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Darin live at Nyhetsmorgon on March 29

Darin will be a guest on the Swedish tv program "Nyhetsmorgon"  tomorrow March 29. There he will be interviewed and sing two songs: "Ta mig tillbaka" and a new version of "You're Out Of My Life". Here's the complete time schedule: 9.33 - Darin sings "You're Out Of My Life" 10.15 - Darin talks about his choice to sing in Swedish 10.36 - Darin performs "Ta mig tillbaka" UPDATE: Darin talked about the creative process behind "Ta mig tillbaka", about Idol and his career in general. He also confirmed that his seventh studio album is out in September. Watch the interview (in Swedish) and the performances right below.

Musikplats Stockholm interview: Darin's new album is out in September

During this morning's interview at Musikplats Stockholm, Darin finally revealed when his seventh studio album will be released. In the previous weeks both HES and Di Weekend  had announced it would be realeased this fall. Now we can tell for sure that the album is scheduled for release in September ! We still don't know its exact release date and title, but we know for sure that it's going to be entirely in Swedish. Here's the interview in English: Welcome, Darin! “Thank you so much!” Could we say that you go back and start from scratch? Or how should we interpret this change? “It feels a little bit like that, since it’s a brand new style and language. I’ve never written songs in Swedish before, so that feels very new. There are many new things going on: I’ve got my own record label now, I release new music by myself, we record everything live in a different way than before. It feels a little bit like I’m releasing my debut album.” Where does this change come

Di Weekend: "A room for Darin's new sound"

Here's Darin's interview that was published last week on Di Weekend magazine (translation by Nathalie Pentler). As a child, Darin played in the woods in Akalla and Husby. Now he sings about that time in his first Swedish songs. With his upcoming album, Darin does what Robyn did in 2005. Fresh start, turnaround, his own record label, new sound. A musical room. Many have used that simile. If you google the expression, you can find "a musical room" in texts about everything between chamber music to jazz. But in a recording studio at Karlbergsvägen in Stockholm, the expression is no longer a simile. Here is - literally - a musical room. No other room in Sweden breaths music in the same way as the Atlantis studio. The musical room is placed in a former cinema. The studio room is so big that you, as a visitor, stop walking and just stand there, quiet and respectful, almost like in a church. All of the music that has been played in this room has remained in the walls

"Nobody Knows" in the new Honda commercial

A tv commercial of the new Honda XR-V has appeared on chinese television featuring Darin's song "Nobody Knows" .

Darin to be interviewed at Musikplats Stockholm

It's been announced today on Twitter that Darin will be a guest on Sveriges Radio's program "Musikplats Stockholm" this Friday, March 27th at 11.40 (swedish hour). During the interview, which was called "big", Darin will talk about his new music. We will translate the interview shortly after and post it right on this page. You can also listen directly to the interview (in swedish) at this link .

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at RIX MorronZoo

Darin keeps promoting "Ta mig tillbaka" . This time he visited the Swedish radio program RIX MorronZoo where he performed an acoustic version of his brand new single after being interviewed. We translated the interview for you (performance on the bottom of the page). Welcome, Darin! “Thank you!” There’s been a lot of focus on Måns Zemerlöw’s (Melodifestivalen winner) super body recently. And not enough focus on Darin’s super body. “I’ve kept it secret. No, I don’t know if I have a super body. I just try to be healthy.” I host the TV show Ninja Warrior, together with Mårten Nylen, your personal trainer. So I tried to make him reveal something about your workouts, but he won’t say anything. Finally, I said, “Darin seems to be fit and strong, do you think he’d pass the obstacle course in Ninja Warrior?” He said: probably. This means that there is more than just a regular body underneath your loose shirt. Take it off! (laughs) No, but, you work out a lot? “Yes, I’m in

"Ta mig tillbaka": first behind the scenes video

Yesterday, Darin started shooting his music video for "Ta mig tillbaka" in a wood , and today they continued in Gamla Stan, the old Stockholm. Spotify also shared a video of him during the recordings in which he explains what he's doing and asks what's something you would like to go back to. Here it is: Pubblicazione di Spotify .

Darin shooting music video for "Ta mig tillbaka": first two pictures

Darin has just confirmed on his Facebook that he's shooting a music video for his new single "Ta mig tillbaka" , which was out last friday in the Nordics. Here the first two pictures from the set: Photo by @hesdotno

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Vakna med NRJ

Darin joined the Swedish radio program Vakna med NRJ this morning. There he performed an acoustic version of his new single "Ta mig tillbaka" and had a quick talk with the hosts. We translated the interview for you. Melodifestivalen is over for this year. Do you also feel like "finally, it's over"? Did you watch it? "I thought it was fun to watch, actually." You also competed in Melodifestivalen, right? Which song was it, again? (singing) "You're out of my life.." Oh dear! It's too good for Melodifestivalen, that's why I don't associate it with that contest.. We don't really think of it as a Melodifestivalen song. Have you considered competing again? "It's not impossible, never say never. But at the moment, I feel like I won't do it again." What made you decide to sing in Swedish this time? Those news just dropped like a bomb! "I've sung songs in Swedish earlier in Så Mycket Bättr

"Ta mig tillbaka": lyrics and translation

Many have asked us to post a translation of "Ta mig tillbaka ", so we wrote the lyrics down and then translated them. Ta mig tillbaks Tillbaks till då jag fick min allra första skiva Cyklade runt och nynnade på Billie Jean I en värld där vi försvann i 8-bitar Ta mig tillbaks Till ett baksäte mot gamla Paris Det var ett krig med Rosa mil efter mil Och jag kände mig så liten men så fri Det var en sommar som aldrig tog slut För vi levde varenda minut Ta mig tillbaka Till när allting var så stort Ta mig tillbaka Till innan allt redan var gjort Man fick vänta Man fick längta När tiden var så lång Ta mig tillbaka Till de stunder jag vill känna igen

Darin on Skavlan: "Ta mig tillbaka" live

Here's Darin's first live performance of his new single "Ta mig tillbaka" on the Swedish-Norwegian talk show  Skavlan  which aired tonight in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Watch it right below together with a bonus video in which Darin gives us some tips on how to write a song! "Ta mig tillbaka" is out today on iTunes and Spotify Nordics .

X3M YLE Interview: "It's very different compared to what I have done before"

This morning Darin was interviewed by the Finnish radio channel X3M YLE about his new single “Ta Mig Tillbaka”, and some other things as well. Read the translated interview below. We are just about to play your new single for the first time on Finnish radio. We have listened to it in advance. Don’t get me wrong, we have met before and you understand that I don’t mean any harm, but, what happened? “To the new music, you mean?” (laughs) Yes, I played the song and was like, is this Darin?! “It took a while, but I have taken the time to try and write songs in Swedish and it came naturally. The song is more organic with many live instruments, so it feels more alive somehow. I understand that people who haven’t been part of the process don’t follow the development until after they have heard the music. It's very different compared to what I have done before”  It’s so cool that you’re writing in Swedish. And you’ve written songs since you were 14. What was it like to chan

"Ta mig tillbaka" out today!

The day has come! Darin's first single "Ta mig tillbaka" off his seventh studio album is out in the Nordics. The song is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Sweden, which makes us understand that Darin has left Warner Music Sweden, and is available to purchase on iTunes and to stream on Spotify and WiMP. Here's the single cover and a bunch of links for you: iTunes Sweden - iTunes Norway - iTunes Finland - iTunes Denmark - Spotify  - WiMP Don't forget to read our review of the song that we wrote yesterday and to tune in SVT Play tonight for the first live performance of "Ta mig tillbaka".

Review: "Ta mig tillbaka"

Today we had the chance to listen to "Ta mig tillbaka" for the first time during the recording of Skavlan , the Swedish-Norwegian talk show which will air tomorrow on SVT . "Ta mig tillbaka" is a song in which Darin reminisces about his childhood, comparing it to a summer that never ends, wanting to go back to the moments when everything was big and new. The song is original and represents a true fresh start for Darin, not only because it's the first to have ever been written in his native language - Swedish - but also because it separates from his latest works, such as "Exit" or "Mamma Mia". The melody is simple but very atmospheric and ethereal. The lyrics are meaningful and heart-warming, most of all. Besides, the performance quality is at its highest, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, we can assert that this major change in Darin's music style is one of the most surprising things we could ever expect and it will certainly b

Darin on Skavlan on March 13th

Darin is going to make his first tv performance of the new single off his first Swedish spoken album   "Ta mig tillbaka"  this coming Friday, March 13th on a Swedish-Norwegian talk show called Skavlan . The show starts at 21:00 CET and will be live streamed on SVT Play . The single is out in the Nordics the same day and will be available on digital retailes such as iTunes and Spotify.

Darin's new album out this fall, first single on March 13th

HES, the company in charge of Darin's music promotion across Norway, revealed today on their website that Darin's still untitled new album is set for release this fall and - drum roll - it's going to be entirely in Swedish! The first single off the album, as we revealed yesterday , is called "Ta mig tillbaka" ("Take Me Back")  and is out on  March 13th . Whether you are disappointed or satisfied by this choice, this will be Darin's seventh   studio album as well as his first to be completely in Swedish. This is what HES tweeted and Darin retweeted (originally in Norwegian): "In 2015 Darin will release his first album in Swedish, and it sounds beautiful. We look forward to working with Darin in Norway."

Official: Darin's new single is going to be in Swedish

Darin has just uploaded a video on YouTube in which he reveals that his new single is gonna be in Swedish and probably named "Ta Mig Tillbaka" . Watch it right below!