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Bubble Gum TV - New album in the summer?

Yesterday, Darin's interview with the German online channel Bubble Gum TV was posted on Youtube and finally, thanks to Darin Family VIP , we've got the translation of it from German to English. Read it carefully because the interviewer says something really unexpected at the end. Darin sings. Aah. Goosebumps. For Bubble Gum TV, Darin went back to his beginning and sang the song with which he started his career on Swedish Idol. Six albums later, he’s still in the business and is now trying to conquer Germany with his new single "So Yours". - In "So Yours", I tell a girl that it doesn't have to be hard. I just say it like it is: I like you, you like me, what are we waiting for? This song would appeal to all One Direction fans. Of course Darin's sound has more to offer. He allowed us an insight on how a typical Darin song develops. - For me, it's all about feeling. There are others who see songwriting as a mathematical formula. Certainly

Sverigetopplistan update - 29 March 2013

Not a good week for Darin as regards sales. Exit keeps going down in the Sweidish official chart, this time stopping at position number 18 . Astrologen left in the end, staying in the chart for a total of 18 weeks. En Apa Som Liknar Dig instead is still there, but like the album, it went down at position number 46 .

Darin writes for David Lindgren

Our amazing Darin is ready to show again his great ability as a songwriter. Together with Tony Nilsson, he wrote a song for David Lindgren's upcoming album Ignite The Beat , out in Sweden on April 3rd. It's called Move That Thing and it's a dance pop track which might have been part of the tracklisting of the EP that Darin scratched last year. It also features Darin's backing vocals, you can notice when it says "I'm blessed-so blessed-I'm blessed" . Listen to the song right below! Source: Scandipop .

Bubble Gum TV interview - Germany

The interview Darin did for Bubble Gum Tv , an online German channel, has finally been posted on Youtube. Unfortunately, it's fully translated into German, so it can't be heard very much from him. From what he says, it seems like he's talking about his new single So Yours  and his career, as well as his experience with the worldwide known producer RedOne. The background female voice also says that the song can be easily compared to the sound of English boyband One Direction . Here comes the interview.

Darin at "Fredagkväll Med Malin"

Last week, Darin was a guest in the Swedish tv program Fredagkväll Med Malin (Friday night with Malin).  They talked about Darin's career and the new album, Exit. Check out the interview right below. About ten years ago: tonight's entertainer broke through and became known all over Sweden. He is one of our biggest pop stars. Finally we will hang out with Darin! Hold on... here we go! Yes! We are at Darin's record label. Now, let us wait for Darin. We are inside! - Howdy! Here he comes.. hi! Say hello to our tv-viewers. - Hello. Hope you're doing good! Is it you who tossed down the instrument in the Aquarium? - Of course, hehe. I heard that every fish has an artist name. Is there a Darin fish?

"So Yours": video premiere

Finally, Darin's music video for his new international single So Yours is out - but only for German people. In fact, it can only be watched on this site at the moment.. but don't worry! The videoclip will be availabe for everybody tomorrow, probably on Darin's Youtube/Vevo channel. In the meanwhile, enjoy the song right below. EDIT:  Finally, Darin posted the video on his Youtube channel, along with a a "Behind The Scene" video from the recording in Los Angeles. Enjoy both below!

Efter Tio with Darin: "F Your Love"

Last monday, Darin was a guest in the tv show Efter Tio , where he had a long conversation with the host, Malou. We managed to make a full translation of the interview and here it goes for you. Welcome, Darin! - Thank you very much! What does your name mean? - My name actually means "precious present". I've checked that. You've talked about your context before, in Så Mycket Bättre. But you feel like a Swede, am I right? Because you were born here. - I feel Swedish, but at the same time I feel Kurdish too. So I'd say both. But yes, I feel Swedish. In what way does the Kurdish influence your life? - It's hard to say in what way I feel Kurdish, but I speak Kurdish fluently.

Sverigetopplistan update - 22 March 2013

This week Exit it went out of the top ten, stopping at position number 13 . En Apa Som Liknar Dig  placed at position number 42 while Astrologen dropped to the last position of the chart: 60 .

NRJ Finland - Star of the week: Darin

Last week, Darin was the "Star of the Week" in the Finnish NRJ Radio . During the week, some of his song were played and on Friday 15th, Darin had a quick phone chat with a deejay called DJ Dosse. Here it goes. I've been working on my new album since three years ago. I had the finished album about one year ago but I wasn't happy with the album so I actually threw it away and started from scratch, which was a big step but I thought "I can't release anything if it doesn't feel 100%"- So I went to New York first and started working with Jim Beanz, a new producer that I hadn't met before so I didn't know how was going to be, but we actually wrote half of the album in one week and he's really cool, he's been working with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, so.. Shit, some big names there! And you've also been working with other artists as I should say, cause you've been producing yourself lately. - Yeah, exactly. I w

Sverigetopplistan update - 15 March 2013

After five weeks spent in the top 10 , Exit left by going down to position number 11 in the Swedish official album chart. As for the singles, En Apa Som Liknar Dig dropped again from number 27 to 34 and Astrologen went out of the fifty most popular songs.

People Magazine South Africa: "Off the record with Darin"

He's come a long way since competing in Swedish Idol , and with this many hits behind him, Darin has become one of the biggest pop stars to have ever come out of Sweden. El Broide chats to him. You've just released your new album Exit . What makes this album different from the others? - This album is more personal, especially lyric wise, and the sound is very modern, but still there's a mix of up-tempo songs, mid-tempo and ballads. I named the album "Exit" because I'm in a place in my life where I feel like I've finished a lot of things and left that behind me and at the same time started so many new things that I look forward to. You've worked with the likes of Kat Deluna and Lil Jon. Which other singer are you keen to work with?

Sverigetopplistan update - 08 March 2013

This week in the Swedish official chart Sverigetopplistan , Darin's got his latest album Exit at position number 7. Playing With Fire has left the chart, while En Apa Som Liknar Dig and Astrologen both dropped to position number 27 and 43 respectively.

Request "So Yours" to German radios

Darin's new international single So Yours can now be requested to German radio stations via their websites! First one is N-Joy Radio . Since the site is in German, we're going to provide you with some instructions to fill the blank spaces properly. 1. Insert your personal details in the Absender section (name, email, age, phone number, country); 2. Write So Yours by Darin in the Dein Musikwunsch section; 3. Insert the captcha code into the appropriate space in the Spamschutz section; 4. Tick the square in the Datenschutzerklärung section; 5. Press Senden . Second radio station where you can request the single is Radio Berlin . Here you just have to select So Yours from the list, enter some of your personal details (you're not required to fill in all the blank spaces) and press "Absenden" . Do it now!

"So Yours" in The Dome compilation vol. 65

Do you remember the German music show The Dome ? Darin took part in it in 2007, perfoming Insanity and the song was included in the compilation album from the show. Now So Yours has been included in the tracklisting of The Dome Vol. 65 which was released last week. Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled in December 2012, so there's no chance for Darin to come back. However, he will hopefully make some appearances in Germany in the following months.

Sverigetopplistan update - 01 March 2013

Fourth week of charting for Exit took it from position number 3 to 5 . En Apa Som Liknar Dig, Astrologen, Playing With Fire , they all lost some positions in the chart as well, as you can see from the photo below. You're waiting for a third single from the album now, aren't you?