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Tvillingen available on Pre-order

"Tvillingen" is now available to pre-order on hard copy on two online Swedish stores. The album comes in three formats:

CDVinyl LPDigibook (thick paper booklet with a disc inside)
Tvillingen is out on November 24. Pre-order here: Ginza.seCDON Sweden (Signed Copy) - CDON Norway (Signed Copy) - CDON Finland - CDON Denmark (Signed Copy) - CDON Europe


You can now pre-preorder a signed copy of Tvillingen on (Sweden), (Europe), (Outside Europe)You can pre-order your digital copy of Tvillingen on iTunes and Google Play Music.

"Tvillingen": the New Album Out November 24

We have a release date! Darin's new album is titled "Tvillingen", just as one of his latest singles, and is out worldwide on November 17th"It's an album that reflects different sides of me. It's my most personal album so far and it is reflected in the fact that every song has a different own world", says Darin.

The album was previously described as a follow-up to "Fjärilar i magen", Darin's first studio album to be entirely in Swedish. As you can see from the cover, the whole album concept is in fact very similar to the previous.

EDIT: The release has been postponed to November 24.

"Tvillingen" and "Alla ögon på mig" live at Nyhetsmorgon

Darin performed an acoustic version of both his new singles "Tvillingen" and "Alla ögon på mig" this morning at Nyhetsmorgon. Watch them below.

Darin live at Nyhetsmorgon

Darin will perform an acoustic version of "Tvillingen" and "Alla ögon på mig" tomorrow at Nyhetsmorgon. Watch the program at this link, starting at 7:57 CEST.

'Nya Låten!' Podcast Interview: "The new album will be out in November"

Yesterday Darin was interviewed in Pontus de Wolfe's podcast Nya Låten! (The New Song!). Apart from mainly talking about Alla ögon på mig, Darin also asked his fans for help and revealed new information about his upcoming album. We summarized the interview below:

"Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" Lyrics and Translation

"Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" are two of the most personal songs Darin has ever written. We decided to translate the lyrics of both in order to make international fans understand them and get to know this side of Darin.


Den svenska drömmen, jag var 17 år
En vanlig kille blev en ny idol
O en natt förändra' allt
All denna kärlek, alla hårda slag
Är sånt som aldrig kommer bli normalt
Jag försöker hålla mig kvar

Men det e lätt att jag fastnar
Fastnar i bilder som inte är jag

Ljuset på, för alla ögon ser på mig
Vandrar åren ut som än en akt för dig
Det är ensamt hemma fast än alla kan mitt namn
Livet som jag valt kan va så jävla kallt ibland

Som i en film som alla tittar på
De följer med men från ett annat håll
Hur jag känner vet ingen annan om
Jag var produkten som blev kött o blod
Vägen dit var värd den tid det tog
Att kämpa för att växa upp


The Swedish dream, I was 17 years old
An ordinary guy became a new idol
And on…

Darin's interview and piano performance at SVT Kulturnyheterna

Darin was interviewed by SVT Kulturnyheterna about one of the singles, "Alla ögon på mig".
He talked about his journey as an artist through the years, that there were people who loved him and people who hated him. "All ögon på mig" was a chance for him to finally open up about this subject and it feels good for him to finally let his feelings out through this song.

Watch his interview at this link and a piano performance of "All ögon på mig" below:

"Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" Worldwide Release

Darin's new singles "Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" are now out worldwide! They are the second and third single off his new album which will probably drop in October.
The singles are released through Darin's own label Dex Music and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Sweden.

"Alla ögon på mig"("All eyes on me") is a poweful slow-tempo song that talks about the downside of being famous and the paradox of feeling lonely even though you have all eyes on you. Darin sings "The life I've chosen can be so damn cold sometimes".
Listen on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

"Tvillingen"("The Twin") is a catchy up-tempo song about having a double personality and choosing to show only what you want your viewers to see.
Listen on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

"Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" Apple Music Preview

Darin's new singles "Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen" are already out in Asia Pacific. Listen to a 1:30 minute preview of both singles right below.

"Alla ögon på mig" Teaser

Darin shared a 15-second preview of "Alla ögon på mig", out this Friday along with "Tvillingen". As he said before, this is one of the most personal songs he has ever written. Here's what he sings in the preview and the english translation:

"Den svenska drömmen, jag var 17 år
En vanlig kille blev en ny idol
Och en natt förändra allt"

"The Swedish dream, I was 17 years old
An ordinary guy became a new idol
And one night changed everything"

Listen below:

"Tvillingen" Teaser

Darin shared a teaser of "Tvillingen" on Instagram, out this Friday. Here's what he sings in the preview and the english translation:

"Jag är den du vill och jag gör som jag ska
Men det finns fler av mig
Sig mig vem vill du ha?
Låt mig presentera..."

"I am who you want me to be and I do what I'm supposed to
But there are more sides  of me, 
Tell me, which one do you want?

Let me introduce..."


"Alla ögon på mig" Single Cover Revealed

After "Tvillingen", Darin shared the cover art for the second of the two singles that are released next Friday, "Alla ögon på mig". Here's what he wrote about it:

"Alla ögon på mig is one of the most personal songs I've ever written. It's released on Friday."

"Tvillingen" Single Cover and Meaning Revealed

Darin has just shared the cover art for one of the two singles out on Friday next week, "Tvillingen" (Gemini). Here is what he wrote about the song:

"Tvillingen is a song about the different sides of my personality. To have different sides is typical for my zodiac sign [Gemini]. It's released on September 15."

"Alla ögon på mig" and "Tvillingen": two new singles out next week

You probably won't believe this until you see it: Darin is realising not one, but two new singles off his new album that is expected to drop next month.

The announcement was made some minutes ago on Darin's official Instagram profile. The songs are titled "Alla ögon på mig" (All eyes on me) and "Tvillingen" (which might either mean The Twin or The Gemini) and will be released internationally on Friday, September 15 following the release of "Ja må du leva" in March.