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Darin is ready to release a new single

Darin's new single is going to be released sooner than you think. He gave the news today through Instagram , here's what he wrote: "During the past few months I have spent a lot of time writing new music here in the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm. You will hear the result soon - I'm going to release a brand new song!" ...and of course we can't wait! However, it's still not clear if this song anticipates the release of his seventh studio album, which might be out in May , or it will take one more year. We'll get to know more about that soon, but in the meantime, what would you like Darin's next single to be titled?

Darin to perform at Musikplats Stockholm in May - CANCELLED

Sveriges Radio has recently updated the calendar of this year's Musikplats Stockholm shows and guess what? Darin is going to hold his first concert of the year on May 29th! Does this mean new music? Actually, the last time Darin was on that stage  (not counting last year when Sveriges Radio celebrated their 200th concert) , Exit  had just been released. But well, it's too early to jump to conclusions. Just take a look at the concert we are talking about below. EDIT: The concert at Musikplats Stockholm in May is cancelled. Darin will probably perform there this fall instead.