, I could not take the subway and walk around as usual. People recognized me. I usually started laughing when it happened because I thought it was so strange. Even today, when it happens and people act in a special way I laugh, I can't control myself.

I met Darin in a conference room at his record company Universal. He wears a white t-shirt under his green leather jacket, black jeans from Cheap Monday, shoes by Dolce Gabbana and a watch by Sjöö Sandström. Yes, he has a stylist. His necklace dangling three triangles in iron.
-  That's my name in Kurdish. No, I'm joking. I found it in London and thought it was amazing. 

Official "Exit" cover and tracklist revealed

Today was supposed to be the end of the world, but since we apparently survived, we are ready to give you the biggest news of the year.
Bengans, Sweden's most popular record store, has finally released on his official website the cover art and the tracklist of Darin's upcoming album, Exit.

The new album will have 10 tracks, just like Lovekiller, and despite the rumors about Nobody Knows not being included in it, we can now confirm that it will.

01. Playing With Fire 02. Before I Pass Out (feat. Lil John) 03. Surrender 04. What It's Like 05. F Your Love 06. Check You Out 07. Give Me Tonight 08. Same Old Song 09. That Love 10. Nobody Knows
Wondering which song will be the next single and when it is going to be released? Well, hopefully we will know about that soon. The album is out on January 30th, 2013 and you can already pre-order it on CDON and Bengans.

Vote for Darin at the 2013 Scandipop Awards

Like every end of the year, Scandipop, the most famous website about Scandinavian music, has published the nominations to the 2013 Scandipop Awards. Until last year, the categories where not open to readers' vote. This year instead, there's one extra category in which everyone can vote, and it's called the Readers favourite artist of the year.

Actually, Darin has been nominated in three categories: Best Male, Best Male Single (with Nobody Knows) and, of course, Readers favourite artist of the year.

Do you want Darin to win? Well, all you have to do is to sign in/up on Twitter and tweet the following sentence:
I would like to vote for Darin in the 2013 @scandipop awards 

You can cast your votes from now up to January 6th. #DarinFamily, let's show what you can do!

Så Mycket Bättre: The last day

Yesterday the third season of Så Mycket Bättre came to the end. Since it was the 8th and last day for the artists to be together, they celebrated making duets on some famous songs.

It was Magnus Uggla's birthday, so the beginning of the episode was mainly focused on him. The other artists decided to make a strawberry cake for him and had a little surprise party for him.

At lunchtime, the others started singing duets together. During the lunch, Darin told Maja that he didn't expect that they would click as well as they did, and that he was very happy about that. He gave her a flower and told her that he really likes her and that she makes him happy. He also said that it was "a declaration of love" and laughed. This led to that all the other artists gave Maja more flowers, taking them from the table decoration.

Tv Guiden - Darin: "I was going to jump off"

Darin made a short interview for a swedish tv magazine, talking about Så mycket bättre and his feelings on his day.

When I stepped off the plane, I thought "Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?", laughs Darin Zanyar when the TV guide sees him to talk about Så Mycket Bättre.
But despite that dizzy moment there in Gotland, he never hesitated to say yes. The fact that many of the other artists were way older than Darin did not scare him.
Darin's 25 years made him the youngest in the program, but he never minded.
-  There was no focus on age. I never label someone looking at me differently. But yes, it was incredibly awesome, the feeling that "on the scene there are great artists, and they're singing my songs."

During his life, he has mostly hang out with friends who are not musicians, it was rousing to hang with other artists. They understand each other, he says.

Sverigetopplistan update - 14 December 2012

This week in the Swedish official singles chart Darin has not got  four songs anymore.
In fact, I Can't Get You Off My Mind has left the list, while Astrologen and En Apa Som LiknarDig have remained in the top 5.
Stockholm, instead, we can find at position number 25.

Christmas tour 2012 set-list

Tonight and tomorrow Darin will make his two last concerts of the year, in Göteborg.
In the meanwhile, we have finally found someone who took videos of Darin performing on stage. He has sung many songs, including cover songs of worldwide famous singers' such as Lady Gaga and Whitney Huston, but also his own most successful hits.
You will find the list of the songs and a video with preview of every perfomance below.

- Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguilera;
- Step Up;
- You're Out Of My Life;
Viva La Vida;
- Just Dance and Born This Way by Lady Gaga;
- Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi;
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (with Anders Berglund) by Dean Martin;- Nobody Knows;
- I Get So Emotional and I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Huston.

Thanks to Emilia Johansson.

Så Mycket Bättre interview - Darin: "I don't like routines"

A journey from shy Idol contestant to world artist, his time in Germany and his acclaimed career as a songwriter.

HELLO, I’M DARIN. Probably you have a picture of me as a young, shy guy just flown from Idol. That image has for some reasons left  Sweden. It’s quite okay in itself, but probably you will be really surprised when you watch this edition of Så mycket bättre. I was away from the Swedish pop scene for a few years when I toured in Germany, and a lot of things happened during that time. So if you think that it’s a different Darin the one you’re watching in the tv program, you are just right. You can read news and more from me in this digital magazine.

"I love to focus on each new album. It's just fun to try new things." PEOPLE WILL PROBABLY be surprised.Many will probably get to know me anyway. Those who have only seen me as a performer on stage can certainly have a different picture of who I am, says Darin, just come back from Gotland and the recordings of Så mycket…

Så Mycket Bättre: Darin's day

After six weeks perfoming songs from the other contestants, Darin finally had the chance to rest and watch the others interpreting his biggest hits.
Darins dag started with Darin talking, saying that he is not used to living with that many people, but he likes it. He also said that it is his day and feels like it's his birthday. Pugh and Sylvia came to him with breakfast in the morning, a very small breakfast containing an egg cup of coffee and a slice of orange.

Their first activity was to paint a wall of a gas station. Darin said that he wanted to give back to the local population by doing that. While there, they all cooperated and painted on the wall. Darin explained that he wanted them to do a landscape, sort of a meadow but also with buildings and so on. He painted a bird, among other things. Then he said that he has always been into art and drawing things. They ended it all by drinking some champagne.

Back at the house, they recorded a bit in Darin's room, which was very…

Sverigetopplistan update - 08 November 2012

So far, no other songs from Så mycket bättre have entered the chart, apart from the four that were there already. 
This weekAstrologen and En Apa Som Liknar Dighave swapped places. We find them at positions number 2 and 3 respectively.
As for the remaining two songs, Stockholm has lost one more position, going down at number 16, while I Can't Get You Off My Mind got out of the top 40, stopping at position number 42. "Back on top"

Darin Zanyar
Age: 25 years old.
Lives: In Stockholm.
Family: Single.
Does: Artist.
Current: Has his day in "Så mycket bättre" on Saturday, 8 o'clock on TV4. Releases his sixth album "Exit" in the end of January next year and is going on tour in the Nordic countries in April.

Darin Zanyar's interpretations score in "Så mycket bättre". He dominates the iTunes chart with his versions of the other attendants songs. Tomorrow it's his day in the music show.

Will we get to know you more tomorrow?
-  I think so. It got very emotional a while during dinner. I can't reveal too much but I'm not used to being so consigned. I don't usually talk that much about private stuff, my family and go in too deep. I didn't plan to do so, it just felt natural when I sat there.

Your interpretations have all been on iTunes top 10 chart. Now they dominate the charts three highest places. What is it that makes people like your songs?
-  Because I have done them who…

"Exit" release date and Sping Tour revealed

Yesterday Darin revealed the name of his upcoming album in an interview and today, after almost one year having incoming in the "release date" line, CDON finally updated the album page. Exit will be officially out in Sweden on January 30th, 2013.
Plans of releasing the album outside Scandinavia are still unknown, but we will get back at you as soon as we get some info about that.
As already announced, the album will contain around 11-12 songs, but will (probably) not include the two songs he had perfomed live and never released as singles: All Gone and Right To This Point.

But that wasn't the only big news we got today. The other one is that Darin will make a short Spring tour in April, having three concerts in three big cities in Sweden:

- April 17th, 2013 - Cirkus, Stockholm;
- April 18th, 2013 - Trädgårn,Göteborg;
- April 19th, 2013 - KB, Malmö.

Tickets will be available to purchase starting from next Wednesday at 10:00 CET on this site.
Moreover, you can pre-order the … - Darin: "I'm single and living life"

It's been eight years since CHIC'sCaroline Snabb met Darin for the first time. He was a shy guy with his mouth full of metal which had just broken through in "Idol". Today he's a charming and confident businessman with lots of admirers, including Beyoncé.

Name: Darin Zanyar.
Age: 25 years old.
Family: Mom, dad and elder sister.
Lives: in Stockholm.
Current projects: "Så mycket bättre" and a new album in early 2013.

–  It has happened so incredibly much after "Idol". I have seen so much thanks to my job. I have travelled a lot, met tremendous people, launched my music in other countries, and toured Sweden. I have been working with the music the way I dreamt of since I was three or four years old, says Darin.

What would you would have done if you hadn't been involved in music?
–  Then, I would probably be a doctor. I was very involved when I was in school. But my dream has always been to become an artist and songwriter. I never finished high sch…

Darin releases new album "Exit"

Darin's new album is out next month AND he finally revealed its title during an interview out today. It will be named Exit and, according to Darin himself, it will have "cool tunes". Here's the full interview translated into english.

He's the star of the TV4's successful program. Darin's songs from "Så mycket bättre"are dominating the charts. After the New Year, his sixth album comes out, "Exit". Swedish House Mafia, you know the group that filled the new national stadium outside Stockholm three nights in a row? They are number four. On the iTunes charts at one, two and three there's Darin with the interpretations of his colleagues' songs from "Så mycket bättre". In the singles chart, he may have been beaten by the house trio, but it can be comforting that he's at positions number 2, 3, 15 and 39. Darin Zanyar is arguably this year's big star in the successful TV4's program. -  Of course I was very pleased wi…

Darin live at Funkykidz Show

Yesterday it was for Darin the fourth and last gig  Stjärnklart, the Christmas tour, in Stockholm. But he didn't take any breaks from his job. In fact, today he has performed during an event called Funkykidz Show in Kungsbacka, where he sang and danced to three songs for five times: Step Up, En Apa Som Liknar Dig and Nobody Knows.
Unfortunately, nothing from his upcoming album was performed on stage, but that doesn't mean that the show was not as great as any other Darin's concert.

You can watch high quality videos of the three performances right below. Have a look also at some photos from the show here.

Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 6 and "Seven Days A Week"

Yesterday's Så Mycket Bättre episode brought back Darin's dance music style on tv. Nice, but perhaps not accidental, was the fact that he was the last one to perform, just like in the first episode.

The first thing that Darin did was to give an opinion about the group and the atmosphere they were living in. He said that sometimes he can be very sociable and that it's very good to live there because, in case he needs something, even just to talk, then he can go and knock on someone's door.

Anyway, the first activity they did was karate, which Darin found exciting. They started training for a while and they all did well. After lunch, they went to the beach for the second activity. Each of them made his own kite and then they made them fly together. It looked like the perfect day for that activity, since the weather was windy and Darin's kite went high up in the sky. Maja said that she had chosen that activity because, for her, the flying kite symbolizes freedom. Darin …

Darin's interview at "Äntligen Morgon"

Not only did Swedish people hear Darin talking once on the radio, but twice and on two different radio stations. 
In fact, he also was the guest of the day at Äntligen Morgon, a program which usually airs in the morning on the Swedish radio Mix Megapol. Here's the interview in full, way more interesting than what we've heard/read so far.

Welcome Darin! How are you?
-  Thank you! I'm fine thanks, how are you?

I'm great! It's nice that it's Friday and all.
-  Yes, very. 

You're having a huge success on TV now. It's sick! The show was recorded this summer, and now you have to keep it all for yourself until it's on air. Are you good at keeping secrets?
-  Yes I am. But of course I've told my closest about what happened over there.

But isn't that a bit perilous?
-  No, it's not.

But then it's easy that someone would leak something...
-Yeah. It's hard for them to know what it has been like when they haven't seen it. Now when they have seen th…