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"Exit" release in Asia and Australia postponed to October

Last week, we learned from this interview that Darin's sixth studio album "Exit" would have been released in Asia and Australia today, June 30th 2015 . However, the album didn't appear on the iTunes store, so Darin Worldwide contacted Sony and this is what they replied to us: "There has been a change in timeline for the album release. It is now out on 15 July instead." It's still unclear if the album will be available in a new version, with "Mamma Mia" and "So Yours" being included. We will keep you updated about that. EDIT:  The new release date is set in  October .

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at TV2 Sankthans in Norway

Last week, Darin performed "Ta mig tillbaka" at the Norwegian show Sankthans . Watch the performance below.

Darin's interview at NRK Skolefri Live

Darin is in Norway again to promote his upcoming new album "Fjärilar i magen". Today, he appeared on NRK's kids radio show Skolefri Live where first they played "Ta mig tillbaka (Gentech remix)" and then Darin talked about his album, saying that he's giving the final touches to it. He also talked about his plans to tour in China and release music in Asia and Australia. Listen to the full interview in Swedish/Norwegian  here  - and enjoy this new photo from the album photoshoot.

Behind the Scenes of the Nobody Knows Music Video Shoot

Darin Worldwide had the chance to be on the set of the music video for Nobody Knows, and have a little chat with Darin. When we arrived at the location in Singapore, we talked to the photographer, Johan Hannu, who claimed that they aim for capturing the Singapore spirit, and especially show Singapore by night. Thereby, the music video will include many pictures of the city’s traffic and buildings.  We also learned that parts of the video will be filmed in Stockholm. As we already know from Darin’s Instagram , the video will also show pictures from a rooftop and Darin walking in the streets of Singapore.  During our talk with Darin, he told us that although it is the last day of shooting, they are far from done. “We will work until 8 in the morning. It’s just getting started.” Darin also added that the video will show the fast traffic and the lights in accordance to the uptempo parts of the song, and they will use a green screen to give the vision of Darin standing in the middle o

Darin's interview with Dee Kosh

During his little promoting tour across The Philippines and Singapore, Darin met the Singaporean Youtuber Dee Kosh  and a fan. Watch the hilarious interview right below.

Darin tries Singaporean food with The Urban Wire

Last week, Darin was on a promoting tour across The Philippines and Singapore. Here's a clip from the interview with The Urban Wire in which he tries two Singaporean dishes - his reaction is quite funny! UPDATE: Here 's the full interview in which it is announced that a new version of " Exit " is going to be released in Asia on June 30th !

"Nobody Knows" live at The 5 Show

Today, Darin made his first performance on a Singaporean tv show called The 5 Show for the promotion of "Nobody Knows", which has recently been released as single in Asia and Australia . Watch the full perfomance and a small interview right below (starts around minute 18:01).

Spotify: Win Darin's concert in Stockholm on June 24

Spotify Sweden has just launched a competition! You now have the chance to win tickets for you and a friend to attend Darin's concert at the Spotify headquarters in Stockholm on June 24th . All you have to do is: 1. Follow @spotifysweden on Instagram 2. Repost this picture and hashtag #darinfest The winner will be contacted on Friday, June 19th . UPDATE : Check our photos from the event below. Photo by Nathalie Pentler Photography Posted by Darin Worldwide on  Venerdì 26 giugno 2015

"Nobody Knows" out in Asia and Australia today

"Nobody Knows" was today released in Asia and Australia through Dex Music and Sony Music Entertainment. The single cover looks different than the original version, with the picture taken from the "So Yours" cover. Australian and Asian fans can buy the single on iTunes here .

Darin to perform at Allsång på Skansen on July 14th

During a press conference today, the Swedish TV channel SVT announced that Darin will be one of the artists to perform at the Swedish sing-along show Allsång på Skansen on July 14th . This will be Darin's fifth time on the show, after performing there in 2005, 2006, 2012 and 2014.  Since Darin is currently visiting the SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines, he was unable to attend the press conference at Skansen in Stockholm. However, he recorded a video message that you can watch below. He explains that he cannot attend the conference today since he is visiting the SOS children in Manila, but says that he looks forward to perform at Allsång på Skansen on July 14th. In the meanwhile, check  this YouTube playlist  with his performances on the tv show from 2005 on.

Live chat with Darin on Twitter: "I'm touring in China in October"

The Singaporean website Spin or Bin Music has announced a Q&A with Darin which will take place on Twitter . Darin will answer questions from fans through their account this Friday at 3:15 . All you have to do is to Tweet using the hashtag #DarinSG starting from like.. NOW. Teen pop sensation @DarinOfficial will take over our Twitter account this Fri at 3:15pm! Chat with him by tweeting #DarinSG with ur qns now! — Spin or Bin Music (@spinorbinmusic) June 9, 2015 UPDATE: Here are all the questions Darin answered. Why did you choose Singapore to shoot the Nobody Knows music video? - Because I think it fits with the song and the image i have in my head when I listen to it. There are a lot of cool places here :) How often are you on Twitter and how often do you read our tweets? - To be honest I spend more time on FB and Insta :) Would you come to China and do a concert? We are waiting for you! - I'm touring in China in October, hopefully i'll see u there!

Purchase "Fjärilar i magen"

Darin's seventh studio album  Fjärilar i magen , released on 25 September 2015 , is available in two versions: a standard CD version and, for the first time ever, a Vinyl version. Although the album is digitally and physically available in the Nordic countries only, some stores such as CDON.COM and Bengans ship to Europe and worldwide. Besides, Swedish customers pre-ordering the album on CDON.COM and will receive a signed version . To stream the album on Spotify, follow this link . UPDATE:  The signed version is available on CDON.COM in Norway and Denmark as well. The album is also available to pre-order digitally on iTunes. Read the translated tracklist here . Find the list of stores right below. Sweden - iTunes - CDON.COM ( Signed CD , Vinyl ) - ( Signed CD , Vinyl ) - Bengans ( CD , Vinyl ) - BTJ - Shop At Home ( CD , Vinyl ) Norway - iTunes - CDON.COM ( Signed CD , Vinyl ) - ( CD , Vinyl ) - InfoTec ( CD , Vinyl ) - CDMarket

Remixed version of "Ta mig tillbaka" released

Today, Darin has released the first remix of his latest single "Ta mig tillbaka". The new version has been produced by Gentech, who also remixed Mamma Mia one year ago, and is available digitally in the Nordic countries. Grab your copy on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify . Here's a small preview: Un video pubblicato da Darin (@darinofficial) in data: 5 Giu 2015 alle ore 00:54 PDT

Lilla Aktuellt Interview + Win a bag signed by Darin

Darin was recently interviewed on Lilla Aktuellt, a Swedish news broadcast for children which airs on Barnkanalen/SVT. The short video includes clips of Darin answering questions and singing in the studio, as well as parts of the Ta mig tillbaka music video and older videos.  Darin also signed a bag which can be won by a fan . The contest is open for international fans as well. Find more information below.  During the interview, the reporter starts with comparing Ta mig tillbaka to Darin’s older songs and claims it to be very different compared to his previous sound.  Darin says that the most important thing is to make people feel stuff when they listen to his songs. But he states that Ta mig tillbaka conveys a different message than his older, uptempo songs about having fun and partying: “It’s a bit deeper with lyrics that are supposed to affect people more.” As clips from the Ta mig tillbaka music video is shown, the reporter talks about the song and mentions 8-bit, a

Darin to perform at Rix FM Festival and Sommarkrysset 2015

Despite not touring this summer, Darin is going to make a couple of appearances. Swedish radio station Rix FM organizes its festival every year in 10 cities around the country. Darin has taken part in it a lot of times before and he will this year as well, as announced on the event's page. The dates are to be revealed shortly. UPDATE: Here are the first dates: 7 AUG - HOVRÄTTSTORGET, JÖNKÖPING (concert starts at 20:00) 8 AUG - STORTORGET, VÄXJÖ (concert starts at 19:00) 13 AUG - VASAPARKEN, NORRKÖPING (concert starts at 18:30) Doors open at 14:00. Entry is free for everyone. Moreover, TV4 announced that Darin will be one of the artists to perform at this year's edition of the Swedish summer show Sommarkrysset , on August 15th . The show will air on TV4 Play at 20:00 CEST. You can watch Darin's old performances from the same show  here .

Cover art for "Fjärilar i magen" unveiled

Darin's birthday is tomorrow, but he decided to make us a gift instead by unveiling the cover art of his upcoming seventh studio album "Fjärilar i magen" , which is scheduled for release on the 25th of September . Enjoy!