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ÖP: "Darin will never forget his first gig at Storsjöyran"

Darin visited Östersund and Storsjöyran already in 2005, the same year as he released his debut album and toured around Sweden with Lena Philipsson and Magnus Uggla. Actually, he remembers the gig at Storsjöyran really well. - I will never forget that gig because I had a fever. I was very sick, and it was also very hot that day. But "the show must go on", I thought. I've probably never been as sick during a show as I was then. Apart from that, I remember that there was a really great audience there. What's the difference between the Darin that was in Östersund 2005 and the one that's coming now? - I was so incredibly young then. It was a long time ago, and I had only one album. Since then, I've had time to develop as an artist and hopefully it all will sound better now. Personally then? - I’ve experienced incredibly many things. When ÖP talks to Darin - with the surname Zanyar - he has performed his latest single "Check You Out" at Vict

Victoriadagen: Darin performs "Check You Out"

Yesterday, Darin had the honor to perform in front of Sweden's crown princess Victoria, on the occasion of his birthday. During the Victoriadagen (Victoria's day), a show that is held every year in Borgholm, he sang his latest single from Exit ,  Check You Out .

Sommakväll: Darin performs "Playing With Fire" featuring DAMN!

As announced by Darin himself on Twitter, tonight the Swedish summer show Sommakväll will air on SVT. The show was recorded some weeks ago and features the performance of an "african" version of Playing With Fire  with the band Damn! . Here comes the video of the performance and the interview in which Darin talks about his family and his plans for the future. When did you realize that music was what you wanted to work with? - Music has always been in the family. Both my parents have always sung, but haven't had it as a job. I've always had it around me, they have always played music and my uncles (mother's side) played instruments. Everything from piano to violin and so on... it came quite naturally. I can't even remember when I started to sing, I think. It may have come at the same time when I started to talk, it might have come earlier - I don't know. (laugh) But the big breakthrough came in Idol! - Exactly!

The Voice Finland interview

The international promotion for Exit has just begun. This is an interview that Darin made for The Voice Finland , in which he talks about his latest album, his fans and his experience in the tv show Så Mycket Bättre . Oh and by the way, it's all in english. Enjoy!