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KING Magazine: "Darin grew not only physically"

KING Magazine has selected Sweden's 100 most powerful people regarding Swedish fashion for men and Darin is number 74 in the chart. Let's see what they wrote about him:

Last year Darin grew, not only physically but also metaphysically. From being an Idol-second with braces and with children as fans he has charmed a wider range of the Swedish people. Including Maja Ivarsson. The Marlon Brando of our time has passed puberty, gone for that look in his eyes, has sharp-edged Så Mycket Bättre interpretations, a new album and a new closet containing red leather jackets only. Stylish and tough. Just like Darin 2.0.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013: Darin performs "Nobody Knows" and "So Yours"

Amazing night in the Malmö arena yesterday. For the first time ever, Darin performed at the Eurovision Song Contest, in front of 11.000 people in the audience and about 100 millions viewers at home.
During the interval act called "Swedish Pop Voices", Darin was the first to perform. He started with a piano version of Nobody Knows, which suddenly turned into the fabulous dance pop song that we all know, with the introduction of violins which made everything more magic. Soon after So Yours was also performed for the first time ever, in a shorter version.
As fans, we couldn't be more proud of Darin. He dominated the arena and there's no doubt that none of the competitors were on the same level as Darin's act.

You can watch the performance right below, but don't forget to buy "So Yours" and "Nobody Knows" on iTunes, now available across Europe.

Expressen TV - Darin: "Might be the biggest thing I've ever done"

This is Darin's interview with Expressen, made yesterday in Malmö.

Darin, here in Malmö. What are you going to do on Thursday?
- On Thursday I will sing during the interval act. I'm going to perform two of my own songs in one. So I'm gonna do "Nobody Knows" at first, in a little different version in the beginning, then it will fade into the original version. After that I'm going to sing a new song called "So Yours", it's gonna be great.

What an opportunity! Perform two songs for a hundred millions of watchers, maybe not on Thursday, but something like that.
- Yes, really! I try not to think about how many viewers there are. I just try to think about doing my thing and have fun on stage, focus and do it as good as possible. Surely there are many people out there that haven't seen me before, that are going to watch. For me it's important to do my thing, show people that - this is me and this is my style. And do the songs I like the most, that …

"So Yours" and "Nobody Knows" released worldwide

Darin's single So Yours is available throughout all Europe and in the United States. No matter where you live - France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Greece - you can get it now on iTunes!
Along with So Yours, Nobody Knows has been released today too in some European countries and in the US, as an EP containing the remixes by Almighty and Sandro Silva.
Both songs have been released under the label Dex Music in most of the countries.

Darin speaks to EscXtra

Tonight the 58th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is starting at the Malmö Arena. As you may know already, Darin is going to perform in the second semifinal which will be held in two days, so he's already there to reharse and enjoy tonight's show. Some of the Eurovision followers from escXtra have managed today to have a quick talk with him. In the interview, Darin spoke about his past experience at Melodifestivalen, his new album Exit, his upcoming tour and the plans for his international breakthrough, right after the tour. Here comes the interview.

Thanks to escXtra.

Expressen: "How Darin prepares for Eurovision"

MALMÖ. The singer Darin, 25, has millions of reasons to cheer. On Thursday night he takes over the Eurovision stage and reaches out to millions of TV viewers all over Europe.
- I'm not that nervous, but I probably will be, he says.

Darin has just arrived by plane from Stockholm and talks to Kvällsposten for an interview in Malmö Arena. He gives us his charismatic smile and doesn't reveal that the schedule is tight. Only minutes remain until he is going to his first rehearsal in the interval during Eurovision on Thursday night.
- I like when it's stressful and many things going on, then it gets easier to concentrate, says the pop star Darin Zanyar who broke through in the talent show Idol on TV4 in 2004.

The mission as being an interval in the semi-final was decided as late as last week. Darin tells us that he didn't need any time to think at all.
- No no, this is huge. A mission of honor!

During the show Darin will be performing two of his songs. Partly h…

Nyhetsmorgon: Darin about pick-up lines and summer tour

Today Darin visited Nyhetsmorgon, a Swedish tv program, where he had a 5 minute talk with the host and performed two songs from Exit: an acoustic version of his newest single Check You Out and F Your Love.
He talked about his plans for this summer and about how unbelievable is to him that he got to release six albums. Here comes the translated interview, after the performance of "Check You Out".

Let's start this by talking about this song, Darin. It's about cheesy pick-up lines. "I hope you know CPR"”, has anyone ever told you this?
- No, actually not. It was the whole point with the song, it was quite funny I thought. If we found two really cheesy pick up lines.. I searched for it on the Internet actually. There was a site with lots of cheesy ones, and I thought those two were really funny so I used them.

Do you usually pick up someone yourself?
- Yes of course, but I don't use pick-up lines like those.

What do you say then?
- I don't know, it's diff…

Eurovision Song Contest 2013: "Darin will perform in a spectacular show"

Biggest news of the year has come today: Darin is going to perform at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, in the interval act of the second semifinal which will be held on May 16th. Together with Agnes, Swedish worldwide known artist with the song Release Me, they will sing some of their biggest hits in a number called Swedish Pop Voices.

This is how Christer Björkman, Eurovision show producer this year, stated the news today:

- We are incredibly proud to show the whole Europe two of Sweden's strongest pop voices right now. Darin will perform in a spectacular show which will lift the roof of the arena. And Agnes with her wonderful voice will shine as the international star she is.

No, you don't need to read it again. During Darin's performance, the roof of the Malmö arena will lift up, above more than 15.000 people.
It's now confirmed that Darin will perform a medley of his platinum-selling single Nobody Knows and his latest international release, So Yours. On t…