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En kväll för medmänsklighet: the performances

"En kväll för medmänsklighet" , the charity event dedicated to the 1.5 million Kurdish people suffering the Islamic State atrocities, took place yesterday at Filadelfiakyrkan and Darin was one of the performers. He sang two songs, which seemed to be the most appropriate to the event: "You're Out Of My Life" and "Homeless" .   Also, a pre-show documentary aired on SVT, which you can watch below together with videos from the show. Photo by Nathalie Pentler Watch our photo gallery from the show on our Facebook page .

Peshmerga: why is Darin wearing that sweater?

Recently, we have seen pictures of Darin wearing a Peshmerga sweater. Some of you might have thought that it was just a trendy clothing line, but well, it's not. Photo by Nathalie Pentler Peshmerga comes from the kurdish word pêshmerge , which means "before death" . It is the term used by Kurds to refer to the armed Kurdish fighters, which have existed since the Kurdish independence movement of the early 1920s, fighting for peace and equality and providing security to all people regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The term has inspired the creation of the Peshmerga Clothing Crew , an association born to help all the refugees who were forced to leave their home to escape from the Islamic State (IS) persecution which started months ago. Their work consists of selling sweatshirts and t-shirts to raise money which will be given directly to the people in need. As fans of Darin but especially as humans, we have to promote and contribute to this great initiat

Darin accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday at the  RIX FM Festival ,  Darin finally took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge , an initiative aimed at supporting people affected by ALS and increasing donations to research, which has so far involved worldwide famous people such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckeberg, Will Smith and many more. Here's the video that Darin posted on Instagram + a gif made by us!

Rix FM festival Linköping: the performances

Darin's first show at RIX FM Festival took place yesterday in Linköping and it was a great night! First of all he performed four songs: his latest single Mamma Mia , Playing With Fire and Nobody Knows from Exit and last, En Apa Som Liknar Dig . Photo by Nathalie Pentler However, the best of the night was when he took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge , which you can watch here ! Here's a video of all the performances of the night. Next (and last) stop: Stockholm, August 31st.

Darin will attend "En kväll för medmänsklighet"

On August 26th, a charity event called "En kväll för medmänsklighet" (An evening for humanity) will take place at the Filadelfiakyrkan (Filadelfia Church) in Stockholm. The event is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Christians, Yazidi Kurds and other civilians who were forced to flee from the Islamic State (IS) atrocities. The United Nations estimates that 1.2/1.5 million people have escaped from the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq during the latest months. The situation has escalated in recent weeks while resources are not nearly sufficient. Darin will be one the performers, together with Min Stora Sorg, Petter, Simon Emanuel and other artists. About the event, he said: "I hope that more people in Sweden will open their eyes to the situation. I know a lot of them who are on the run or have relatives in Kurdistan. People can't understand how bad it is. Every crown makes a difference." All revenues are going to be donated to the R

Rix FM Festival 2014: two dates with Darin

This year's RIX FM Festival will see Darin perform in two cities, Linköping and Stockholm . Darin revelead in this interview that he's working on his seventh studio album , which he doesn't know yet when it will be released, therefore he decided not to tour this summer, but to take a break and concentrate on finding a new sound for his new record. So these two will be the last of his summer appearances this year. Darin is going to perform on August 22nd in Linköping (Kungsträdgården) and August 31st in Stockholm (Kungsträdgården) . For those who want to go and see him live, you don't need any tickets, cause the entrance is free ! In the meanwhile, check this video of Darin's perfomance of "Viva La Vida" at the same festival in 2010.

Sama's special: Darin's interview with XFM

Some days ago Darin made an interview for a kurdish radio station, XFM 105.7 . The main object of the interview was, of course, Kurdistan and his plans to perform in his parents' country, but he also talked about his seventh album , which will apparently take long time to be released. Maybe after his MARRIAGE ? Listen up right below!