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Darin's interview at "Vakna med The Voice"

As previously said on our Facebook page and twitter account, Darin was guest in a Swedish radio program called Vakna Med The Voice  today in early morning.  Actually, he answered a lot of questions that we have translated into english just for you! He also played a weird but funny game. Here you go. Tell us about Så Mycket Bättre. Was it obvious for you to say yes to it? -  Yes it was. It was because I felt ready for it. I don't think I had said yes to it last year. It felt like it was a good way to show people who I am today and what I can do musically. How was it over there? Really? -  It was very intense, to be honest. That's tiresome. -  Yeah but it was funny at the same time. Luckily it was a good gang. We had fun and that's probably what made us manage to be there. From what I know, you only knew Magnus Uggla from the beginning. Did you know anything about the others? They are a bit older than you too… -  I had some knowledge about Miss Li, we've met

Sverigetopplistan update - 30 November 2012

Darin keeps dominating the Swedish official singles chart with his four songs from  Så mycket bättre. This week we find En Apa Som Liknar Dig  (#2) and Astrologen (#3) in the top three . Stockholm, instead, lost two positions this time, going back at #15 . I Can't Get You Off My Mind dropped at position #39 . Keep downloading the songs on iTunes and streaming on Spotify!

Centralens Magasin: "On track with Darin"

For a long time, he has been an established name among the youngs, in dance and club circuits. With his participation in TV4's-success Så mycket bättre, he has shown his full range as an artist and reached a whole new audience. Besides that, Darin Zanyar is up with a new album that will be released in new year. Week after week, you do new acclaimed versions of other artists' songs in Så mycket bättre. Most of them seem to be hits and played frequently on the radio. Are you becoming beloved by the people? -   I don't know, really. I've missed the first programs since I was in the U.S. but it's fantastic to come home and be met by of all estimate,  says Darin and laughs a little embarrassed but obviously a little proud. How was it to meet other artists and to interpret their music? -   On the whole, it was great fun but also very nervous to make other people's songs and see how they would react. Now it was all very well which was a huge boost. The i

DigiListan: "Now with extra Darin!"

Darin has got several charting songs this week in Digilistan , Swedish digital singles chart. In the top 15 you can find all the songs he has performed in Så mycket  bättre so far  (apart from Magdalena which was released today).  Astrologen is at the top. Then  En Apa Som Liknar Dig  is at number 2 ,   I Can't Get You Off My Mind  at number 3  and  Stockholm at number 14 . To celebrate this "big" event, Swedish radio P3 has called Darin for a quick chat, asking him what was his reaction to that and why he thinks these songs have had such a great impact on the Swedish public. Here comes the interview translated into english: "Both #1 and #2 on the same chart, how does that feel? - It feels great, it's incredibly fun that it works out so well and that people likes the songs and the show. You've been at the top of this chart before, but that was with only one song. Now you have half an album, 4 songs, on top 20. For what reason do you think your

Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 5 and "Magdalena (Livet före döden)"

Last night  Så Mycket Bättre aired for the fifth time on TV4. This time Darin was the first one to perform and his song was very different from the ones he had performed in the previous weeks. It was Sylvia's day and Maja and Darin started preparing breakfast for Sylvia. Darin said that it felt like it was her birthday, so they decided to sing a birthday song for Sylvia when bringing her the breakfast in her room. After that, it was time for the first activity: cooking. They had to make weinerschnitzel for lunch.  Since Sylvia lives in Germany, d uring the cooking they all started to talk some german. Sylvia tried to teach Darin how to pronounce some words, but the result was not so good actually. Or well, they laughed at him. Then it was time for lunch. Darin sang Magdalena (Livet  före döden) , a song in the style of Coldplay's Viva La Vida. In other words, he used the chords that he had rejected when doing his version of Coldplay's song. And in both cases he d

Darin dominates the Swedish official singles chart

This time Darin has definitely broken a record in the charts. As a matter of fact, this week Sverigetopplistan is owned by Darin's four songs from  Så mycket bättre. Three of them are in the top 15 and they are: En Apa Som Liknar Dig - #3 Stockholm - #13 Astrologen - #15 As for the remaining song, which is I Can't Get You Off My Mind , it finally entered the chart at position number 36 . Don't stop downloading the songs from iTunes and streaming them on Spotify.  Moreover, don't forget to vote for En Apa Som Liknar Dig on Rix Topp 6 klockan 6 . Since it's charting at number 3 at the moment, all you need to do it to select " Jag röstar på låt 3" and then click on "Skicka". In case the position changes, you just have to select " Jag röstar på låt" + number of the current position of the song in the chart.  

Så mycket bättre: "Darin's day" set-list leaked

Today all the songs that are going to be performed in the following  Så mycket bättre episodes have been revealed. At first it was not our intention to publish that because we thought it was a leak and we didn't believe that TV4 nor Darin would have let people know about it before the time, so it would have been so unprofessional of us. However, after learning that was which released the tracklist of the upcoming  Så mycket bättre album  and since the news has become of common knowledge, here you will find the the two songs left that Darin will perform in the next two episodes and the list of the songs that the other artists will be performing during the episode devoted to Darin, airing on December 8th. On Sylvia Vrethammar's day Darin is going to perform a song called  Magdalena (livet före döden) (listen to the original version  here ) .  On Maja's day, instead, he's going to perform  Seven days a week (listen to the original version  here ) . On Darin&

"Det Bästa Av" out today!

As we already announced some weeks ago on our Facebook page, Sony Epic has released today a greatest hits compilation, called Det B ä sta Av  (The best of)". It includes some of Darin's best songs from the albums The Anthem , Darin , Break The News and Flashback. It's available to purchase in all records stores in Sweden and online on . Here comes the cover art and the tracklist.  1. Step Up 2. Money For Nothing 3. Perfect 4. Breathing Your Love 5. Who's That Girl 6. Why Does It Rain 7. Like No One 8. Want Ya! 9. Be What You Wanna Be 10. What If I Kissed You Now 11. What Is Love 12. Stand By Me 13. See U At The Club 14. Runaway 15. Homeless 16. Coming True For those who have Spotify, instead, you can listen to another compilation of all the songs Darin released with Sony Music Entartainment from 2005 to 2008. It's called The Collection and you can stream it  here .

Göteborgs-Posten: "Darin has got an eye on his career"

It is there as a Östermalmsborg from the past, the label's office building in the neighborhood Garnisonen. White walls, high ceilings and Elvis Costello in Warhol-colors above the capsule coffee machine. Mando Diao are combined with Mumford & Sons and the fact of the matter is that virtually any song that could scroll. The world's largest record company has absorbed virtually all competition and represent large parts of the world and the Swedish artist elite. Now Darin.   He has been hanging off his outdoor jacket on a chair and sits alone on a ‘spejsad’ armchair in a sparsely decorated conference room. -            I recognize you! -            Certainly from the Eurovision Song Contest, I worked when you were participated, I say. -            I always remember the faces. No names, but always faces, says Darin  as a few days ago landed after a major songwriting turn together with the elite of New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Jetlagged and somewhat easily-pre

Expressen: "Success for Darin's Så mycket bättre songs"

Week after week Darin impresses with his interpretations of his colleagues hits in "Så mycket bättre". Today, four of his songs are in the top ten on Itunes. "Thank you for that and for all the nice words, I really appreciate it", writes Darin on Twitter. Last Saturday Darin took Magnus Uggla's hit Astrologen in  Så mycket bättre . That interpretation gave him a four [out of five] in ratings by the Expressen's music critic Anders Nunstedt. "Darin sings again, with an amazing self-mastery, a cool arranged cover that sounds both like 80s pop and modern boyband's pop" writes Nunstedt in its review. And Darin's covers got a good response even from Swedish people. Four of his songs from Så mycket bättre are now charting in the top ten on iTunes. The above-mentioned Astrologen  is at the top. On Twitter the star thanks his fans: "3 Top10 songs on Digilistan and Astrologer number one on iTunes, really fun, thank you for that and for

Så mycket bättre: Episode 4 and "Astrologen"

Last night's episode was something unbelievable to watch (and hear). The program started, as always, at 20 CET on TV4.  In the very first part, the eight artists devoted to cooking. In fact, they divided into groups and baked some lime pie to have as dessert after lunch. Darin was together with Sylvia.  After lunchtime, they were asked to do another interesting activity. They had to make their own "snuff" with different types of tobacco. Darin and Sylvia made one with lingonberry, pear and banana flavour and then they tasted it: it was good. Before the dinner, Magnus Uggla asked Darin if he had ever performed live drunk. His answer was not what we would have expected, though. He told him that he had once and he continued saying that it happened right before the recording of Tack för Musiken ! Quite surprinsing, right?  Even though he hadn't drunk that much actually, he said. However, that funny moment then turned into a very touching one when he performed his

Darin's interview at "NRJ in the morning"

At first one of the hosts starts to talk about Darin and he mentions several awards that Darin has won, for instance the "Kurd of the Year"-award that Darin won in 2005 and 2006, and he asks Darin: What kind of award is this? - It was "Kurd of the Year" in Sweden, which they give out every year. Is it the biggest award you have ever won? - Yes one of them, definitely. Are you dating Maja from The Sounds? - No, I'm not. She said that she really wants you….? - We haven't seen each other since the recording of the show but things heated up between us while we were there and it was a lot of flirting, but it didn't happen anything else. There was a lot of cameras and stuff. But we will see what happens…. So you mean that there was something going on between you? - Yeah, we clicked damn well. So we will see what happens. She lives in Malmö tho, and I live in Stockholm… Long distance-relationship… Anyway, this year you're one of the part

Christmas tour 2012 dates

Darin's new album is going to be released at the beginning of 2013, but that doesn't mean we're not going to watch him perform till next year. Like almost every year, Darin is going to have a little  Christmas Tour  probably aimed, this time, to promote a bit the upcoming album before its release. Or probably not. However, he's going to make 12 concerts in four different cities in Sweden. The dates are: 28-29-30/11 and 1/12,  Stockholms Konserthus 4/12, Louis de Geer, N orrk öping 6-7-8/12, Malm ös Konserthus 12/12, Stockholm Waterfront 13-14-15/12, G öteborgs Congress Tickets are available to purchase at .

Darin's interview at P4 Extra

Earlier today Darin did a quick visit at the swedish radio show "P4 Extra". At first they talked about Darin's last trip to America. He said that he recorded about 25 songs over there and 11-12 of them will be on the new album. He said that the participants of Så Mycket Bättre, despite their differences, felt like a family. He also talked a bit about Maja Ivarsson and mentioned what we all probably know already, that they clicked damn well and have the same sense of crazy humour, and he admitted that "it heated up a bit" between them. At last he revealed that the recording of the new album is done, now he just has to do the mixing of the songs and choose the photos and so on. The album, as he mentioned before, will be released in the beginning of next year. If you want to listen to the interview, you can do it here: The interview starts around 01:19:30 in the clip.

Darin live at "Riktig Talkshow"

Darin visited Ola Lindholm's talkshow yesterday, called "Riktig talkshow". Unfortunately it won't be broadcasted on TV but we will make a summary of what happened just for you Darin Worldwide blog readers! Darin and Ola had a little chat before Darin's amazing performance. They talked a bit about all the years that has gone by since Darin got famous, and that he has changed since then. Although Darin said that he was shy back then, and he still can be a bit shy in some situations. "For example a situation like this one" he said, like when he's being interviewed. They also talked about the one thing that they have in common - their love for Michael Jackson. Darin said that he went to a Michael Jackson-concert many years ago, which was his first concert ever. The fact that Darin had seen MJ live made Ola very jealous. Afterwards Darin sang a beautiful version of "I can't get you off my mind", which gave me and probably the rest of t

Darin's interview at "Rix MorronZoo"

Yesterday when Darin visited Rix MorronZoo they did their own version of Så Mycket Bättre, called Så Mycket Sämre (So much worse). They sat there and talked about Så Mycket Bättre and that Darin had been in the USA to write songs. The hosts took turns and sang their own versions of Darins songs. During the show Darin told them about a thing that happened when he just arrived in Gotland to record Så Mycket Bättre. When he came to the airport in Gotland he saw a man that was looking at him, and he thought that it was Pugh Rogefeldt, so he walked towards him and introduced himself. But it turned out that the man wasn't Pugh, he was a completely random man! Darin also told them about him and Maja, that they "clicked and I like her very much". The hosts asked him if they were dating or something but he replied that something like that didn't happen. But after all he ended it by saying: "But we will see what happens..." Here you can listen to the show:  htt

Så mycket bättre: Episode 3 and "I Can't Get You Off My Mind"

Saturday night is always something to look forward to. Third  episode of  Så Mycket Bättre  was broadcast yesterday on TV4. This time it was Miss Li's day and Darin replaced the dance style he showed in the first two episodes with a romantic soul song, which fitted perfectly his voice. The episode started with the contestants  playing football, mainly because Li(nda) used to play it a lot when she was a child. After that, it was time for lunch and Darin performed a fantastic version of I Can't Get You Off My Mind , one of Miss Li's most recent songs. Later on, he  got close to Linda and talked to her while she was sewing, telling her that he would like to go shopping with her one day. Then they had a guess-the-song competition, so they got to hear the intro of a song played on a guitar by some boys in the band and guess which song it was and what's more, they also had to sing a little part of it. Darin guessed Jackson 5, who were the right artists, but then he was mist

Darin back in the Swedish official singles chart

SURPRISE SURPRISE! It has been a long time since Darin's name last appeared on  Sverigetopplistan , the Swedish official music chart which, apart from the number of digital and physical copies sold, includes music streaming on Spotify. This week not one, but both of the songs Darin released from  Så mycket bättre entered the singles chart! The highest was Stockholm , reaching position number 17 , while En apa som liknar dig got the position number 38 . Besides, he's the only artist from the TV4 show having two songs in the chart this week. Curious about the song he's going to perform in tomorrow's episode? Just keep an eye out for it  on our  Twitter  and  Facebook  page !

"Tack för musiken" premiere

Darin is going to appear on the swedish television again. No, it's not   Så mycket bättre.  This time is SVT's turn, where  Tack för musiken, a six-week tv show featuring Darin that was recorded at the Maxim theatre in Stockholm during last spring, premieres on November 30th. The host of the tv-program, Niklas  Strömstedt, will play, sing and talk about music with the six artists invited in the studio. Lena Philipsson is the protagonist of the first episode and, unfotunately, we still don't know the day in which Darin will take part in it. However, we are surely going to watch him sing some of his best hits and talk about old memories of his career.  Hopefully, the show will be broadcast on , so that all international fans can watch it. Stay tuned for more updates! EDIT : Darin is taking part in the show on December 28th, together with Lo-Fi-Fnk, a Swedish electropop duo.

Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 2 and "En apa som liknar dig"

Second episode of  Så Mycket Bättre  aired yesterday on TV4. It was  Olle  Ljungström 's day and  Darin came up with a great club remix of his  classic hit En apa som liknar dig , which made some of contestants dance. The program started with them playing charades, but Darin probably didn't take part in it.  Then they ate lunch all together and after that they went to a shooting range, where they used guns to hit the bull's eye. At the end of the game, results was shown but Darin's didn't appear. Later on, it was dinner time and each partecipant sang his song. It got very emotional for everyone when Magnus Uggla sang Jag och min far , but then the atmosphere turned out very "disco" with Darin's perfomance. Olle particularly liked Darin's performance and ironically suggested Darin to change his name to Durin when singing in Swedish. The full episode will be available to watch soon, meanwhile you can have a look at  our photo gallery on Facebook .